This Quick Trick Might Help You Sleep Better

Wellness By James 

This Quick Trick Might Help You Sleep Better

Wellness By James 
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Having trouble sleeping?  What if I told you there was a simple, quick trick that could solve all your sleeping woes?

Researchers and scientists alike have been searching for simple ways to help the average person sleep better at night.  There are always little tips that bloggers and journalists continue to write about, such as not using your phone while your in bed or meditating before you officially declare that it is bedtime.

But, according to a new study published in Indoor Air:  International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health, there’s one simple step you can take to get a better rest.  Just leave your bedroom door open.

Expecting something crazy intense or difficult?  It’s a bit bewildering to think that by just opening your bedroom door, you can get a good night’s sleep — that sleep that you’ve so desired.

But, according to this study, it really is true.  The young adults that kept their door open during the night actually had a longer, deeper, and just overall better sleep than their counterparts (the young adults who didn’t open their bedroom door).

How is this possible?

There are a variety of reasons why this could be.  One of the main theories is that, by keeping your bedroom door open, you allow air to circulate more and therefore make your room colder.  Researchers state that your body gets the best sleep if the room temperature is around 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you leave your bedroom door open, this is much more likely to happen.

Another theory that researchers have regarding this theory has to do with the ventilation.  Leaving your bedroom door open leads to more ventilation, which could then lead to a quicker, easier drift off to dreamland.

Either way, the idea that you can get a better sleep just from opening your door is great.  And, if you struggle with falling asleep or getting that good night’s rest, go ahead and try this method.  After all, it’s a better alternative to tossing and turning all night.