Our New CEO, Alan Johnson!

Mark One Appoints Former BevMo! and PepsiCo Exec Alan Johnson as CEO

With over 3 decades at top consumer brands, Johnson plans to utilize new funding from Intel to take Pryme Vessyl worldwide

Mark One, the creator of award-winning intelligent hydration device Pryme Vessyl, has named Alan Johnson as new CEO, where he will focus on growing the company’s presence worldwide. Mark One is also announcing new funding from existing investor Intel to expand production and distribution of its popular Pryme product.

With more than 30 years of experience working for global consumer brands, including executive roles at Gap Inc., the Walt Disney Company, and PepsiCo, Johnson has a proven track record of fostering growth for top companies. Prior to joining Mark One, Johnson served as CEO of BevMo!, where he led the fastest increases in company history in both sales and number of stores, which jumped from 60 to 160 under his direction. Now, Johnson has been tapped by Mark One to accelerate the brand’s momentum, develop the product pipeline, and establish partnerships with target retailers across the globe.

“The market for consumer health technology is huge, and Mark One is already leading that charge,” said Johnson. “My plan is to harness and scale Mark One’s initial success by taking the company global, so even more people can experience the power of good health and optimal hydration.”

Mark One is also announcing several million in additional funding from investors to help accelerate the expansion of Pryme Vessyl, which has experienced widespread popularity after its November 2015 launch in select Apple retail locations.

To learn more about Mark One and Pryme Vessyl visit: www.PrymeVessyl.com


Pryme Vessyl x UCSF Collaboration


Pryme Vessyl Collaborates with UCSF to Help Cystinuria Patients Combat Rare Disease through Hydration

In wake of studies showing how increased fluid consumption can help prevent kidney stone recurrence, people with cystinuria are turning to Pryme Vessyl to help track their fluid consumption

SAN FRANCISCO Today, Mark One, the creator of the award-winning Pryme Vessyl, an intelligent cup that automatically tracks and displays your personal hydration needs, announced a strategic collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco Department of Urology to examine how Pryme Vessyl could be used to help people with cystinuria more easily track their fluid consumption. Ranked first nationwide in competitive funding for urology research – considered a reflection of the department’s caliber in this highly competitive federal funding arena – UCSF urologists are experts in cystinuria and the treatment of kidney stones.

Cystinuria is an inherited metabolic disorder that causes cystine to build up in the urine where it can lead to the formation of stones. These stones can get stuck in the kidneys, ureters or bladder. People with cystinuria tend to have recurrent stones and can have many, painful episodes every year. Some patients undergo thirty or more surgeries over the course of their lifetime to remove stones. As a result, there is a large focus placed on the prevention of stones, and hydration plays a pivotal role in this effort.

“Proper hydration is important for everyone, but it’s imperative for those suffering from cystinuria,” said Dr. Hanson Lenyoun, Head of Health for Mark One. “There’s extensive research showing that increased fluid consumption can help prevent kidney stone recurrence, but it can be difficult for people to track how much they are actually drinking. It’s even harder to collect and share that information with their doctor. We’re excited to collaborate with UCSF Urology to offer people a convenient way to automatically track their fluid consumption. We realize this type of patient-generated health data has the ability to enrich the doctor-patient exchange and help people optimize their care.”

Pryme Vessyl uses a proprietary algorithm paired with personal information to determine each user’s unique hydration needs at each point of the day. The device takes into account varying factors, including height, weight, age, biological sex, exercise and sleep habits, to determine the amount of water each individual needs throughout the day. The amount and timing of fluid consumed is tracked and logged so an individual can review and share the data as they see fit.

To learn more about Mark One and Pryme Vessyl visit: www.PrymeVessyl.com.

Vessyl Production Update: April 2016

We have completed the initial analysis on the new Vessyl sensor technologies and now feel comfortable with a solution that will help us reach our desired goal: helping you get healthier. With the updated sensor, we will have the accuracy and reliability needed for us to meet our internal threshold. Unfortunately, we will need significant time to do the appropriate designing, building, testing, validating, etc to get to the final product. In essence, we are rebuilding Vessyl from the ground up.

We are estimating that the Vessyl will be ready in late 2017. Throughout this time, we’ll be sending out updates on our blog, so stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the final product.

What makes this any different than last time?

Though we are rebuilding Vessyl’s technology from the ground up, we are doing so with new leadership, better technology, and solid support from our investors, including Intel and OurCrowd. You can also see the production plan below for a rough breakdown of development:


For those who haven’t received your Pryme, we’ll continue to ship them out throughout the next few months. We have shifted our manufacturing facility to better manage the demand we are seeing for Pryme, which will also help expedite fulfilling your Pryme reservations. If you haven’t received your Pryme, you are still eligible for a full refund.

Please let us know if you have any question at support@myvessyl.com

Pryme Vessyl Launches at Apple


Pryme Lockup

We have officially launched Pryme Vessyl in retail and online Apple stores! The reception has been amazing. Though we are out of stock on prymevessyl.com, you can still purchase at Apple. We are working hard to replenish the inventory for not only the Pryme website, but also for our Vessyl backers, and for future retail expansion.

We want to thank all of you who have already purchased your Pryme Vessyl. We’re excited for you to experience your Pryme. Don’t keep the experience to yourselves though; make sure to share how it feels to be at your Pryme with your friends and families. We’re working with decades of research, medical doctors, and experts, but at the end of the day… you won’t know until you try.

We also want to thank all of our followers and supporters for their patience and excitement. The retail demand has been greater than we initially planned, and the goal is to start shipping out your Pryme Vessyls when we replenish the stock. Also, keep in mind that you are still eligible for a full refund anytime before your Pryme ships.

Thanks again!

– The Mark One Team

Nike’s Jason Mayden joins Mark One as Head of Design


Design is one of our core pillars at Mark One. I am really excited to introduce Jason Mayden as our head of Design. In his previous role at Nike, Jason oversaw the design and execution of all conceptual products, data driven innovations and inline lifestyle and performance product for Jordan Brand.

During his 13+ year career at Nike, “JayMay” led and contributed to the creation of innovative sport performances products for athletes and cultural icons such as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Derek Jeter, and Michael Jordan.

Jason will lead global design for Mark One. He will drive Industrial Design, Interaction Design, and User Experience to ensure we continue to maintain the delicate balance between design and functionality in all aspects of the product.

Welcome JayMay!

Best, Justin