Proven Signs: How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

How-To's By James 

Proven Signs: How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

How-To's By James 
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Okay, so you’re crushing on a guy, and you really need to know if he likes you back. Or you’ve noticed that you’re getting a lot of new attention from a guy you see every day. Maybe your friends told you that they heard through the grapevine that a certain guy said you were cute. Or maybe a guy you’ve known for a long time has suddenly started acting different, and you don’t know why. Whatever the reason, if your mind is searching for ways to tell if a guy likes you, then you’ll be relieved to know that there are quite a few way to find out. Every guy and every case is different, of course, but there are still a few common behaviors among guys that indicate his interest in you.


If a guy likes you, he may always be incredibly polite. He may do some of those things you see in movies, where the chivalrous man holds the door open for the lovely lady, or he may just always seem incredibly excited to see you. Other times, it’s not so direct and easy to tell that he is interested, since some guys freeze up or get nervous, or don’t know exactly what to say, even if you talk to him first. He may even tease you or be mean to you in order to get your attention or strike up conversation with you. However, there are still a few ways you may be able to tell that he likes you, even if his behavior is pretty confusing.


Now, it is possible that he is just polite or incredibly personal, and maybe he doesn’t feel that serious. He could be teasing you because he is really just being mean. He could talk to you a lot because he wants to make new friends. There are many reason he could be showing interest in you that don’t necessarily mean he likes you, but if he exhibits multiple behaviors from this list, chances are his feelings run a little deeper than he’s saying. If he shows a few of these signs, but you still aren’t sure, try paying attention for a bit longer, or showing gradually more interest in him. Sometimes, all it takes is a little confidence boost for him to come right out and say it. After all, there’s no more sure way to know that a guy really likes you than for him to come right out and ask you on a date.

His Body Language Is Relaxed

One of the best ways to determine a guy’s interest in you is to pay close attention to his body language. Body language is sometimes controlled by the subconscious mind, and our body language is often different around people we like than it is around strangers or people who we dislike.


When someone is interested in you, their body language may seem more relaxed or more confident than usual. Another sign that may help you tell if a guy is interested in you is whether he points in your direction. If he likes you, he will often turn his body towards you, meaning his feet will point in your direction. Men will lean towards you when speaking to you and mirror your actions when they are interested in you. If, during a conversations, he responds to you with relaxed, but confident body language while speaking, he is most likely interested in you, or at least very interested in what you have to say.


He Talks About Himself A Lot

If you pay attention to a guy when he is talking to you, he will often reveal how he feels about you. Of course, this may be a bit more indirect than you thought. But what does a guy do when he is talking to a girl he likes? He talks about himself. A LOT. He will tell you about his interests and things he dislikes. He may even brag about himself. This could be because he is trying to talk himself up to make you like him, too. Or, he could just want you to know more about him because he is interested in advancing your relationship.


He Asks You Questions About You

If you find that this particular guy asks a lot of questions about you, he probably likes you. Of course, this has to stray past general questions and into deeper conversations. If you find that many of your conversations with him turn into him asking to know more and more about you, he is definitely interested. These may be general questions about your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, or it could lead into more serious topics, like your opinion on politics or your life goals. His obvious interest in you is a pretty quick way to determine that he likes you, especially if it often seems like he only wants to know more and more about you.


He Makes Eye Contact Often

Eye contact is the gateway to conversation, and he knows it. If you catch that particular guy making eye contact with you often, or holding eye contact longer than usual, he’s probably into you.


Men make eye contact when they want to get your attention. In his eyes, this is a way to initiate conversation or show his interest in you, even from across the room. Of course, if you lock eyes once, it may mean nothing at all. However, if you catch him looking at you often, or if you guys share a stare frequently, he may be looking for a way to start a conversation or talk to you. Often, eye contact is used as a form of communication when he is too nervous to just outright speak to you. You could help by initiating the conversation or by seeming more approachable. You could even look in his direction to make eye contact once in a while to give him the idea that it’s safe to come your way!


He Pays Attention To You

This one is pretty easy to spot, too, but we don’t just mean he notices you. When we say pay attention, we mean that exhibits indications that he hears you when you talk. For instance, if you tell him your favorite song and he plays it next time he is around you, he was paying attention to you last time you talked. If you are in a class together and he notices you weren’t there on Tuesday and then asks you about it, he was paying attention to you.

When a man pays attention to you and the things you do and say, it generally indicated that he likes you or has some level of interest in you. If when you talk to him he shows a level of genuine interest in what you’re saying and the things you care about, he probably likes you.


He Shows Interest In Things You Love

If he suddenly becomes interested in something you love, he may be trying to find more common ground between the two of you. If you tell him what gym you use, and next week he has a membership, it’s probably because he wants to see you more. If you tell him you love dogs and he invites you and your dog to the dog park (especially if he doesn’t have a dog), he is probably just looking for more things he can talk to you about. Of course, if he only seems to be interested in things you are interested in and is always a yes man, that may be a red flag. However, guys will often use the things you are interested in as an excuse to see you more, which opens the doors to get to know you better and share his interest too, which can help him find common ground. Either way, if he is suddenly interested in volleyball because you say it’s your favorite spot, he likes you, no doubt.


He Seems Nervous Around You

This may not be true for every guy, but often enough it is. If a guy seems to get nervous around you when he talks to you, he may just like you. This is a natural response to endorphins and other chemicals that can make a person seem or feel nervous. Nervousness is a typical reaction to feeling intimidated. He could be intimidated in general, or intimidated by the idea of talking to you. Feeling nervous about initiating conversation with someone you like is normal and common.


Some signs that he gets nervous when he is around you may be that his hands shake or he taps his foot, he stutters or talks very quickly, he doesn’t have a reply to some of the things you say, or he looks down or away from you when speaking to you. This won’t be true in every case that a guy likes you because some guys are naturally more confident than others, but if you find that a particular guy seems nervous every time you come around, he probably has some sort of interest in you.


He Introduces You To His Friends

This one is pretty important. If a guy introduces you to his friends, especially if he goes out of his way to get you to meet his friends, then there’s a really good chance he’s into you. Guys usually do this for one of two reasons.


The first reason a guy would want you to meet his friends is because he wants them to meet you. If he likes you, he is going to want his friends to get to know you. This could be because he wants his friends to accept you and get used to you being around, or it could be because he wants his friends opinion of you.


The second reason a guy would introduce you to his friends is because he likes you and wants you to be around for a long time. He could be introducing you to his friends because he plans to start inviting you out more, or because he wants to involve you in some of their activities. He may want to show you off to his friends because he has a crush on you and is proud of you. Or he could think of it as a gateway to a deeper friendship or relationship with you. Either way, it’s because of his initial interest in you that he wants to bring his friends into the picture.


He Asks To Meet Your Friends

If he asks to meet your friends, then he is definitely into you. Guys are pretty smart, and he knows that if he can impress your friends, especially your best friend, then he or she will probably encourage you to give him a chance. If he is interested in your friends or urges you to invite them when you hangout, he definitely is interested in you.

Sometimes a guy may be interested in meeting your friends because he is looking for more way to get to know you. Other times it may be because he is hoping to be invited to events or functions that you’re attending more often. A guy will rarely show interest in your personal life, especially in meeting your other friends, unless he is interested in furthering his relationship with you.


He Compliments You

Compliments are the key to a girls heart, and he probably knows that. Of course, his compliments have to be genuine, but if you catch him throwing a few praises your way, that’s a good thing. Compliments mean that he was not only watching or paying attention to you, but that he noticed particular things that caught his eye. The compliments can be anything, really. He could compliment your looks, the outfit you’re wearing, your skills when playing sports. He could compliment your car or shoes or another material item. Any type of compliment suggests that he was looking your way long enough to see something he liked. Of course, you have to be a pretty special person to someone to catch frequent compliments, so while a single compliment may be something you can shrug off as a polite gesture, frequent compliments are a sure fire sign that he is interested in something more.


He Adds You On Social Media

Of course, guys can add you on social media even if they don’t really like you like you. But if he adds you on social media shortly after you met, or he likes your selfies and statuses frequently, he is probably into you. Many guys will use social media to get to know more about a girl. Sometimes, it’s even an easy way to break the ice, since real-life conversations can be nerve wrecking. He may not outright message you, but maybe he nonchalantly comments on things you post, or he likes every single picture you’ve posted this week. If you are suddenly getting a lot of attention from him online, chances are he likes you more than he lets on.


He Remembers What You Talk About

If you are talking to him and he pulls up something you said in a previous conversation, that is a sign that he was listening to you before. You can even test him by bringing up information that you’ve revealed to him in the past. If he remembers things you have told him, especially if he just regurgitates the information on his own, it means he was paying close attention to you when you were talking. This is even more true when the information is something small or unimportant. He may remember you talking about your birthday that is at the end of the week, but if he remembers when you told him what brand of dog food you give your pup, he’s probably your guy. This kind of attention alone may not be a good indicator of his interest, but if he pairs this with any of the other signs we listed, then he probably likes you a lot.


He Puts Down His Phone

Ding! Ding! Ding! If he puts his phone down to give you his undivided attention, then he either has really good manners or he really likes you (or both)! If a guy has genuine interest in you, you’ll find that he isn’t distracted by his phone or other devices when he is around you. If he is really interested in you, he will spend his time trying to get to know you and holding conversation with you instead of playing on his phone. Of course, he may still answer important phone calls or texts, but in some cases you may notice him hitting the reject button or leaving his phone in his pocket when it rings. In either case, if he avoids using his phone just to talk to you, there is a decent chance that he likes you (at least more than he likes his phone!).


He Finds A Reason To Touch You

Now we know there is a fine line between innocently making contact and pervy advances, and you should always be aware of that too! But we aren’t talking about those creeps that touch your butt or try to hug you when you’re obviously unwilling, we are talking about innocent attempts to brush his hand against you. For instance, if he says you have something in your hair and then removes it for you, that is innocent touching. Another example may be if he opens a door for you, but stands a little close so that you brush against him when you pass. Or he may comment on a tattoo or piece of jewelry and reach out to touch it with his hand. He might touch you during conversation, like grabbing your shoulder when he is discussing a point he feels strongly about. If you notice that his body language tends to lean your way, or he is making frequent innocent advances to make contact with you, then he is definitely interested in you.


He Teases You Often

You’ve probably heard before that if a boy is mean to you in grade school, it’s because he likes you. Of course, this may not be the best thing to teach your children at such a young age, but it isn’t necessarily untrue either. If a guy teases you  or mocks you, within reasonable limits, or course, then chances are he likes you more than he is letting on. Of course, if he is just outright mean, that may not be the case, and you should never let a guy be mean to you so that it really hurts your feelings. It can actually be pretty hard to tell in cases like this. But if the mocking is innocent and playful, it’s just another way for him to get your attention or continue conversation with you. Typically, if he makes fun of you or things you do and can laugh with you (not at you) about them, it’s because he likes you.


He Tries To Make You Laugh

This is pretty common among guys, actually, and it’s a pretty easy way to tell that a guy has interest in you. Making someone laugh or smile is a great way to help them enjoy your company and want to be around you more often, so if he tries to make you laugh all the time, it’s because he wants you to enjoy being with him. Some people are just naturally comical people, but you can usually tell the difference. If he likes you, he will want you to be in a good mood the entire time he is around. This means that he will do everything in his power to have you laughing or smiling all the time. Every guy has a different sense of humor, but if you notice that he is always making jokes or acting funny to try and get a positive reaction out of you, and it’s more than just his usual behavior, then he not only likes you, but he is trying to make you interested in him, too.


He Offers You Gifts

This one may be common sense, and it’s one of the most obvious signs a guy likes you. We aren’t just talking about huge purchases either. Obviously if a guy buys you a car, he probably likes you alot, but that is the type of gift you would expect from someone you already have a developed relationship with. No, we are talking about small, thoughtful gifts. It could be something as simple as a bracelet from a quarter machine, or winning you a stuffed animal from a claw machine. Giving you a simple bouquet of flowers or a mixed CD of songs he enjoys, or any other simple gift, usually indicated that he was thinking about you, and furthermore, is looking for ways to get your attention. It doesn’t have to be a million dollar mansion, even a small gift can indicate that a guy really likes you a lot.