Throwback Fashion: Trends Coming in 2018

Style By James 

Throwback Fashion: Trends Coming in 2018

Style By James 
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Fashion trends come and go… and then come back again.  Throwback fashion is great for thrift store lovers and vintage finders alike.  While the 90’s seem to currently be having one heck of a year, it’s this timeless piece from 1920’s that seems to be making the most noise right now.

Bracelet watches are making a comeback – and a big one.  You no longer have to scour through your local thrift store to find this enduring fashion statement.  Brands like Michael Kors and Kate Spade have recognized this sudden surge of love for this 1920’s piece, and have made their own adaptions of this timeless item.

There are a variety of different, more modern approaches that new designers have added to the regular, classic bracelet watch.  While the ribbed link look is still very popular (make sure to tell your grandma!), studded bangles and both silver and gold chains are very much in style, just like they were back in the 1920’s.

Here are our top five bracelet watches that are for sure on our ‘To Buy’ list.


Gomelsky, ($900)

These gold ribbed links scream classic while the stylish watch face add that modern addition we so desperately adore.


Allurez, ($560)

This band is so unique, it’s hard not to love it.


Fendi, ($1,150)

I mean, there’s fur attached to this watch.  A great gift for any extra friend you have.


Gucci, ($925)

The silver band adds a classic feel to the modern watch face.


Cartier, ($38,000)

Possibly the coolest, most expensive watch there ever was.


Whether it’s a gold chain or a mesh link, these bracelet watches are stylish with just the right mixture of vintage and modern.

Excuse us while we go hit the mall in desperate search for one of these bracelet watches.