Reserve: How You Should Store Your Wine

July 3, 2018 By James 

Ever notice wine coolers or wine racks always force you to store your wine on its side?  How come there aren’t any wine racks that have you store them standing up?  Well, that’s because that’s a big no-no.

The one and only way you should store your wine is on its side — and it should never be stored standing up (unless there’s something wrong with its cork and it really can’t be kept on its side).   If you have a wine that has a twist off cap, and therefore not a cork, you can store it standing straight up and have no issues. There a variety of reasons why you must store your wine like this, and we’ll break it down for you.  After all, you do want your wine to taste as delicious as possible, right?

Basically, when you store your wine on its side, the wine will then come into contact with the cork which helps keep it from drying out.  If you don’t keep your wine on its side, one main thing could happen.  First of all, there’s a huge possibility that the cork will dry and crumble into the wine, leaving little bits of cork swimming in your favorite bottle.  That’s no fun.  This leads to oxidation, which leads to now a bottle of wine that you can’t drink.  Again, no fun.

Plan on drinking that new bottle of wine pretty quickly?  Go ahead and store it standing straight up.  As you’ve probably noticed, most bottles of wine are stored standing straight up at stores.  This is because they have a quick turnaround and are bought before the oxidation process can happen, though you might still see some of the more expensive bottles of wine being stored on their side.

So, if you’re worried about your bottle of wine and it’s delicious taste, just keep it safe and store the bottle on its side.  If you plan on drinking that bottle of wine quickly after you buy it, you can store it standing up straight anywhere you please.

The main goal is keeping your wine fresh and delicious.  There’s nothing worse than a wasted bottle of wine, is there?