120 Random Questions To Ask

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120 Random Questions To Ask

Entertainment By James 
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How do we get to know one another as humans? We ask questions, of course! Asking questions is not only a great way to get to know someone, it’s also essential in business, romantic relationships, and for forging friendships. We’re going to explore 120 awesome, fun, and surprising random questions that work well in a number of different social situations. You won’t run out of things to talk about. Whether or not you’re at an event that is fun or boring, you’ll find that you can seriously liven things up with one of these gems!


  1. When you’re old, what will your kids ask you to tell stories about?


This is a great question to ask people when you want to know what kind of memories they’re creating in their life!


  1. What animal would be cutest if shrunk down to the size of a poodle?


Imagine a big animal being very small, and just think about how cute that would be. Mini elephant?


  1. When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it all worked out for the best?


Sometimes things seem dismal at first, but they turn out to be great things. Always uplifting to hear about that.


  1. How would the country be different if everyone votes?


The sad truth is that not everyone votes. Ask someone how that would be different if they did.


  1. If your job gave you a three-day vacation, what would you do?


We all dream of having a surprise vacation. Ask someone what they would do with that time.


  1. What movie can you watch over and over again?


For some people, there’s at least one movie that they can watch again and again without getting tired of.


  1. What’s the most dramatic way you’ve seen someone quit or be fired?


Everyone has a story of someone making a dramatic exit. It’s always pretty cathartic.


  1. What social stigma do you totally hate?


There are certain stigmas in society. It’s a fun question to discover what gets under someone’s skin.


  1. What’s something that will always be in fashion?


Bell bottoms? Mohawks? Probably not. But there are some things that never go out of style.


  1. What’s the best practical joke you’ve played on someone?


People can be jokers. When it comes to practical jokes, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  1. Where do you get most of the decorations for your home?


Some folks like to hit up Michaels and make their own decorations, while others prefer Restoration Hardware.


  1. What food is delicious but a nuisance to eat?


Sometimes it’s just not worth it to eat lobster claws. I mean, how do you get the meat out of there?


  1. What “old person” things do you do?


We all do things that make us feel like an old person. Is it really wrong to eat dinner at 5pm?


  1. What do you wish you could do in slow motion?


Running on the beach in slow motion? That’s always cool.


  1. Which celebrity do you think is the most down to earth?


Doesn’t it just feel like Jennifer Lawrence is everyone’s best friend?


  1. What’s the spiciest dish you’ve ever eaten?


For some, it’s nuclear fire noodles. For others, it’s a spicy pad Thai.


  1. What would the world’s coolest roller coaster be like?


There are some crazy coasters in the world, but everyone has a fantasy coaster.


  1. What do you think you are much better at than you actually are?


Do you believe that you make the perfect cappuccino? Think again.


  1. Would you donate a kidney?


For most, it would depend upon the recipient.

  1. Would you allow a clone to be made of yourself?


It would be strange having a clone of yourself, but some folks would find it cool. Perhaps they could help around the house.


  1. What’s your cure for hiccups?


Everyone has a theory when it comes to this. Not everyone agrees that you should hang upside down.


  1. What’s something you really resent paying for?


Is it really necessary to pay money for cable? These days, folks agree that it is not necessary.


  1. What are you currently worried about?


We all have worries and cares. What someone is worrying about in this moment says a lot about them.


  1. What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?


The Loch Ness Monster? Now that’s a magical beast most people don’t want to see.


  1. Do you judge people?


Okay, we all judge people, but what part of them do we judge? Often it is appearance.


  1. What was the most unsettling film you’ve ever seen?


It doesn’t have to be a horror movie to be unsettling.


  1. Have you ever spied on someone?


Spying and snooping can be a part of human nature. When was the last time you did it, and what did you discover?


  1. What are you interested in that most people aren’t?


There’s always that guy that has an obsession with UFOs. And conspiracy theories.


  1. What smartphone feature would you invent?


Lingering in the back of everyone’s mind is that one Smartphone feature that hasn’t been invented yet.


  1. What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?


“Go ahead, make my day.”


  1. Do you think that children born today will have better or worse lives than their parents?


This one can really get people riled up. Everyone has an opinion.


  1. When was the last time you felt reborn?


When you have a new lease on life, you feel reborn. We all have this joyous experience from time to time.


  1. Which charity or charitable cause do you really believe in?


Just don’t ask them if they actually donate to that charity. Often the answer is no.


  1. What was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now?


We all grow up with certain things being cool, and magically, those things aren’t cool anymore.


  1. What’s the most ironic thing that has happened in your life?


It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay, it’s a death row pardon, two minutes too late.


  1. If you could possess people, what would you make them do?


Make them fall in love with you! Make them give you money!


  1. What problem are you currently grappling with?


Folks got problems. Ask someone what the main problem is in this current moment in time.


  1. What game have you spent the most hours playing?


For some, it’s cards, for others, it’s video games. For nobody, it’s Jenga.


  1. What’s the craziest conversation you’ve overheard?


You can hear some pretty funny things at your local coffee shop or restaurant.


  1. What movie always makes you laugh?


For some, there’s that one movie that cracks you up again and again.


  1. If you could have a free trip to see any famous world monument, which monument would you choose?


Monuments around the world are tourist destinations for a reason. It’s worth the trip to go and see the Lincoln Memorial.


  1. What have you been addicted to?


It could be anything: a substance, a game, a person, a hobby.


  1. Which protagonist from a book or movie would make the worst lover?


This is self-explanatory. Some characters would make terrible lovers.


  1. What’s the most ridiculous thing you have purchased in your life?


Some people still have a Thigh Master sitting around. Others have Chia Pets.


  1. What’s the most depressing meal you’ve eaten?


Sometimes food can just be sad. Who can forget that mushy fried chicken?


  1. What outdoor activity would you like to try?


White water rafting? Spelunking?


  1. What’s the worst backhanded compliment you’ve ever been given?


Congratulations on finally gaining a bit of weight. It looks good on you.


  1. What’s the most interesting documentary you’ve ever watched?


Documentaries are a huge thing these days. Some are more interesting than others.


  1. What’s the funniest thing you’ve done while you were distracted?


Have you ever been distracted and accidentally poured wine into your coffee cup. It does happen.


  1. When was the last time you gave someone a high-five?


It’s the universal symbol for kick @ss-edness.


  1. Which of your vices or bad habits would be the hardest to give up?


We all have vices, and some of them are harder to kick than others. But do you really need to give up your Sunday morning Bloody Mary?


  1. When was the last time you slept more than ten hours?


Sleep can sometimes hit hard.


  1. What’s your worst experience of procrastination?


Did you turn in your taxes is June? You’re not alone.


  1. What was the last lie that you told?


Perhaps you were at a speed-dating session and told that handsome man that you were 25, instead of 45.


  1. What would be the coolest thing you could find in a cave?


Probably a treasure chest. Maybe a freezer full of ice cream.


  1. What is the most useless bit of trivia that you know?


Everyone knows something that is of no use to anyone.


  1. What animal or plant do you think should be renamed?


Animals and plants can have unfortunate names, just like humans can.


  1. What languages do you wish you could speak?


Wouldn’t it be fun to speak French? German? There are plenty of folks that wish to learn Japanese.


  1. What’s is a universal truth?


Usually, there is something that everyone can agree upon. Maybe it’s that love is the answer, or perhaps folks agree that all humans deserve to be happy and healthy.


  1. What’s the funniest word in the English language?


There are tons of words in the English dictionary, and some of them are more ridiculous than others. Can you think of a few?


  1. Who do you wish you could get back into contact with?


There’s always that one person that got away. Maybe it was a lover or a family member. It says a lot about a person, who it was that slipped out of their life and they wish to reconnect with.


  1. What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?


You can learn a lot about someone by asking this question. Some folks are more brave than others, and it will change your opinion of them if you learn that they ran into a burning building and saved a baby.


  1. Whats your number 1 rule for living in the modern world?


Maybe it’s that you should never text someone while drunk. Perhaps it’s to never post something on social media that you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. There are a number of great options when it comes to advice for living in the modern world.


  1. What’s the craziest video you’ve ever seen?


It can either be a YouTube video or something viral that you found on Facebook. We’re bombarded with videos every day, so no doubt, you’re going to get an interesting answer to this one.


  1. If you could hear the truth behind any conspiracy, which conspiracy would it be?


Perhaps the answer might be, was there another shooter on the grassy knoll? Others would like to know if there are UFOs, or if Donald Trump actually paid his taxes.


  1. What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had?


We all experiment with our hair from time to time. You may hear a good story about the time that brunette went blonde, or when some guy shaved his head based upon a dare.


  1. If you were given one thousand acres of land that you couldn’t build on, what would you do with it?


That’s a tricky one, isn’t it? If you’re not going to build on the land, then what the heck do you do with it? Pitch a tent, get a few chairs, and start a campground. That’s just one option.


  1. When was the last time you yelled at someone?


Some people never yell at all, while others do it all the time. Asking this question is really going to inform you about what pushes someone’s buttons.


  1. What kinds of things do you like to cook?


Don’t be surprised if the person says that they don’t like to cook at all! But for others who do like to cook, this is a fun way to learn something about them. If it’s someone that you’re mildly attracted to that says they like to cook pasta, then flirt with them.


  1. What life skills are rarely taught but extremely useful?


Well, we can all agree that we wish we learned more about finances in our youth. But there are plenty of other life skills that are highly useful and never taught.


  1. If you could hack into any one computer, which computer would you choose?


Ohhhhh. This is an interesting one. Would you hack a politician, an old lover, a friend that has betrayed you? No doubt, you’d learn a lot by getting into that computer.


  1. What’s the most ridiculous food on the planet?


People eat some weird stuff, and some food is more ridiculous than others. Someone may argue that Twinkies are ridiculous, but that can be hotly contested.


  1. What’s the most historic thing that has happened in your lifetime?


Again, it’s an interesting question because everyone is going to have a different opinion. There’s a good chance that someone is going to respond with 9-11.


  1. What has been blown way out of proportion?


In our modern world, it may seem like everything has been blown out of proportion. But the answer that you get is going to let you know what someone does or does not care about.


  1. What’s about to get much better?


Optimism! Things are looking up, and you can learn a lot about someone when you know what makes their future look bright.


  1. What’s your saddest story involving a car?


And by sad we mean, car breaking down in the middle of a road trip, car dying on the way to a hot date, car catching fire on the freeway. These are all sad stories.


  1. If you built a themed hotel, what would the theme be?


This is a fun question, because it lets you know what someone’s fantasy world is like. Just think of all the possibilities! Chocolate hotels, swingers hotels, vampire hotels.


  1. Do you think that humans will ever be able to live together peacefully?


Has there ever been peace on earth? Not really. But sometimes it seems like humans are never going to get along. This question will highlight someone’s belief in humanity.


  1. What’s the scariest non-horror movie?


Horror movies aren’t the only scary movies. There are psychological and emotional movies that can be just as scary as horror movies. This question will tell you what frightens someone.


  1. What’s the grossest food that you just can’t get enough of?


Have you ever gone through a jar of fluff, that marshmallow-like food that is absolutely disgusting? You’re not alone. Another good option is cheese that comes in a tube.


  1. What brand are you most loyal to?


You can learn a lot about someone based upon what brands they like. For instance, if someone only wears Nike, that says a lot. Also, if someone only eats Nestle chocolate.


  1. If you had to disappear and start a whole new life, what would you want your new life to be?


We all dream about disappearing and starting over from time to time. What you want your life to change into is going to say a lot about you.


  1. What was one of the most exciting concerts you’ve been to?


Concerts are a fun experience. There’s nothing quite like live music and crowds of people swaying to the beat. That being said, some concerts are more exciting than others.


  1. What do you think could be done to improve the government?


This is a great question to ask when you want to make someone angry! But seriously, talking about politics is a great way to get to know someone, and perhaps also never speak to them again.


  1. What’s the worst movie genre?


Some people can’t stand Rom Coms, others are just tired of all those action movies. We can all agree that there have been too many comic book films, right?


  1. What are some misconceptions about your job?


If you’re a postal worker, no doubt you’re tired of the misconceptions at this point. You probably also get a lot of flack if you’re a lawyer, or a dentist. If you’re a doctor, you shouldn’t have any problems.


  1. What’s the most annoying noise?


Nails on the chalkboard, a knife pulled across a plate, the sound of screaming children; there are plenty of options when it comes to answering this question.


  1. What did you Google last?


50% of the time, someone is going to lie when they answer this question. If they blush bright red and say ‘world peace,’ then you have your answer.


  1. If money were no issue, what would be the most interesting way to get around town?


People are probably going to answer by saying some kind of fancy car or motorcycle, but the really interesting people are going to say that they’d get around on a horse.


  1. What’s the saddest scene in a movie or TV series?


How many times have you cried to that scene in Steel Magnolias? For others, it might be the Shawshank Redemption. You can learn a lot about someone when you know what makes them cry.


  1. What inconsequential super power would you like to have?


Lame superpowers are really kind of cool. Perhaps someone wants the magical capability to make tomatoes grow in their garden year-round. Let’s face it, this power is not going to save the world, but it’s pretty darn awesome.


  1. What odd smell do you really enjoy?


People have fetish smells. Did you know that some people actually enjoy the smell of stinky feet? Others like the smell of super moldy cheese. It’s weird, we admit, but also quite interesting.


  1. What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from a work of fiction?


We all learn a lot from books. The very purpose of fiction is to teach us about ourselves, and the world. You can really get to know someone by asking them this heartfelt question.


  1. Who in your life has the best / worst luck?


Did you know that people can be good luck? They can also be bad luck. Sometimes people come into our lives that make everything better, and other times, there are people that cast a dark shadow over your head.


  1. What’s your best story of you or someone else trying to be sneaky?


Did you try to have a surprise birthday party for someone that failed? Maybe you planned an anniversary vacation that went absolutely sour. When we try to be sneaky, it often backfires on us.


  1. If you were a bird, which bird would you be?

There are countless birds in our world, some beautiful, and some not so beautiful. You can learn a lot about a person by knowing what bird they think they are.


  1. What’s your secret talent?


People have secret talents that really can surprise you. Sometimes it’s juggling, other times it’s beer pong. No matter what their hidden talent might be, it’s going to teach you a lot about them.


  1. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?


Everyone has that one thing that they wish they could fix. Maybe it’s bad teeth, or perhaps it’s stringy hair. If it’s someone that you think is really good looking, their answer is going to make you roll your eyes.


  1. What makes you anxious?


People are really prone to anxiety in our modern world. What makes someone anxious is probably not going to make another person anxious. But we can all agree that flying in turbulence is not for pansies.


  1. What trend are you tired of?


Some trends are just cringe-worthy, and yet they persist. It could be a style trend, a societal trend, or a social media trend. Whatever it is, you can probably relate to the answer that you receive.


  1. What’s your grossest bug story?


Bugs end up in the funniest places. And not only that, but bugs just do really gross things. Everyone has a story about a particularly disgusting encounter with a bug.


  1. What would the adult version of an ice-cream truck sell?


No doubt, you’re going to get a few colorful answers for this one. You’re probably going to hear about a margarita truck, and maybe even a marijuana truck. It’s a very colorful person indeed that will talk of the sex toy truck.


  1. When was the most inappropriate time you busted out in laughter?


Have you ever laughed at a funeral? Neither have we, but wouldn’t it be interesting if that was someone’s response?


  1. What’s the most overrated candy out on the market?


Does it seem like Skittles shouldn’t even exist? What’s the point of a Caramello bar anyhow? Almost no one is going to reply with M&Ms. Those are quite necessary.


  1. What naps are the most satisfying?


Vacation naps? After work naps? You’re going to get some pretty interesting answers with this one.


  1. What’s the funniest TV show you’ve ever seen?


Almost everyone has a favorite television show that just cracks them up time and time again. This is a great way to learn what makes someone laugh out loud.


  1. What animal is the most majestic?


There are countless majestic animals on this planet, but everyone has a preference. We can all agree that lions are some of the most majestic animals on the planet. But take note of the guy that thinks ant-eaters are the most majestic. Now that is a seriously interesting guy.


  1. What’s the weirdest text or email you’ve gotten?


Sometimes weird things happen on our digital devices. Have you ever gotten a drunk text from an old fling in the middle of the night, and did they just happen to say the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard? It happens.

  1. What sport could you play the longest in a televised game, without anyone discovering you aren’t a professional athlete?


This is a very revealing question. If someone tells you that they could play football or baseball, then they’re your average Joe. But once someone says that they can get away with a tennis match, then you know that they have serious skills.


  1. What’s the most boring sport?


Let’s face it, some sports are just downright boring. Many people will answer with golf, but for others, golf is an incredibly exciting sport! It just goes to show you how incredibly different we all are.


  1. What’s the creepiest public figure out there?


Politicians can be creepy, celebrities can be creepy, CEOs can be creepy. It’s fun to ask someone who rubs them the wrong way.


  1. What’s fine in small numbers but terrifying in large numbers?


There are so many ways that you can answer this! For instance, one ant is fine, but large number of ants? Not fine. How about screaming children, or square dancers, or bears. Yet again, even bears in small numbers are pretty threatening.


  1. Do you like things to be carefully planned or do you prefer to just go with the flow?


Some folks like to have a plan, while others like to go with the flow. The answer that you get from this question is going to teach you a lot about a person. Some people will be upset that they weren’t better prepared to answer the question.


  1. What would be the first thing you would say to God?


You don’t have to believe in God to answer this question. Everyone has something that comes to mind here. Perhaps you would ask, ‘why so soon?’ Or, ‘what took you so long?’


  1. What current trend do you hope will go on for a long time?


What people think about certain trends says a lot about them. If someone is crazy happy about the rainbow-colored hair trend, then you know that you have a wild one on your hands.


  1. Where’s your go-to restaurant for amazing food?


This is also just a good way to get some good restaurant suggestions. But the question will tell you a lot about a person, such as what kind of cuisine they prefer, and what environment they like to dine in.


  1. What’s something that all your friends agree on?


Again, this is going to inform you to the nature of that person’s support network. If their friends all agree that vegetarianism will save the planet, then don’t invite yourself over hoping for a juicy steak.


  1. What’s your best story from a wedding?


Some amazing things happen at weddings, and everyone should have a delightful story in response to this one.


  1. What’s are some of your Pavlovian responses?


Do you start to sweat when you hear a dentist’s tool in use? Do you drool when you smell cookies baking? Perhaps you feel the instinct to run every time your hear your mother-in-law’s voice.


  1. What’s your favorite cheese?


Last but not least, we have the most important question of all. Knowing what someone’s favorite cheese is will really teach you about that person’s true nature.