Reasons Why Scientists Want to Ban Glitter Beauty Products

Beauty By James 

Reasons Why Scientists Want to Ban Glitter Beauty Products

Beauty By James 
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Glitter beauty products have become more than just something you wear for Halloween or New Years Eve.  Glitter makeup and beauty products are now trending and thriving.  Wearing glitter on your eyelids or lips is now a thing, regardless of whether it’s Halloween or New Years.

However, now that glitter has become more prevalent in everyday use than ever before, scientists have released some warnings about glitter beauty products.

You know how when you try and wash off all your glittery makeup, it kind of sucks?  Well, it’s not good, all around.  The glitter that goes down the drain can possibly hurt the environment and enter the oceans.

We don’t need to tell you that plastic and harmful substances are entering the oceans and harming the fish and wildlife.  Now that scientists think glitter could be potentially harmful, the risk rises.

President Barack Obama signed an act in 2015, titled the Microbead-Free Waters Act, which made beauty products that you could wash off (like soap) illegal to contain microbeads.  However, this doesn’t take in consideration the products that people use, mostly bought at craft stores, that aren’t supposed to be washed off and yet still go down the drain and can enter the environments in a harmful way.

There are some beauty products and brands that have decided to not just help out a girl who needs some glitter on her face ASAP, but also the environment.  Brands like Festival Face and EcoStardust are environment-friendly and biodegradable — and also incredibly great brands.  You won’t find glitter like it elsewhere.

Next time you’re looking for a glitter product for that night out or weekend party, check out environmentally friendly brands before you head to the craft store.

A girl has gotta have her glitter — but she’s also gotta have a clean ocean.