Tiny Houses: The Trend That is Here to Stay

Home By James 

Tiny Houses: The Trend That is Here to Stay

Home By James 
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You may have noticed tiny houses popping up around the United States more and more over the past few years.  Well, they’re not going anywhere.


The tiny house trend is blossoming like never before.

The idea of living in a tiny house began when people started looking for ways to downsize and save money.  Owning a tiny house has become a way to get rid of everything you have — other than the things you actually need, like necessities.  This trend is thriving, as people are consistently looking to live a more downsized, modern, minimalist life.


So, where are these tiny houses the most popular?

According to interior designer Kim Lewis, of ABC’s Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition, tiny houses are most prevalent in Colorado, Florida, California, and Texas.  However, she does state that this trend is picking up and blossoming throughout the whole United States, though!

If you’re interested in looking for a tiny home, you have two options.  One:  you can meet with homebuilders that specialize in building tiny homes and pay to have a customized home.  Two:  you can pick from the many tiny homes that are already built and on the market.

Yep, you heard right.  Tiny homes are hitting the market, and people are eating it up.

Even if you could never see yourself living in a tiny house, the idea of getting rid of every material possession you own — other than the necessities, is an idea we could all think about from time to time.  Especially if we’re cleaning out our closet or debating whether we need that top we haven’t worn in two years still.

When in doubt, think if you would have it with you in a tiny house.