6 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Stylish

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6 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Stylish

Home By James 
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Everyone needs a change every now and then.  Whether it’s redecorating your living room or changing the color palette of your bedroom, one of the easiest ways to feel less bored with your surroundings is to just redecorate.  However, for some reason or other, people tend to shy away from doing anything different in their kitchen.

There’s a variety of reasons why this is.  Some people don’t necessarily know what to change in their kitchen.  Some just don’t find any joy in decorating kitchens.  Some have absolutely nothing to change to begin with.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t grow bored with our kitchen.  We, as human beings, are in our individual kitchens all the time, so it’s okay to grow bored with the current decoration.

There are a few easy and simple ways to make your kitchen look a bit fancier by barely doing anything.  Below is a list of the 6 simple ways you can change up your kitchen, making it less boring and more decorative.


antique runner rug

Image provided / The Golden Girl

Decorate with an antique rug or runner

A simple yet beautiful way to brighten up even the darkest or dreary of kitchens.  If your kitchen has wood flooring, this move is an even bigger plus.  It just helps tie the whole room together.  While you may have seen this style before, don’t worry — it’s not a cliche or overdone just yet.  And it may be just the thing you need to spice up your kitchen.


leaned art displays

Image provided / HGTV

Lean art (in frames!) on your kitchen counters

A simple way to bring some art into your kitchen that works beautifully, especially if you don’t have enough wall space to hang any pictures.  Art in frames, leaned casually against your wall, supported by your kitchen counter, is a stylish way to make your kitchen feel new.  Now, this style technique works best if you keep the art to a minimum, instead of a maximum.  You don’t want a whole bunch of paintings leaning on your kitchen counter, leaving barely any room to actually cook!  Keep your art to a few, and it’ll go far.


art galory

Image provided / Planete Deco

Have a little art gallery

If you’re not one who likes the method above and believes that paintings and/or art should indeed be hung up, try this method.  Not one for the minimalist, bringing an array of art that you appreciate into your kitchen could just be the change you’ve been looking for.  The great thing about this interior decor tip is you don’t even have to keep the frames the same!  Keep a theme, but feel free to experiment out of the box.  It’s your kitchen, after all.  Let it reflect you.


home bathroom spa set

Instagram / charlottejay_

Bring the spa to your sink

Treat yourself — even in the kitchen!  Pull together a little spa tray full of things that you’d find nice to have in your kitchen.  We recommend a nice, luxurious soap to wash your hands with after cooking, lush lotion to make sure your hands never get dry, and maybe even a fancy scented candle.  Arrange them all on a little tray for ultimate presentation goals.


antique ceramics

Use unique ceramics

This is such an easy way to make your kitchen feel new and look stylish.  Unique ceramics are definitely trending, and you can find them anywhere if you don’t already have them in your possession.  We like to use them as planters — and the larger the better!


oversized potted plant

Add oversize potted plants

If you just want a simple, quick way to bring some much-needed energy into your kitchen, look no further.  This is the easiest and best way to bring about a new feel.  It leaves your kitchen stylish and different.