Backer Update (July 2016)

Our team has been hard at work sending out your Pryme Vessyls and continually improving the experience. We wanted to send out a quick update to let you know where we are and what’s coming up as we move forward.

CEO: Alan Johnson

We’re ecstatic to welcome Alan Johnson as the new CEO of Mark One. He brings a wealth of experience to the team and a passion to help improve the health and lives of our audience. You can find more about this in our recent announcement introducing Alan.

Pryme Vessyl Deliveries

We’ve been sending out Pryme Vessyl opt-ins at a steady pace, and have no intentions of slowing down. We’ll continue to send out your Prymes as quickly as possible, and will ensure you receive your order if you claimed it during the opt-in survey. As mentioned in our previous update, we’re moving through North American iOS deliveries now while we set up international deliveries and finalize the Android experience.

For international users, we’re working with the regulatory bodies in all international regions to arrange deliveries to you. We’re progressing in this area, and will start sending these out as all the checks are completed. We know you’re excited to experience your Pryme, and we’re excited to have all of these orders delivered. We’ll keep you posted as we setup a seamless fulfillment process with all international regions.

Android App

Your Pryme experience relies on your Pryme Vessyl and the mobile app. For our Android users, we’re working to wrap up the development of the app, and will have it submitted to the Google Play store as soon as we can. Once it’s available to download, we’ll be sure to release another announcement and send your Pryme Vessyl so that you can get started as soon as possible. We appreciate the patience so far as we ensure an engaging and impactful experience for you.

Vessyl Progress

We know you’re excited to receive your Vessyl pre-order, and we’re still focused on bringing you a high quality experience. You can find our latest development timeline in this post, we are on track with these expectations and will share more tangible updates as these new features are implemented.

Accessories + Improvements

We’re always hard at work finding ways to improve the Pryme experience, and we have some new accessories and app improvements to help with this. The latest app version brings new and improved insights to the Pryme Vessyl app, more personalized to your daily activities and lifestyle. We’ve also introduced accessories to the website, including the premium carry bag. You can find it in the Pryme store now!

As always, you can get in touch with our team directly if you have any questions or comments at ‘’. We can’t wait to have everyone experience the benefits of their Pryme!

— The Mark One Team

Vessyl Production Update: April 2016

We have completed the initial analysis on the new Vessyl sensor technologies and now feel comfortable with a solution that will help us reach our desired goal: helping you get healthier. With the updated sensor, we will have the accuracy and reliability needed for us to meet our internal threshold. Unfortunately, we will need significant time to do the appropriate designing, building, testing, validating, etc to get to the final product. In essence, we are rebuilding Vessyl from the ground up.

We are estimating that the Vessyl will be ready in late 2017. Throughout this time, we’ll be sending out updates on our blog, so stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the final product.

What makes this any different than last time?

Though we are rebuilding Vessyl’s technology from the ground up, we are doing so with new leadership, better technology, and solid support from our investors, including Intel and OurCrowd. You can also see the production plan below for a rough breakdown of development:


For those who haven’t received your Pryme, we’ll continue to ship them out throughout the next few months. We have shifted our manufacturing facility to better manage the demand we are seeing for Pryme, which will also help expedite fulfilling your Pryme reservations. If you haven’t received your Pryme, you are still eligible for a full refund.

Please let us know if you have any question at

Vessyl Production Update

What’s happening with the original Vessyl?

Many of you are asking this question, and we’d like to share an update on where we are with Vessyl development. In October we mentioned that we were going to take some time to assess what is truly needed to get Vessyl to a place where it will actually help you get healthier. Unfortunately, as of yet we have not met that standard. Though we’re able to build a small number of Vessyls with this technology, it’s critical that every Vessyl we ship has the accuracy and reliability of the one before it.

All of our backers have shown immense patience and support, and we don’t take that for granted. You’ve waited a long time, and in that time we’ve changed parts of the technology to meet our goal. We are asking for a bit more time to assess additional technologies that can supplement the current sensors to achieve the standards we desire. With the success of Pryme Vessyl, we are hiring more talented folks to help manage both products.

We will be doing a comprehensive review of our current technology and some additional technologies. In March, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate timeline on the delivery of your Vessyl.

Below is a link to an early press demo of the technology we are improving…


Where’s my free Pryme?

The quick answer to this is… it’s on the way. The response to Pryme Vessyl has been great; so great that the retail demand threw our estimates off balance, leading to supply constraints. Due to these supply constraints, we are slowly moving through the list of free Prymes. If you haven’t already received a free Pryme, look out for an email from us in the coming weeks to get your shipping information. Note that orders outside of North America will see some delays due to customs. We are putting a solution in place to ensure international orders are delivered on time. We’re also prioritizing orders for those with iOS devices until we complete the Pryme app for Android.

In an effort to better fulfill the demand for Pryme, we are shifting our manufacturing to a larger facility. This will also expedite the shipment of free Prymes.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to us at


Successful pre-order campaign! 2nd shipment unlocked.

Vessyl Staggered on Black - ON (1)

Thank you all for a successful pre-order campaign. The last two months have been amazing. We have received great press, hired brilliant people, gotten to know many supporters who share our vison, and even been roasted by Stephen Colbert.

As I mentioned in our launch video, this is just the beginning. We are now focused on manufacturing and delivering your Vessyls in early 2015.

Still interested in a Vessyl at $99? The good news is that we will keep pre-orders open for a second batch of Vessyls, which will be delivered a month after the first ship date. We will keep the price of $99 for now, and the earlier you buy, the earlier you receive your Vessyl.

Thanks again and stay tuned to our blog for upcoming backer updates!


Pre-orders & Referrals extending one week!

We have received a swarm of last-minute interest, sales, and inquiring emails. Since we have a little space left for the first batch of shipments, we have decided to extend the pre-sales (for the first shipment) a week, ending Tuesday, August 19th.

This means you have an extra week to get your referral credits! If you haven’t claimed your Vessyl for the pre-sale price of $99, now is definitely the time.

Thanks again for all the support!

Justin Lee