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115 Newlywed Game Questions | Hilariously Good

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Whether you’re engaged, recently married, approaching your 25th anniversary, or remain happily unmarried, you’re bound to enjoy yourself playing the Newlywed Game. Sure, the game is occasionally designed to embarrass you or reveal some intimate secrets, but it’s all in good fun and a great way to see just how well you know your partner. If you and your other couple friends are looking for some free entertainment, gather around and play the Newlywed Game using some of these questions.

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  • The Basics
  • Waiting For The Fight
  • Fantasies
  • Too Much History
  • Who’s Who?
  • Weird and Wacky




1. When and where was your first kiss?

Surely you remember what it all started, and you better because you’ll be in big trouble if you don’t.


2. What did you think or feel during or right after that first kiss?

This answer could go in a number of directions. Were you thinking about where things would lead to long-term or just in the short-term?


3. What were your first thoughts the first time you saw your partner?

Could it have been love at first sight, or at the very least, wanting to hit that at first sight?


4. Where did you and your partner go on your first date?

This is another thing that you absolutely must remember if you’re going to play the Newlywed Game. Rest assured, there will be consequences if you and your partner don’t have the same answer.


5. What is your partner’s ideal date?

It’s best to know this because you’ve taken them on their ideal date. If not, it’s still good to know it anyway.


6. What was it like when you realize your partner was “the one?”

Presumably, this has already happened. If not, why are we playing this game? Also, you better have a good answer.


7. What color are your partner’s eyes?

Come on, you know this. I mean, there are so many colors an eye could be. But good luck if your partner wears contacts that change eye color.


8. What was the first meal your partner cooked for you?

This is another important relationship milestone that you should probably remember. Odds are, it was memorable one way or another.


9. Who is the weirdest member of your partner’s family?

This one should be pretty obvious for both of you. If not, there could be a problem.


10. What is your partner’s most over-used word or phrase?

Okay, everyone has that one word or phrase that they use way too often and it drives you crazy. Don’t worry, you can share it; this is a safe space.


11. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you see your partner in the morning?

Technically, there’s no wrong answer to this. But there’s definitely a difference between the honest way to answer this and the right way to answer this.


12. What is the most embarrassing thing you did to woo your partner during your courtship?

Not all of us have held a boombox outside someone’s house Lloyd Dobler style, but surely there’s something embarrassing you did in the name of love.


13. Name the location of your most recent date?

You better hope that your last night out wasn’t so long ago that you don’t remember it. You also better hope the answer isn’t Taco Bell.


14. What’s the sexiest text/picture message your partner has ever sent you?

You don’t have to share exactly what your partner sent you, but do your best to paint a picture for those around you. It can’t be that embarrassing, right?


15. What do you think your partner likes best about you?

Ideally, something would pop into your head right away. Don’t make your partner reconsider everything by not coming up with at least one thing they like best about you.


16. What is your partner’s ideal weekend?

Again, if you’ve treated your partner to a wonderful weekend, this question should be easy.


17. What would your partner choose as their last meal?

Keep in mind that someone’s favorite meal wouldn’t necessarily be their last, although that does give you a little leeway.


18. What’s one word that best sums up your wedding night?

Again, there’s no wrong answer to this one if that’s truly what you think, but there is definitely a right way to answer this. But this is one of those newlywed game questions you should probably answer carefully.


19. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of your partner?

Do you trip and fall in front of your partner? Have you farted while enjoying an opera? Come on, you spend most of your time with this person, there’s gotta be something that the rest of us can laugh at.


20. Where is your partner’s dream vacation spot?

If you don’t know the answer to this, you’re probably doing something wrong. If you don’t have the money to actually take the vacation, that’s cool, but you should at least know what it is.


21. What animal most reminds you of your partner?

Choose wisely here. Not every animal you think sounds like a compliment is going to come across as a compliment.


22. What’s the biggest secret your partner has ever told you?

Is this the time to be airing out your partner’s dirty laundry? Probably not, so try to be as vague as possible about what exactly your partner told you in confidence.


23. What is your partner’s most embarrassing guilty pleasure?

Does he watch Gilmore Girls? Does she know Kim Kardashian’s life story? Everyone has a guilty pleasure that needs to be out in the open.


24. Are you more likely to finish your partner’s sentence or sandwich?

Sure, it’s cute when couples can finish each other’s sentences, but it can be just as cute when you two share a sandwich, right?


25. What’s one word that best describes your partner’s performance in bed?

You only get one word, so choose it wisely. You won’t get a chance to explain your answer, just one word, so make sure it’s a good one.





1. When were you closest to breaking up with your partner?

Even couples that end up together go through tough times. It’s time to come clean about that one time you weren’t so sure if you two would make it. Don’t worry, admitting this probably won’t make your partner too mad.


2. Describe your partner’s family in one word?

If you’re wondering if your partner is more loyal to you or their family, this would be a good time to test them. Of course, you may be better off playing it safe and saying something nice.


3. Which of your partner’s friends do you hate the most?

Nobody gets along with all of their partner’s friends. Admit, it’d be weird if you did. Assuming that person isn’t also in the room, this is your chance to air out your grievances.


4. What’s one thing you hate that your partner does in bed?

Come on, nobody’s sex life is perfect. There’s got to be one thing you can criticize.


5. Pick one annoying habit your partner has that you can’t stand?

Again, nobody’s perfect, no matter how much you may love them. In fact, if this is the first time you’ve mentioned something annoying your partner does, you’re probably doing something wrong.


6. What’s your partner’s most annoying complaint?

There has to be something that your partner doesn’t shut up about. Perhaps you have the same complaint, but there has to be something.


7. Use one word to describe your partner on your wedding day?

Again, it’s time to choose your words carefully. Here’s a helpful hint, the term “Bridezilla” is not a wise choice. You probably want to go with something complimentary, just to be safe.


8. How long does it take your partner to get ready for date night?

There’s nothing wrong with a little honesty with this question. Some people are quick to get ready and some aren’t. Don’t worry, your partner won’t be mad with your answer.


9. Which partner is more prone to flirt with other people?

Okay, there’s no way both of you are perfect angels when it comes to flirting with other people. Just be honest because if you two disagree on this question, you might have a problem.


10. When did your partner smell so bad you couldn’t stand being around them?

If you two are super tight, you can be honest about this. No one’s saying hygiene is a permanent issue, but there has to be one time that sticks out in your memory.


11. What’s the stupidest thing that your partner got upset about?

We’ve all had times when we’re having a bad day and we freak out about something small, and there’s no reason we can all laugh about it now.


12. What did you hate most about your wedding day?

Weddings aren’t perfect, and to be honest, they’re not meant to be. There has to be something that went horribly wrong.


13. What is your partner’s least attractive quality?

I can’t stress enough that how people aren’t perfect. I mean, you can still love someone if you find something unattractive about them. Plus, your partner should already be well aware of their flaws.


14. What’s one bad financial choice you made that you kept secret from your partner?

We all have secrets, and part of the point of the Newlywed Game is to let those secrets out, even an embarrassing financial blunder.


15. Which partner makes most of the financial decisions?

Don’t for a second try to convince us that you guys are 50-50 on everything financial. Someone gets their way more times than not, so just go ahead and tell us.


16. Which partner spends the most money on needless things?

Money questions are fun, huh? We all spend money on stupid things, but there’s got to be one of you that’s a little more guilty of this than the other?


17. Name one thing you would love to change about your partner?

Spoiler alert, this isn’t going to come true, so be careful what you say. However, just for a second, it’s fun to imagine that you can change something about your non-perfect partner.


18. What grade would you give your partner in the bedroom?

It’ll seem disingenuous if you give your partner an A+. Few people are that good in bed. But you should at least give your partner a passing grade, if for no other reason than to keep their confidence up.


19. Which of your partner’s friends are you the most physically attracted to?

Yup, it’s super honesty time. Okay, maybe you’re lucky enough to be married to the most attractive person in your circle of friends, but there’s got to be somebody else who you’d like to have relations with if you could.


20. What’s one bad habit your partner has that they don’t realize?

Here comes the truth bomb. Even the most self-aware person misses things, and it’s time to let them know that.


21. What’s one joke your partner always makes that you can’t stand?

We all have stupid jokes, and maybe your partner appreciates yours. But there’s got to be one that they can live without ever hearing again.


22. What story does your partner tell over and over again that you’re sick of hearing?

If you spend enough time with someone, you’re bound to learn all of their stories by heart, and not all of them are going to be good. Come on, you know I’m right.



23. What’s one thing you wish your partner would stop nagging you about?

Don’t worry, nagging is a normal part of any relationship. In fact, now is your chance to let your partner know where they need to back off a little.


24. What’s one thing your partner owns that you would love to get rid of?

Unfortunately, we can’t always control the stupid things our partner buys. There has to be something they own that just rubs you the wrong way.


25. What spending habit does your partner have that you don’t understand?

Sorry, but if you’re going to play the Newlywed Game, there is no escape from questions about the things you don’t like about your partner or financial questions. That’s just the way it is.


26. What weird thing makes your partner cry?

This question should be both fun and embarrassing. Come on, we all cry over stupid things. Now it’s time to call out your partner on something stupid that makes them cry.





1. What is the first thing your partner would do if they won the lottery?

This question is awfully telling on exactly how well you know your partner. Are they gonna go big or do something sensible like invest in stock?


2. What’s one thing you wish your partner would do in bed but doesn’t?

You may claim you have a satisfying sex life, and maybe that’s true, but come on, nobody does “everything” you want, right?


3. What was the name of the last role-playing game you two played together?

Full disclosure, this is meant to be a sexual question. However, if you and your partner actually play video games together, you have a good reason to get out of answering.


4. Name one article of clothing you own that you’d like your partner to wear?

Admittedly, this question is a little weird. But it’s not about cross-dressing, it’s just meant to be sexy and fun, so don’t worry about saying something weird.


5. What’s one thing you’d like to do in bed with your partner but never asked?

Come on, you know there’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to ask your partner to do but were too afraid to ask. On behalf of the Newlywed Game, you’re welcome for helping you get this request on record.


6. If your partner could change places with any person, living or dead, who would it be?

Enjoy this brief break from all the sexual questions and think of someone who your partner really loves and admires from afar.


7. If you gave your partner a hall pass, with whom would they spend the night?

Okay, back to the sexual questions. You know you’ve thought about this question for yourself, so now put yourself in your partner’s shoes and think about who they lust after.


8. Name one location you’d like to have relations with your partner but never have before?

It’s fantasy time again, but this time we’re focused solely on location. If you’re the romantic type, you’ll say the top of the Eiffel Tower, but maybe it’s the janitor’s closet at work or that section of the public library that nobody visits. Who knows? Just spitballing here.


9. Who would your partner most like to be the third person in a Ménage à trois?

Again, you’ve surely thought about this from your perspective, but who would your partner like in their fantasy three-way?


10. What actor would play your partner in a biopic of their life?

This question isn’t entirely sexual, but your best bet here is picking someone who’s hot but not too hot. You have to keep things believable, right?


11. What weird thing does your partner consider romantic?

There’s no single definition of what is considered romantic. You may have become accustomed to your partner’s idea of romance, but there’s gotta be something that’s a little odd.


12. What would you do if your partner lost their memory?

Admittedly, this one’s a little out of left field. Would you stick around and go through your courtship all over again or would you get out?


13. What superpower would you like to give your partner?

Again, the Newlywed isn’t about you. Instead of focusing your own superpower fantasy, think about how your partner having a superpower could be useful for both of you.


14. What gift would you buy your partner if you had just $5 to spend?

You have to make a grand romantic gesture but don’t have much money to spend. What do you do? Go!





1. Who did your partner date most recently before the two of you got together?

Sadly, part of the Newlywed Game is taking a trip down memory lane. That means remembering some of the people your partner used to date before you. The trick here is to not act jealous no matter how jealous you are.


2. Which partner fell for the other fastest?

Let’s face it, couples don’t always fall in love at the same pace. It’s time to be honest and admit which one of you fell for the other first.


3. When was the last time you went through your partner’s text messages?

Don’t pretend like you haven’t done this before; we all have. Part of the Newlywed is coming clean to the things you’ve done, deal with it.


4. When did you see your partner the most inebriated?

I promise this is meant to be more funny than embarrassing, but that all depends on how much fun your partner likes to have when drinking.


5. What’s the cheapest/least thoughtful present you ever got from your partner?

On the contrary, this one is meant to be embarrassing. Look, we’ve all gotten desperate and picked out a bad present. It’s time to own up to it.


6. What’s the sweetest thing your partner has ever one for you?

Now it’s time to acknowledge the good presents that you and your partner have gotten for one another, so you better hope there’s a memorable one.


7. What was the first movie you and your partner saw together in a theater?

This seems trivial, but this is something you need to remember. You better not say the name of a movie you saw with one of your other romantic partners; that’s a no-no.


8. What was the first big fight you and your partner had?

This probably wasn’t your finest moment, but it’s another big milestone moment that’s going to come up during the Newlywed Game.


9. When did you first know your partner wanted to have relations with you?

There should definitely be some good answers to this one. We all think we know the moment when someone decides they want to sleep with us, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner will remember the same moment.


10. What is the most memorable occasion that you and your partner had relations?

Yes, this is quite intrusive, thanks for asking. But this is the Newlywed Game, so we’re going to ask.


11. What’s the weirdest pet name your partner has ever called you?

This is another question that’s specifically designed to embarrass you. Just take solace in knowing that you aren’t the only couple in the world that has embarrassing nicknames for one another.


12. What’s the most unromantic Valentine’s Day you and your partner have shared?

Look, you spend enough Valentine’s Days with a person and there’s bound to be a few duds. You’re together now, right? That’s all that matters.


13. What first impression did you make of your partner that turned out to be wrong?

This question will definitely take some thinking, but surely you were wrong about something once you actually got to know your partner.






1. Which partner is more organized?

Please don’t tell me you’re both type-A personalities who are crazy organized and on top of everything. One of you has got to keep the other in line, and we want to know which one it is.


2. Which partner is the funny one in the relationship?

This should be an easy one. I’m not saying that both of you can’t be funny, but there’s always one person in the relationship who is much funnier than the other.


3. Who usually wins the fight when you argue?

Ironically, if you two don’t come up with the same name on this one, it’ll probably lead to an argument, which will surely reveal the answer, so there’s no dodging this one.


4. Which partner is the better singer?

You’re not Jay-Z and Beyonce, so this should be an easy question for both of you to answer.


5. Which partner is the better driver?

We’re almost kind of hoping that this question will lead to an argument. Everyone thinks they’re a good driver, and a lot of those people are wrong when is comes to their driving skills, so this should lead to an interesting discussion.


6. Who would win an eating contest between the two of you?

We can only hope that this newlywed game question leads to an argument between you and your partner. Your best bet is actually having an eating contest with your partner previously, so you know who the real eating champ is.


7. Who is more likely to burn the house down while cooking?

Hopefully, you’ve never actually set your house on fire before, although that means this question could be tough to answer.


8. Which one is more of a bed hog?

To be fair, it’s possible for both of you to be a bit of a bed hog. But deep down, you know that one of you is more guilty of this than the other.


9. Which partner is smarter?

This question is bound to create some fireworks between the two of you, and not in a good way. To be fair, it’s possible for both of you to honestly believe you’re the smarter one in the relationship, and that’s a problem.


10. Which partner is more insufferable to be around when they’re sick?

This is another question where universal agreement could be tough to find. In fairness, most people are insufferable to be around when they get sick, so there’s that.


11. Who would go insane first if you were stranded together on a deserted island?

Answering this is going to take some critical thinking since you obviously haven’t been in this situation before. Also, while there may be a right answer, there may not be a winner.


12. Which partner is more likely to embarrass themselves in public?

My advice is to duck this question as best as you can. Either that or take the bullet and just name yourself right off the bat.


13. Which partner is the most forgetful?

If you name yourself, you’ll be in good shape, but if you try to name your partner for this question, you better have plenty of evidence to back it up.


14. Which partner is most likely to lock themselves out of the house?

This is another question where it helps to have evidence if you’re going to accuse your partner of being the most likely to get locked out. Of course, if this has happened to you, there’s nothing you can do.


15. Which partner is more likely to drink too much during a night out?

The thing with this question is that drinking can fog your memory, so that could make it hard for you two to come to an agreement.


16. Which partner is more likely to steal candy from a baby?

Now we’re getting to the really hard-hitting best newlywed game questions. Look, no one’s saying that either of you has done this before, but I think you both know deep down which one is more likely to do this.


17. Who was the first to tell the other “I love you?”

Yup, it’s another trip down memory lane, so you better hope that both of you have a good recollection of this event.


18. Which partner is more likely to be unfaithful?

This is certainly a question that could cause some trouble, but once again, the Newlywed Game makes no apologies.


19. Which partner has a higher credit score?

There shouldn’t be much debate for this question, but it could lead to some playful bragging, which is always nice to see on the Newlywed Game.


20. What is one issue the two of you will never agree on?

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the two of you failed to agree on this question? Of course, if you disagree on what you two disagree on, does that mean you got the question right?





1. What’s the strangest thing your partner ever gave you as a gift?

Come on, this probably won’t be as embarrassing as you think it’ll be. We’ve all been guilty of giving someone a weird gift at some point in our lives, so there’s no reason for either of you be ashamed.


2. What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever received from your partner in bed?

Once again, the trick here is to answer the question while being as vague as possible. Remember, we all have different likes and dislikes and no one is here to judge. Okay, that last part’s not entirely true; this is the Newlywed Game after all.


3. Where’s the weirdest place you and your partner have ever gone on a date?

Hopefully, you and your partner have the same idea on what constitutes a weird date. Otherwise, you’ll end up sharing with everyone two weird things you two have done together.


4. When the zombie apocalypse comes, which one of you will survive the longest?

Yeah, this question is definitely out of left field. Then again, the Newlywed Game is just trying to make sure you’re prepared, so it gets you thinking about the future, the bleak, bleak future.


5. What’s the weirdest place you and your partner have had relations?

This is the question that made the Newlywed Game famous, so we have to ask it. You’re never going to top the answer given on the show on that infamous occasion, but the pressure is still on to come up with a good answer.


6. What reality show is your partner best suited to be the star of?

This may seem like an innocuous question, but choose carefully here. Come on, the people on reality shows aren’t exactly aspirational people, so it’s easy to insult your partner by giving the wrong answer.


7. What Star Wars character most reminds you of your partner?

Unless you choose Darth Vader or one of the other bad guys, there’s no bad way to answer this question, but that doesn’t mean all answers are created equally.


8. What Simpsons character most reminds you of your partner?

There are countless options here; you don’t have to pick a member of the Simpsons family. There’s Chief Wiggum, Apu, Moe, Barney, Mrs. Crabapple, and dozens of others. Of course, most are flawed characters, so be careful who you choose.


9. What song perfectly describes you and your partner’s sex life?

Again, there’s no shortage of possible answers for this question, but they’re bound to be good. Outside of choosing Radiohead’s “Creep,” there’s no wrong answer, but some will be more right than others.


10. What would your reaction be if you found out your partner was a convicted felon?

You probably weren’t expecting this question during the Newlywed Game, huh? To be fair, not all felonies are the same, but that’s still quite a bomb to drop on someone.


11. How surprised would you be if you found out your partner had a sex change?

It’s best to have a restrained response to this question. Just remember that this is hypothetical, so don’t say anything that’ll get you in trouble once the Newlywed Game is over.


12. How surprised would you be if you found out your partner was in the witness protection program?

This is another nutty hypothetical, and one that’s a lot more fun than the past couple of hard questions, huh? This probably isn’t a relationship dealbreaker, but keep in mind that you don’t know your partner’s actual name, which is probably a little weird.


13. Would you be surprised if your partner told you they were previously married but never told you?

Spoiler alert, the answer is yes.


14. Would you stay with your partner if you became paralyzed?

In case you were wondering, the answer to this question is also yes. However, if you feel super secure in your relationship, you could try saying no. But you should know that there’s little upside in being honest with this question.


15. What type of cereal would you liken your partner to be?

This definitely isn’t a normal question, but the good news is that it’s tough to get it wrong. Of course, you’re probably better off going with something sweet and sugary rather than a boring cereal like Rice Crispies or Special K.


16. What emoji best encapsulates your partner?

Okay, don’t chicken out by answering with a simple smiley face. I mean, there are thousands of emojis out there, and there’s got to be one of them that defines your partner on a deeper level. On the other hand, there are far more emojis that your partner will find insulting, which is the joy of the Newlywed Game.


17. What body part (aside from the obvious) of your partner are you most attracted to?

No one’s accusing you of having a weird fetish, but there’s gotta be something a little quirky that has attracted you to your partner. It could be ears, elbows, knees, or toes, just to throw a few examples out there. I’m sure whatever you choose your partner will find flattering.