Doctors: “All I drink is water, so how can the Vessyl help me?”

You only drink water? How much and when you drink matters.

The reality is that most people drink a variety of beverages throughout the day—in the US, only a third of the average person’s dietary water comes from pure water (tap or bottled).¹ Therefore, if you only drink water, you belong to small minority of health-conscious folks. That’s awesome.

What you drink is vitally important to your health, and water is a perfect choice, but how much and when you drink is also vital, and your Vessyl can help you figure out how you’re doing.

In the midst of our busy and stressful lives, many people report having a hard time drinking enough liquids. This only gets worse as we get older.¹ While there are some important medical concerns that may arise from not hydrating enough, such as kidney stones and strokes, how much and when you drink can meaningfully affect your day-to-day life and performance, including mood, energy level, cognitive performance, and more.² ³

Here’s to health,
Mark One Doctors

¹ Drewnowski A, Rehm CD, Constant F. Water and beverage consumption among adults in the United States: cross-sectional study using data from NHANES 2005–2010. BMC Public Health 2013, 13:1068

² Pross N, Demazières A, Girard N, Barnouin R, Metzger D, et al. Effects of Changes in Water Intake on Mood of High and Low Drinkers. PLoS ONE 2014, 9(4): e94754.

³ Popkin BM, D’Anci KE, Rosenberg IH. Water, Hydration and Health. Nutr Rev. 2010 August ; 68(8): 439–458.

Doctors: “Does the Vessyl replace my activity tracker?”

Your Vessyl will be complimentary to your activity tracker on your journey to better health.

I’m a big fan of the wearable activity trackers. I encourage all my patients to use them to monitor and improve their activity level, and I’ve found them very useful myself. Regular exercise and a high level of daily activity is critical for good health, and these tools can inspire us to stay active.

Your Vessyl is designed to help you get even more out of your activity tracker. We will integrate with popular wearables, so you can learn how well your hydration patterns support your activity and how much you need to adjust your intake when your exercise level changes.

Activity trackers don’t measure your real-time consumption. When it comes to your health, what you consume is just as important, if not more important. The Vessyl will automatically track your liquid consumption, which can influence your health, well-being, and performance in many ways, such as your weight, concentration, anxiety, strength, sleep, and a host of other meaningful conditions.

Here’s to moving more, hydrating intelligently, and understanding your consumption patterns.

Here’s to health,
Mark One Doctors

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It’s only been a week since we unveiled Vessyl, and the response has been amazing. It is encouraging to know that so many people are excited to automatically track what they consume and to make healthier choices everyday.

We’ve received hundreds of personal notes expressing excitement around finally being able to optimize caffeine intake, understand personal hydration needs, or even know how much sugar is in their morning smoothie.

My one request to all of our early supporters is to continue holding us accountable. Moving forward, we’ll be sharing monthly video updates on the progress of your Vessyl development and manufacturing. I encourage you to continue sending us questions and comments.

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