5 Stylish Interior Trends We’ll see in 2018

Home By James 

5 Stylish Interior Trends We’ll see in 2018

Home By James 
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Whether you’re an HGTV addict or just someone looking to change up the interior of your home – future trends are important.  Not only are they an insight into what designers are foreseeing, but they’re also a great way to gain some much needed inspiration.  We know how stressful it can be for homeowners looking for a change.  However, with these stylish interior trends for 2018, we know inspiration will strike in some way or form.  Expect to see some of these styles in the future.  They’re, quite simply, to die for.



Natural Pools

(Yes, we know the image is of the outside, but These have been on the rise for the last few years now and for good reason.  For all nature and indie lovers out there, natural pools would be a great addition to your home!  Not only does it scream originality, it also adds a certain type of charm to any home.  These pools are low fuss; if you’re looking for a way to have a pool without all the added upkeep that normal pools require, these natural pools are the way to look.  The sophisticated filtration system does all the work for you without you having to lift more than a finger.



velvet couch

Velvet Anything

You know how the whole 90’s velvet trend is big for what seems like all clothing retailers?  Well, velvet is coming back in style at home, too.  Velvet couches, velvet chairs, velvet throws.  You name it.  Velvet is back and better than ever.  Out of all the items velvet has graced, couches seem to be the one that really pulls it off.  Even if you’re a bit over the whole material and feel like it should’ve stayed in the 90’s, check out a cool velvet couch before you make your final decision.  Chances are, you might change your mind.



formal dining room interior design

Formal Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms are another comeback for 2018, and for good reason.  Interior designers are going back to the formal look, leaving the modern and minimalist trend behind them.  More and more people are requesting dining rooms enclosed and more away from living rooms and kitchens, even though an open floor plan has been trendy in the past few years.  These more enclosed dining rooms make the whole experience that much more intimate, and that much trendier.



copper plant vases

Copper Everywhere

Copper is making its way out of the kitchen and into any part of the house that it’ll be allowed in.  Copper accents are trendy and adorable in both a traditional house and a modern, minimalist house.  There’s just something about copper that makes it both vintage and modern at the same time.  Whether it’s an accent table or a clock, copper is spreading its wings and living it up in the primetime all over your house in 2018.



blacked out kitchen

Blackout Kitchens

There’s just something about blackout kitchens that everyone is loving – and will continue to love in 2018.  Of course, this trend is definitely for the more modern or minimalist homeowner – not necessarily the rustic or traditional homeowner.  However, the color black in the kitchen has become incredibly trendy in the past year.  Whether it’s just kitchen décor or a black sink, the idea of a whole black kitchen has been steadily becoming a thing.  And boy is it edgy – in just the right way.


Home décor and renovations can be incredibly stressful – but they don’t have to be!  Hopefully, inspiration was gained in some sort of way, whether it was from the velvet couches or the formal dining room.  While some of these trends have slowly been building momentum in the past year or so (I’m looking at you, copper), others have recently been on the minds of top interior designers.  Regardless, 2018 is going to be a great year for new home interior trends.