What To Do If You’re A Constant Worrier

Wellness By James 

What To Do If You’re A Constant Worrier

Wellness By James 
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Are you a constant worrier?  Are you always searching for ways to calm yourself down because, sometimes, your anxiety just gets to be too much?  You’re not alone.  While we respect the study that recently said worrying can help you live longer (we’re not so sure about that), we like to find things that help us de-stress.

Here are the top tips to do if you find yourself to be a constant worrier.

writing with fountain pen

Write about it

This is perhaps the most cathartic thing to do if you’re a worrier — or if you’re feeling any type of emotion strongly.   Whether it’s typing away your thoughts on your laptop or writing them in a journal or notebook you carry everywhere, this technique actually helps.  You’re able to get all of your emotions off your chest, without censoring yourself in any way (which you might do if you were talking to someone).

You can also write down your fears and worries.  Seeing them written down on a page can get your mind to start thinking — and maybe even overcoming whatever it is that is holding you back.

At the very least, buy a tiny little notebook that you can carry even in the smallest of purses.  That way, whenever you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and feel that anxiety coming on, write down what it is that’s bothering you.  It actually helps.


couple talking in a coffee shp

Talk about it

If the whole writing process isn’t working with you and you’re searching for someone’s advice — or just someone to hear you talk — seek out a friend or family member.  Have them listen to you rant about what it is that you’re stressing about.  They very well could have some great advice to help you out.

It also helps if you talk about the situation or scenario you’re in with an almost hypothetical tone.  By looking at the real situation, compared to the hypothetical results that could happen, you’re able to avoid any unnecessary consequences you might have.  This also lets you feel like you solved something, which can boost your motivation and get rid of those anxious thoughts now that you have everything talked out.


distracting yourself with gaming

Find a distraction — for a short time

If you’re really struggling, and you feel like your worrying and anxiety is eating you up, try to turn on the TV for half an hour.  Pick up a book and read a few chapters.  Do something that you can lose yourself in, and therefore calm your mind before you feel something equivalent to a panic attack coming on.  Of course, don’t drown yourself in entertainment for days on end without coming to terms with whatever it is that is making you anxious.

But a few episodes on Netflix isn’t really going to hurt you, is it?


meditate on your bed

Try a breathing exercise or meditating

I know people who swear by meditation and yoga because it’s helped them so much with their anxiety.  If you’re worrying nonstop, take a second and just breathe.  If you’re stressed over that work deadline that you have, close your eyes at your desk for a second and just breathe.  Breathing deeply for a few minutes can help calm your heart rate down, as well as lower your blood pressure.  When you get back to work, you’ll be seeing a bit straighter.


Regardless of whichever technique you use, conquering worries and anxiety is difficult and can take years.  But, if you just need something to help calm you down for the day, try out one of these methods.  You may just get that breath of fresh air you’ve been searching for.