10 Inexpensive Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special


10 Inexpensive Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special

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Valentine’s Day is almost here!!! And while I’m sure you have no issues celebrating a special day with your significant other, the commercialization of the day can make it mighty expensive.

But expensive doesn’t mean special. And inexpensive doesn’t mean you can’t go all out. Here are some great ways to make Valentine’s Day special this year without it costing so much money.


Pink Post-It Notes All Over the House…

cheap inexpensive valentine's day ideas

Place an “I love you” reminder everywhere (the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, the closet, etc.) your significant other will be looking during his or her morning routine. Buy it here.


or How About Putting Those Notes in Balloons…

valentines day balloons pink and white

This one would have to wait until later in the day, but what a fun game it would be to have your partner pop all those balloons to get to the heart-felt message inside. Buy it here.


or How About Hiding Them in Various Spots to be Found Throughout the Day

valentines day i love you card idea

You could also put notes in his or her briefcase, lunch box or bag, or in coat pockets so they can discover them even while away from you.


Go Watch the Sunset

watching the sunset

Take whatever you need (blankets, warm drinks, etc) and walk to the nearest location where you can snuggle while watching the sunset.


Make Heart-Shaped, Red Velvet Pancakes

red velvet heart shaped pancakes for valentines day special ideas

Image provided by Tidy Mom

There may not be a better, more tasty breakfast than this morning treat on your special day.


Blanket Forts and All Day Movie Marathon

cheap inexpensive valentine's day ideas 2

Surely, you didn’t forget how fun it was as a kid to build a fort out of blankets. Prepare your special spot in the morning and watch movies all day snuggled up together.


Home Swap with Friends

valentines day cheap ideas

Sometimes, getting away just means getting to somewhere different or away from all the people you know. Get in touch with out of town (or in town if the areas are different enough) friends and swap homes for a night.


Use Only Candlelight the Whole Evening

perfect candle lit dinner

Don’t just light candles at the dinner table. Turn off all the power in your house and have a night only under candlelight.


Personal “Gift Certificates”

gift certificate

Instead of purchasing gift certificates, give your significant other a hand-made note promising a massage, housework, or a special night out of their choosing.


Send a “Mix Tape”

valentines day gift idea mixed tape

Put together a list using Spotify or another music streaming platform and send him or her that list during the day.