56 Best Never Have I Ever Questions – The Greatest List

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56 Best Never Have I Ever Questions – The Greatest List

Entertainment By James 
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For those who like playing games that are a little revealing and a tad risqué, there’s no better game than Never Have I Ever. The point of the game is to name something that you’ve never done, which forces everyone else to take a sip of their beverage if they have done that thing. It’s a simple enough game and a great way to get to know your friends better and perhaps embarrass themselves at the same time. The key, of course, is asking the right questions. If you sometimes have trouble coming up with the best Never Have I Ever questions on the spot, here is the ultimate list of good questions to use next time you play.

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  • The Classics
  • Food Related
  • Let’s Get Personal
  • Made To Embarass You
  • Let’s Get Weird


The Classics (12)


1. Never Have I Ever Gone Skinny Dipping

This may seem a little personal, but it’s something that the world needs to know. Well, at least the people you hang out with regularly. More importantly, it’s one of the most asked questions when you play Never Have I Ever. You may even be surprised to find out that most people have gone skinny dipping at least once in their life. You don’t have to feel shy about admitting to this one.


2. Never Have I Ever Cried While Watching Titanic

First of all, this is an important subject and we have to get to the bottom of it. Second of all, there’s absolutely no shame in admitting to this. The movie was made to make you cry, especially at the end. If that’s wasn’t enough for you, just remember it’s based on a real tragedy in which 1,500 people died, so there’s something wrong with you if Titanic didn’t make you cry.


3. Never Have I Ever Cheated on My Girlfriend/Boyfriend

This question is standard-operating procedure for Never Have I Ever. I’m not saying that most people are inherently evil and cheat on their romantic partners, but it’s common enough that it’s always worth asking. Also, while this usually isn’t a criminal offense, it does say a lot about you, and leaning more about people is part of the reason you play the game.


4. Never Have I Ever Lied About Calling in Sick to Work or School

One has to assume that everybody is going to be taking a sip of their drink after this question. Everybody has had one of those days when they’d say just about anything to avoid going to work or school. Asking this question and seeing who doesn’t admit to this act is a good way of telling who looks at themselves as a saint.


5. Never Have I Ever Kissed the Poster of a Celebrity

The real question here isn’t whether everybody has done this, it’s the identity of the celebrity. We all went through puberty and had a crazy crush on a celebrity, and at the time, it wasn’t weird to kiss a poster of that celebrity. Just come clean about it so we can get to the part where everybody reveals their first celebrity crush.


6. Never Have I Ever Been Arrested

If you’re hanging out with people, don’t you think everyone should disclose their arrest history. No one’s saying you’re a violent criminal, but if you’ve been arrested for something stupid public intoxication and urinating in public, it’s for the benefit of everyone to know, so this question must be asked in Never Have I Ever.


7. Never Have I Ever Gotten Away with Stealing Something

If you’re looking for an excuse to brag about something, here it is. It was probably something petty and cheap, but it probably felt good to get away with something. When this question pops up during Never Have I Ever, take that sip of your drink with pride.


8. Never Have I Ever Cried or Flirted with a Cop To Get Out of a Ticket

This one’s looking at you, ladies. Yes, this question is a little sexist by nature, but that’s only because there aren’t that many female cops, and most of them aren’t that sympathetic to tears. Ladies, it’s actually impressive if you’ve been able to weasel yourself out of a ticket. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that.


9. Never Have I Ever Jumped Off a Roof

Asking this question during Never Have I Ever is definitely a good way to measure intelligence. Unless, your house is on fire, you probably didn’t have a good reason for jumping off a roof. Also, having a few too many drinks isn’t a viable reason. If you did something this stupid, just own up to it.


10. Never Have I Ever Thrown Up on a Rollercoaster

Depending on your group, this is a question that won’t have too many people answering in the affirmative. However, you’re going to ask it anyway because there’s probably a great story behind anyone who admits to throwing up on a rollercoaster.


11. Never Have I Ever Snuck Into A Private Party or Event

This is another question you ask just to get to the story behind it. Unless you got caught and spent the night in jail, you shouldn’t be ashamed to admit this. Plus, we would have already known that from the “Never have I ever been arrested” question. This is a great opportunity to brag about what a rebel and a badass you are.


12. Never Have I Ever Flirted with My Boss to Get a Raise/Promotion

This is another question that will inherently favor women. No one’s accusing you ladies of being likely to do that kind of thing, but we have to ask. Also, we can’t overlook the possibility of a guy trying to seduce his boss to get ahead. That’s definitely information that needs to be shared with the group.



Food Related (10)


1. Never Have I Ever Eaten A Whole Pizza by Myself

I can’t exactly promise that Never Have I Ever is a judgment-free zone, but I can assure you that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about eating a whole pizza alone. It’s actually impressive, so you shouldn’t shy away from admitting it. The only way you’ll be shamed here is if you admit to eating an entire pizza with a disgusting topping like mushrooms.


2. Never Have I Ever Tried a Fad Diet

Okay, there will be a little bit of shame in admitting this. Let’s be honest, it’s not the 1990s anymore. Of course, from vegan to paleo to Atkins, there’s been so fad diets over the years that it’s almost hard not to have tried one. That’s why we ask it during Never Have I Ever, so you drink more.


3. Never Have I Ever Ignored the 5-Second Rule When Eating Food Off the Floor

Come on, we’ve all been young and hungry at one point in our loves. Sometimes hunger trumps common sense about germs and basic common decency. Keep in mind that if we were all perfect people, there’d be no reason to play this game.


4. Never Have I Ever Stuffed Marshmallows in My Mouth Until It Was Full

This is far from the most embarrassing thing you could possibly admit during this game. What would be embarrassing is if you were only able to fit four or five marshmallows into your mouth at one time.


5. Never Have I Ever Chugged in a Beer in Less Than 10 Seconds

Even if you haven’t done this, why wouldn’t you want to let everyone in the room think you have? Sure, it’s a stupid ritual with no practical purpose, but beating the 10-second mark is a serious accomplishment that not everyone can do. This question is how Never Have I Ever separates the men from the boys.


6. Never Have I Ever Eaten Food I Took Out of the Trash

Let’s be clear, eating food from the trash is different from ignoring the 5-second rule. It’s on a totally different level of grossness. There will certainly be fewer people who own up to this during the game, but it’s also where you learn who among your friends has the least amount of shame.


7. Never Have I Ever Dined and Dashed

This is another Never Have I Ever question that you can wear as a badge of honor. Yes, it’s wrong to dine and dash, but getting away with it is an impressive accomplishment and you should be proud of it. Plus, it’s not like the cops are playing Never Have I Ever with you, so there’s no reason to be scared.


8. Never Have I Ever Worked at a Fast Food Restaurant

We’ve all had jobs that we hated, but not all of us have had to suffer the indignity of working in fast food. If your friends don’t already know about your work history, playing Never Have I Ever is the time to come clean and tell your stories.


9. Never Have I Ever Thrown Up and Swallowed It After Eating Too Much

There definitely could be some judgment if you answer yes to this question. That being said, it’s too gross not to share that story with the world, and you should gain some respect in the process.


10. Never Have I Ever Put Food from a Buffet in My Pockets to Take Home

Isn’t this something all of us have done at some point in our lives? If you think about it, taking food home from a buffet isn’t technically stealing. Just look at it as getting the most for your money and getting the most out of life. It’s good to ask this question so you know how many of your friends are this savvy when it comes to food.



Let’s Get Personal (15)


1. Never Have I Ever Had a One-Night Stand

Keep in mind that we’re not asking you to count up your one-night stands or remember the names of those people. It’s a simple yes or no, drink or don’t drink question. You don’t have to be ashamed to admit you’ve had at least one. In fact, depending on your friends, you might also be afraid to be the only one not taking a drink.


2, Never Have I Ever Given a Lap Dance

Notice the wording here because it’s important. No one cares if you’ve received a lap dance. We want to know if you’ve given someone a lap dance; that’s a lot more revealing. Just cause you didn’t do it professionally in a club doesn’t mean you haven’t done it before. Who knew Never Have I Ever was a thinking man’s game?


3. Never Have I Ever Lied to Seduce Someone

This is another example of asking a question just so we can get to the explanation. Come on, all of us have told a lie or two to get what we want. The better question is what lie we told and whether or not it worked.


4. Never Have I Ever Played Strip Poker

If not enough people drink after this question, we may have found our next activity. To be fair, when you reach a certain age, playing strip poker is something that shouldn’t be done. But most of us should have bee young and dumb enough to play at some point in our lives.


5. Never Have I Ever Had Relations in a Public Place

Okay, this is definitely one of the more revealing questions. It’s also a great way to see which of your friends are a little more adventurous than the others. Also, once everybody has taken their sip, it’s imperative that we find out what public place. You know, so we can avoid them in the future.


6. Never Have I Ever Sent a Sext

I think we’re past the point of sexting being considered taboo, There’s nothing wrong with the people who take a sip after hearing this question. That being said, there’s also nothing wrong with asking them a follow-up question or two.


7. Never Have I Ever Had Relations with Someone 10 or More Years Older/Younger Than Me

One way or another, you’re probably going to get judged for admitting to this. Of course, all that depends on whether your person is 10 years younger or 10 years older. Either way, there will be plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs.”


8. Never Have I Ever Had a Ménage à Trois

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. This probably isn’t a topic you’ve talked about casually with many of your friends. But when it comes to Never Have I Ever, all topics are fair game, so get ready to subtly take a sip of your drink and hope that nobody notices.


9. Never Have I Ever Snooped on My Significant Other’s Phone

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if your significant other is also playing the game? No, I mean for everyone else but you. Look, we’ve all had times when fear or jealousy has gotten the better of us and we’ve snooped on our partner’s phone. The only problem is now you have to own up to it publicly.


10. Never Have I Ever Accepted a Booty Call at 3 a.m. or Later

Unfortunately, we live in a world where accepting a late-night booty call is worse than asking for one. That’s just the cruel nature of Never Have I Ever.


11. Never Have I Ever Made a Move on A Friend’s Significant Other

Oh, yeah, the awkwardness is about to continue. To be fair, not every circle of friends is going to have a person who’s made a move on their friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend. But having everyone find out during Never Have I Ever would be utterly priceless.


12. Never Have I had An Affair with My Sibling’s Best Friend

Odds are, admitting to this isn’t going to cause a huge problem within your circle of friends. However, it does say a lot about you if you take a sip, especially if you and your sibling are far apart age-wise.


13. Never Have I Ever Slept with Someone Who’s Married

This is a different question in different settings, depending on the average age in your friend group. Nevertheless, someone taking a drink after this question would be rather scandalous and would require a detailed explanation.


14. Never Have I Ever Given Someone a Fake Phone Number/Name

This is probably the best chance the game has of getting everyone in the room to drink. Whether you’re a guy or girl, most of us have given someone a fake name or number at some point. Sometimes it’s to avoid a creep, but other times it’s to mess with someone. Fortunately, in Never Have I Ever, the motive doesn’t matter, only the results.


15. Never Have I Ever Dated Two People in One Day

Okay, this isn’t the worst thing a person can do. Sometimes the search for the right person requires a little extra effort like double booking on date night. No one’s going to judge, but we would like the story please!



Made to Embarrass You (10)


1. Never Have I Ever Seen a Pixar Movie in Theaters by Myself

Let’s call this the modern-day version of crying during Titanic. Everybody does it but nobody wants to admit to it. Well, playing Never Have I Ever is the best way to force honesty from people.


2. Never Have I Ever Dropped My Phone in the Toilet

Quite frankly, this is more funny than embarrassing, so nobody should be ashamed to admit this. Today’s phones are slippery and sometimes these things happen, so don’t worry about it.


3. Never Have I Ever Got Kicked Out of a Bar

If enough time his passed, there’s a good chance this story has moved from embarrassing to funny. Even if that’s not the case, it’s important to ask it during Never Have I Ever because everyone else surely wants to hear the story.


4. Never Have I Ever Called Someone the Wrong Name While Having Relations

Look, people are forgetful sometimes. Plus, it’s not like we’re able to think straight while having relations with somebody, so it’s perfectly reasonable to forget someone’s name. When this question comes up, you shouldn’t feel bad about taking a drink.


5. Never Have I Ever Fantasized About Having Relations with Someone in This Room

Things are definitely going to get crazy awkward after this question if even one person takes a sip of their drink. There’s no guarantee that everybody will fess up out of fear or embarrassment, but this is a must-ask question during Never Have I Ever.


6. Never Have I Ever Injured Myself While Trying to Impress Someone

Ah, when seduction goes wrong, a classic. The odds of someone admitting to this are a little slim, but for anyone who takes a sip of their drink, there’s got to be a good story, right?


7. Never Have I Ever Fallen Down While Texting and Walking

This is another question in which you’ll be surprised how many times this has happened to people. In fact, I would accuse anyone who doesn’t admit to this of lying. Doing two things at once is hard, and most people aren’t as graceful as they think they are.


8. Never Have I Ever Flashed A Bartender To Get a Free Drink

This question isn’t just for the ladies in the room, although the story behind a guy flashing a bartender for free drinks is probably a lot less charming. Don’t worry, you ladies shouldn’t be that embarrassed to admit to this. We’re just trying to measure how adventurous everybody is in their lives.


9. Never Have I Ever Watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians

With any luck, nobody will take a drink after this question. In fact, if anybody does, you should probably stop being friends with them right away.


10. Never Have I Ever Been Catfished By Someone

Of all the questions in this game, this one might be the most embarrassing to admit. No offense, but you have to be particularly gullible to get hooked by a Catfisher. Of course, that’s exactly the reason why we have to ask it.


Let’s Get Weird (9)


1. Never Have I Ever Spied on My Neighbors with Binoculars

You didn’t expect this question to come up during Never Have I Ever, did you? It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it does paint you like a little bit of a creep if you admit to doing this before. Let’s face it, using binoculars to watch people is a level or two up from just being interested in neighborhood gossip.


2. Never Have I Ever Been to a Nude Beach

Have you ever been to Europe? If so, the odds of you going to a nude beach go up drastically. Look, maybe you didn’t enjoy it or maybe you went there by accident and left right away. But we still want to know if you’ve been to a nude beach.


3. Never Have I Ever Practiced an Urban Legend in Real Life

Okay, nobody is expecting you to hide in someone’s backseat and then murder them. But there are a lot of weird urban legends that people have tried to bring to life. Even if it’s something as silly as mixing pop rocks and cola, let us know.


4. Never Have I Ever Forgotten Where I Parked My Car

I don’t mean being one or two rows off. I’m talking about legitimately having no idea where you left your car. By this point in the game, this will be far from the most humiliating thing you’ve admitted, so just come clean and tell us a funny story.


5. Never Have I Ever Used Someone Else’s Toothbrush

Okay, no one’s saying you did this on purpose and no one’s going to force you to name names, but you shouldn’t be afraid of taking a sip after hearing this. You probably didn’t do it on purpose, so you have nothing to worry about.


6. Never Have I Ever Clogged the Toilet at Someone Else’s House

First of all, there’s no reason to be ashamed to admit this. We’re all humans, which means we all eat and we all poop, and we also do these things every day. Some days, things are a little worse than usual in the latter department, and if you happen to be at someone else’s home on that day, this kind of thing is inevitable.


7. Never Have I Ever Met Someone Who Was a Murderer

This is one of the few Never Have I Ever statements that doesn’t even try to dig into your own life. Instead, we just want to hear a good story. It doesn’t matter how you met this person (even if you met him in jail), but wouldn’t it be great to share such a unique story with your friends?


8. Never Have I Ever Had Plastic Surgery

It’s time for your secrets to come out. Look, not every plastic surgery is as epic as a nose job or breast enhancement. If your body is 100% yours, don’t you think your friends should know? Even if it takes a game of Never Have I Ever to make it happen.


9. Never Have I Ever Stolen Flowers from a Grave

Last but not least, we’re going to find out who in the group qualifies for the scum of the earth. To be fair, most of us have been tempted to steal flowers or make some kind of mischief in a graveyard, but it takes guts and a lot of shame to actually take flowers from the grave of a deceased person.