DON’T Feel Guilty When You Unfriend People on Social Media

Wellness By James 

DON’T Feel Guilty When You Unfriend People on Social Media

Wellness By James 
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Let’s be honest:  social media is addictive.  Are you one of those people that pop onto Instagram or Twitter right when you wake up to see what you’ve missed during the night?  Don’t worry — you’re definitely not alone.

But social media can also have incredibly negative side effects on your life, mainly your mental health.  You’ve probably heard all those studies that have been done recently about social media.  From record highs of people with lower self-esteem from social media or just negative mental health all around, Instagram and Facebook have been creeping into our lives in a potentially unfavorable way for a while.

That’s why we’re firm believers that social media shouldn’t control your life in any way.

Unfriending or unfollowing people online may be necessary

We all have those people we follow who are just annoying online.  And while they may be sweet and charming IRL, you can’t help but roll your eyes when you see their tenth post of the day.  This could have bad effects on your actual relationship with that person.

So, why not unfollow them?

We know that the connotations of unfollowing friends or acquaintances on social media is basically the equivalent of yelling that your former friend is now dead to you — but it really shouldn’t be.  You should be able to unfriend or unfollow someone whenever you want, and it shouldn’t affect your actual IRL relationship.

Social media is tedious and annoying at times.  Some may say they now even lack enjoyment whenever they’re scrolling through their timelines.  This shouldn’t be the case.  If you’re feeling annoyed with people on social media, the simple solution is to just unfollow them.  Trust us:  you’ll feel a bit liberated afterward.

Say goodbye to political fights online

One of the biggest reasons people are feeling even more annoyed on social media (especially in 2017) is because of the political climate in America.  Whether it’s the sharing of “fake” news or just mutual friends going at it because they have differing views, the whole social media landscape can begin to lose its charm.

Again:  unfollow.  You should be focusing on yourself and not that kid you went to elementary school with.

Focus on your IRL friendship and relationships

You never want to distance yourself from a relationship just because the person may be a tad oversharing on social media.  Instead, focus on your real life friendships.  Once you put in that little effort and ignore the aggravating tendencies your friends may have online, you’ll feel much better.

At the end of the day, you need to focus on yourself.  Take a step back and decide whether or not social media is even doing you any good.  Some people don’t have any issues that stem from Instagram and Facebook — and that’s totally okay.  But if you find yourself growing increasingly agitated from friends or followers online, don’t be afraid to unfollow them.  It doesn’t signify that you hate them or don’t want to be friends with them again.  It just signifies that you want to have control over your own feed.  And that shouldn’t make you feel guilty.