San Francisco’s Top 7 Most Gorgeous Restaurants

San Francisco By James 

San Francisco’s Top 7 Most Gorgeous Restaurants

San Francisco By James 
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Sometimes, we like to eat in a really nice and lovely restaurant.  Sue us.  While the food needs to be delicious, it’s always fun to find a new hotspot that screams fashion or design.  Thankfully, San Francisco is heaven for foodies that like a bit of style.  With perfected food and a nice area to eat after a long day, San Francisco offers a lot for those who might want to take a cute pic of their night and upload it to Instagram.  With that said, here are the 7 most gorgeous restaurants you can visit in San Francisco.


Trou Normand

Trou Normand is housed in the Pacific Telephone Building, instantly giving this restaurant a classic and fantastic atmosphere.  With its tall ceilings and fashionable art scattered around its walls, Trou Normand is super classy, yet super hipster-y.  Its design, all around, is a lot of fun.  Plus, the natural light that cascades through the windows during the day gives it such a great atmosphere.  Plus, the food is pretty fantastic, too!  If you’re struggling with deciding what to eat when there, we highly recommend the charcuterie and cheese board or their really great spaghetti with braised pork.



Twenty Five Lusk

Twenty Five Lusk literally has a fire orb thing-y, resulting in the coolest interior (and most expensive!) in San Francisco.  Designed by Cass Calder Smith, a very famous interior designer, this restaurant is dim, brick-lined throughout, with heavy beams and tall ceilings.  Plus, it has a cool bar.  We recommend eating their famous octopus tacos at happy hour (half priced!) or ordering their lamb sirloin which is so delicious.



Leo’s Oyster Bar

Okay, so Leo’s Oyster Bar’s whole atmosphere and design is so incredible, it’s almost hard to put into words.  Designed to give a 50s Beverly Hills meets a nightclub in Manhattan, the whole atmosphere is just so cool — and so unlike any other place in San Francisco.  Designed by Ken Fulk, a creative genius, the whole restaurant is wrapped in palm frond wallpaper that you’ll never see anywhere else, rustic yet modern furniture, and a pink onyx bar that’s, honestly, really cool.  Their best plates include their lobster roll, oysters, and foie gras on uni toast.



Petit Crenn

The natural lighting paired with the light atmosphere and white furniture brings this whole interior design up a notch.  It feels a bit like a modern art gallery, and not at all like the seafood eatery it really is.  But somehow, it all works to Petit Crenn’s benefit.  Lights hand from knotted ropes, helping to bring in that seafaring feel.  If you’re looking for the best items on the menu to order, we recommend trying out their oysters, their whole-roasted trout paired with cider mousse, or their fantastic cranberry tort.



Mister Jiu’s

Almost hidden among the rest of the eateries in Chinatown, Mister Jiu’s brings a whole new level of atmosphere paired with great food.  Designed by Boor Bridges Architecture, this restaurant brings tradition and modern designs to a forefront, resulting in just a great overall design.  From its gilded lotus flower chandeliers to the constant presence of real flowers and plants surrounded in the restaurant, Mister Jiu’s really should win all the interior design awards.  If you’re looking for some great food to try, we highly recommend the peking duck with crepes, roasted duck, or their black sesame cake with rosebud mousse, strawberry confit, and ginger.



Bar Agricole

This hotspot won the James Beard Award for its interior design back in 2011 — and rightly so.  The whole area, both inside and outside, is stunning.  From its sleek atmosphere to its incredible light chandeliers inside, this restaurant is so beautiful.  Plus, the food really is amazing.  If you’re deciding on what to order, we recommend trying out the baked egg with pork sausage dish, or the roasted pork leg and belly plate.  If you’re looking for a great drink to add to your meal, try the Mary Pickford, which is rum, pineapple gum, grenadine, and lime.




Mourad somehow combines both modern and traditional design, making the whole thing look effortless and beautiful.  The gloriously designed chandeliers bring some added glamour, reflecting light off of the light flooring beautifully.  The antique Morrocan rugs bring that traditional feel — and somehow, it works.  If you’re looking for the best plates to try at Mourad, we recommend trying the duck confit basteeya, the short ribs with beef vinaigrette, and the sugar puffs for dessert.