5 Sleep Positions That Aren’t Good For Your Health

Wellness By James 

5 Sleep Positions That Aren’t Good For Your Health

Wellness By James 
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It can be hard to find a good sleep position that won’t make you feel stiff and horrible in the morning.  We’ve all had those nights where, no matter what we do or how we position ourselves, we feel like crap when we wake up.

Turns out, there are some positions that actually aren’t good for you or your health.  Some of these positions can actually affect your muscles and cause you to have aches and pains when you wake up, something that might not be too much of a surprise to some people.

Of course, everyone sleeps differently.  While some positions may cause some pain, others may find this the only position they can sleep in.

Dr. Robert Oexman, Director of the Sleep to Live Institute, states that each individual person needs to find the position that causes them the least amount of pain and the most amount of peace when sleeping.  However, these are the ones to try and avoid as much as possible. Below are the top 5 sleep positions that aren’t good for your health.


You shouldn’t lie on your back if you have sleep apnea

For those of you that have sleep apnea, you really shouldn’t sleep on your back.  Even though it’s considered one of the most common and best sleep positions to take (and can even help with shoulder and hip pain), it’s not the greatest for those with sleep apnea, or for those who snore.  Because you’re snoring when you sleep, you may have difficulty breathing, which can make your sleeping potentially dangerous.


You shouldn’t sleep on your side if you have shoulder or hip issues

This is the common alternative for people who snore — but it also can increase pain in shoulders and hips.  Experts recommend switching sides to make sure that you aren’t sleeping on one side all night — if you can.  However, they say that switching sides every three to four months can really help you from developing consistent morning aches.


Sleeping with your jaw clenched is not good

Now, this is one thing that many people do — and they might not even realize it.  This can very obviously have horrible consequences for your teeth and mouth, and could even cause serious dental issues.  If you grind your teeth in your sleep and are looking for some help to stop, go to your dentist and get a mouthguard to wear while you sleep!


Don’t twist one leg over to the side

This may be the most comfortable position for side sleepers, but experts warn to not fall into this position.  It can cause back pain after long periods of time in this position because you’re rotating your pelvis and lumbar spine.


Lying on your stomach is the worst position

Almost every sleep expert agrees that lying on your stomach while you sleep is probably the worst thing that you can do.  It’s dubbed the worst sleeping position… ever.  It’s bad for your nerves and your neck, and experts recommended avoiding this position at all costs.


Regardless of how you sleep, you should always find the position that is most comfortable for you.  Make sure you take these recommendations into consideration the next time your tossing and turning at night — you might just find a new position that makes it easier to fall asleep!