4 Wallpaper Trends to Help You Gain Some Design Inspiration

Home By James 

4 Wallpaper Trends to Help You Gain Some Design Inspiration

Home By James 
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Wallpaper is back and trending again, whether you like it or not.

Some choose to steer clear of the wallpaper trend, as it can very easily go wrong.  No one wants to put gaudy or cheap wallpaper throughout their house and grow to hate it.  It’s difficult to correctly apply to your walls sometimes, it can be expensive, and it can go wrong very fast.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from the wallpaper trend forever.  To help you out of a style slump or to help you get over your anxiety of wallpaper, we’ve put together the top 4 wallpaper trends to look out for at the moment.  Trust us, you’ll love this selection.



Antique florals

Go vintage, go large.  Antique florals are quickly becoming a very popular wallpaper trend, and for an obvious reason:  they’re gorgeous!  These Edwardian era wallpaper trends are quite beautiful and would look great in a living room or bedroom that is full of natural light.  Since these wallpaper designs can become quite a lot fast, we recommend pairing it with a room that has more minimal furniture designs.  The last thing you want is for your whole room to feel stuffy and old.  An antique floral wallpaper also tends to look better with more muted colors — so keep away from neons.


Hand drawn designs

Looking for a cute way to bring about your favorite home aesthetic?  Little hand drawn designs are quickly becoming quite popular aspects found in wallpaper, in a variety of different formats.  You can go playful, which would look great in a nursery, or you could go classy which would look fantastic in a bedroom or living area.  Because there are so many designs and ways to alter this wallpaper, you’re bound to find a design that fits with your current interior home design — or at least gain a little inspiration in the process!


Tile/geometric designs

While these look best in bathrooms or kitchens, this tile and geometric wallpapers have become a fan favorite in recent years, especially if you like a more modern interior designed home.  If you’re more of a traditional or rustic homeowner, maybe this design isn’t for you.  While most people prefer this type of wallpaper in the kitchen or in the bathrooms, you could really do anything with it.  In fact, we’ve been seeing more and more offices with this type of wallpaper (and we really like it!).



Looking for a simple way to make your home look that much better, but unwilling to go with a design that could very quickly make a room feel overstuffed?  A lot of people who are new to the wallpaper game have fallen in love with colored grasscloth.  It can make a room feel that much more special while also keeping it simple and lovely.  You can decorate a home in this wallpaper in any color, keeping the aesthetic of each room alive and well.