Hydrate Intelligently

It’s not about drinking 8 glasses. Your hydration needs are dynamic and unique to you.

Pryme Vessyl automatically tracks and displays your personal hydration needs.

The blue light means you’re Prymed for your moments of greatness.

“Pryme can better help you stay at your optimal hydration.”

“Pryme’s sleek and modern design is quite pleasing to the eye.”

“It’s deeply personal and has the ability to impact daily behaviors.”

Fitness Awards

“Tells you the exact amount of H20.”

Fitness Awards

“The best smart water bottle.”

Pryme for

Mental Balance

Improve your concentration, alertness, and short-term memory

Physical Endurance

Improve your endurance by keeping your muscles working efficiently

Weight Management

Increase your metabolism and lessen the urge for empty calories

More Energy

Optimal hydration gives you more efficient blood flow

Better Skin

Keep your skin healthy and resilient through proper hydration

Immunity Boost

Stay hydrated to help your body fight illnesses and infection


Pryme is your personal hydration metric based on unique and dynamic factors:

Get to your pryme

Pryme is when you’re mentally sharp

Pryme is when you’re physically strong


We’ll help you stay Prymed

Real time personalized insights, notifications and trends will help you stay at your Pryme.

Activity affects your hydration needs. Whether you bike, lift weights, or simply walk to work, Pryme connects with smart watches and trackers to keep your Pryme up to date.

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“Good hydration is important for not only athletes, but everyone. Pryme Vessyl keep you on track!”

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“Since I've started using it, it's had a dramatic effect on how I hydrate. My health has improved so it's helped me understand the importance of
staying hydrated.”

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“Just what I needed to help me achieve my water intake goals.”

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“You start to notice how much less tired and hungry you are all the time.”

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“There is a certain security and well-being knowing I am healthier, more alert and in a happier mood.”

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“This really has truly helped me feel more energized, a lot less snacking and bad cravings, and overall just
feel better”

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“I have actually lost weight through drinking more liquid, being more conscious of my activity and also changing my habits of sleep”

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“For those who wake up with
headaches and pains!!”

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“I feel hydrated and more energized for the whole day”

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“I feel more energetic, particularly in the mornings”

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“I just overall feel better and ready to take on the world”

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“You don't know you need it until you get it.”

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“Pryme Vessyl keeps me hydrated through Yoga, Pilates, Megaformer, Lifting, Barre, Indoor Cycling and life as a busy mom”

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“Finally, something to track my water intake based on my daily activity & work outs”

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“Ideal for anyone who works a desk job/is active and wants to easily and effectively monitor their
hydration levels.”

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“For anyone that struggles with hydration, this product is perfect. Great for
people dieting as well.”

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“I'm not even the healthy type, but it helps me drink more water and
I feel great.”

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“Sleek & modern, the Pryme keeps me in check”

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“I'm finding less kidney stones in my life and feeling better most mornings.”

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The Research Behind Pryme

Healthy Skin

Keep your skin healthy and resilient through proper hydration.

Your skin contains approximately 30% water. Optimizing your hydration can help keep it plump, elastic, and resilient. While water won’t give you a “glowing complexion” or “flush toxins”, it can increase the thickness and density of the middle layers of your skin (studies have measured this using ultrasound), which is culturally associated with skin health.

Immunity Boost

Stay hydrated to keep your immune system ready to fight illnesses and infection.

Lymph, the fluid part of your immune system that helps fight illness and infection, is directly impacted by your hydration status. Studies have also shown that the innate immune cells in your body decrease in number and function with dehydration, allowing a window of immune dysfunction for viruses and bacteria to gain a foothold.

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