Watch Ashley Everett ‘Pryme’ for the stage!

“Dancers sweat… a lot, and it’s important to stay hydrated so that I can always be at my best.” – Ashley Everett

Professional dancers are some of the hardest working athletes, so imagine what it takes to be the lead dancer and dance captain for the hardest working performer in the world: Beyonce!

Ashley Everett (@ashleycmeverett) is that dancer, and has been touring worldwide with Queen Bey since 2006. Ashley also regularly dances with Usher, J Lo, and even Tina Turner.  She’s graced the stages of the GRAMMY Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, World Music Awards, and the Super Bowl.

Ashley Everett

The ‘Single Ladies’ dancer (and her famous red hair) has had many moments of greatness and she knows what it takes to stay ready for these moments. We are proud to know that Ashley is a fan of Pryme Vessyl and uses it to ‘Pryme’ for her performances.

Thanks for your support Ashley!

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