The 50 Best Video Game Room Ideas

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The 50 Best Video Game Room Ideas

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Anyone with a passion for video games would agree that an in-home video gaming room is heaven on earth for gamers. Although video game rooms are often the least prioritized room, they are equally as relevant as all other rooms in a house. Think about it for a moment. Chefs have kitchens decked out in the finest countertops and most pristine cooking utensils. People who enjoy landscaping and gardening have the luxury of a greenhouse or an outdoor yard for their hobby. Cinematography fanatics often install home movie theaters in a spare room in their house for their viewing pleasures. Video game rooms are much the same, just dedicated to gaming culture. Are you a video gamer yourself looking for ideas about how to design your video game room? Keep reading for some of the best video game room ideas you’ll ever come across.

1. Create the Most Immersive Video Game Room with Multiple Surround Sound Systems

Video games become more and more advanced with their visual and audio system programming. As technology improves with time, programmers and developers are able to make the experience more and more intense for gamers. Instead of limiting yourself to the audio system that is built into your computer or your television, you should enhance your video game room by adding multiple surround sound systems in your gaming space. You think you enjoy playing video games now, but just wait until you see what it’s like to be fully immersed in your gaming experience, all thanks to the addition of multiple surround sound systems.

2. Theme Your Video Game After Batman

We can all admit that Batman is a fictional character that we all wish was real. From his superhero capabilities to the ever famous cape he wears around his neck, Batman is impressive beyond comprehension. Show off your love for Batman in full force by transforming your video game room into a shrine dedicated to the superhero.

3. Transform Your Video Game Room into Hogwarts

Remember when Harry Potter finally received his letter to Hogwarts and everyone in the fandom couldn’t help but wish they could attend the School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, too? Well, never say never. Hogwarts might not be an actual place, but who says you can’t bring a fictional world to life? Decorate your video game room with all-things Harry Potter. Whenever you step foot into your Harry Potter themed gaming room, you’ll have magic on your side.

4. Capitalize on Backlights and Accent Lighting

When you game, you end up staring at a brightly-lit screen for a long duration of time. If you were to play video games in a room without the proper type of lighting, then you could end up causing a lot of strain on your eyes, especially if this goes on for a long time. Backlights are really wise additions to video game rooms because they provide some illumination but the colored lights bode well with the lighting from the gaming screen. On top of preventing your eyes from staring directly at brightness with no peripheral lighting, backlights are just really cool, and when you pair them with room decor that complements the lighting setup, your video game room will thrive.

5. Minecraft Video Gaming Room

Is Minecraft your game of choice? If so, you are going to be the biggest fan of this video game room idea. The goal is to recreate what you see when you’re playing the video game and make it feel like you’re actually in the game. Minecraft has so many different scenes that you go through so the options are practically endless.

6. Go All Out and Dedicate Your Gaming Room to Xbox

Are you Team Xbox or do you prefer Playstation? If Xbox is your gaming system of choice, creating an Xbox-themed video game room can be an all-inclusive way of designing your room! Instead of committing to a theme that celebrates one specific game, take a more broad approach. Xbox allows you to play hundreds of video games, making this video game room relevant no matter which game you’re currently playing.

7. Turn Your Bedroom into a Video Game Room

By the sound of it, you might think a video game room has to be a separate place where you only play games, but that’s not true. You can use just about any room as a video game room without dedicating every square inch of the place to video games. For example, let’s say you spend the majority of your time in your bedroom. Why not use your bedroom as a video game room? You already have furniture and decor, so all you need to do is install a television or a computer, as well as a gaming console and a WiFi router, if necessary. With this video game room idea, you can sleep and game all in the same place!

8. Play Video Games in Your Garage

Similar to the bedroom-turned-gaming-room idea, you can always take your garage and turn it into a video game room, too! This video game room idea works especially well if you have a dual-door garage. In that situation, you can park your car on one side of the gym and use the other side for everything you need to game in your garage. An added perk of using your garage as your video game room is that it’s disconnected from the rest of the house, so you don’t have to be as mindful about the volume of your games, since no one can really hear them from the outside of the garage.

9. If You Love Racing Video Games, Invest in Arcade Games That Emulate Race Cars

Arcades can be a lot of fun to go to because there are so many games and so many ways of staying entertained. The one caveat of arcades, however, is that you might have to wait in lines while other people finish up with the arcade game you want to play. Instead of going to a public game room or virtual reality arcade, bring the joy of arcades to your own home with an arcade video game room.

10. NFL Video Game Room Ideas

The National Football League has amassed an incredibly high number of devoted fans over the years. Not only is the NFL a league of real-life football players, but there are various video games that allow gamers to play as football players as well. Do you love the NFL? If so, think about hanging jerseys from the walls of your video game room and displaying the helmets of some of your favorite NFL teams.

11. Create the Super Mario Galaxy Universe in Your Video Game Room

All of the Mario Kart video games involve a lot of color and expressions. When it comes to designing a video game room, you want to keep your personal interests in mind. If you are a bubbly and enthusiastic person, then using Mario Kart as the inspiration of your gaming room will result in a video game room that matches your personality really well.

12. Install a Video Game Room that Looks Like a Movie Theatre

You know how 3D movies are interactive in the sense that the three-dimensional visuals make you feel like the scenes are taking place all around you? There’s another way to be involved in the events playing out before you on the movie screen. When you put together the concepts of an in-home theater and a video game room, you end up with a movie-like experience, except you get to be in control of what happens. Design a video game room that looks like a movie theatre if you want to level up in the world of video game rooms.

13. A Video Game Room Inspired by Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the most popular video games based off of cinematography. If you’ve heard about the movies or been to a premiere, then you understand just how dedicated and devoted the fans of Star Wars are. Is Star Wars one of your favorite movies-turned-video-games? You’ll jump at the opportunity to design your gaming room with this video game room idea. Complete the look with light sabers on your walls.

14. The Effects of a Video Game Room with Reflective Floors

Reflective flooring adds a wild detail to video game rooms, especially if the entire room is the same color as the floor, like the completely white room in the image above. This video game idea will cause your gaming space to feel like you’re being pulled out of reality and into your video game. It’ll make it seem as though you’re not in your house, but rather in a separate universe where the video game is all that matters. This gaming room idea is really beneficial for games that require you to fully dial in without distractions.

15. Video Game Room with Blue and Purple Vibes

Earlier, we talked about the benefits of utilizing accent lights and backlights in your video game room. As you can see in the photograph pictured above, choosing two colored LED lights and using them in unison creates a very chill atmosphere for your gaming pleasure. We recommend picking colors that go well together, like purples and blues, or yellows and greens. If the colors are too contrasting, the odd color scheme will make you less likely to appreciate the design and more likely to wish you hadn’t put those two hues together.

16. Frame Your Screen to Amplify the Video Game Experience

Check out this impressive and creative video game room idea! The designer of this ingenious decor decided to frame the television screen as though it is part of an old-school video game controller.

17. Transform an Attic into a Personal Gaming Space

What better place to spend hours with your favorite video games than an attic? A life-changing video game room idea is to transform an attic into a video game room equipped with the gaming setup of your dreams. No one will bother you from within the attic so you’ll get as much peace and quiet as you want while you game. It’s great for video gamers who like to play games in total solitude.

18. Fill Your Video Game Room with Every Game You Own

As a video game enthusiast, you probably own and collect more video games than you can possibly count. If you already have a video game room that you are happy with, then a video game room idea for you is to add shelving units to your existing room. That way, you get to keep your video game room relatively the same as before while also making a display for all of your video games.

19. Office During the Day, Video Game Room at Night

Similar to the room idea that suggests you turn your bedroom into a gaming space, this video gaming room idea is well-suited for people who work from home. Using your office as a workspace during the day and a gaming room at night makes things easier because everything is all in one place. Just make sure you have the self-discipline to not play games when you should be working!

20. Video Game Rooms For Fans of Runescape

Runescape is one of most played video games of all time. Model your video game room after one of the skills you like most in the game, like farming or slayer. You can even represent every single skill if you’re so inclined. Hang up replicas of the icons in Runescape and give your gaming room that medieval aura by adorning the walls with faux swords and armor.

21. Skyrim-Inspired Video Game Lair

Skyrim is one of those video games that you’ll never forget playing. It hooks you in and captivates your attention like no other, so why not pay homage to a game. that deserves recognition? Use Skyrim-inspired decor to turn your video game room into a fan club for gamers like you.

22. Paint a Mural on Your Video Game Room Wall 

Do you have a lot of open wall space in your gaming room? Painting a giant mural on your wall is an excellent way to decorate bare walls. Your mural should be artwork that is related to video games so that it ties the room together!

23. Why a Living Room with a Coffee Table Makes for a Solid Video Game Area

Even though a lot of the ideas on our list are complex and involve renovation, you don’t need to go all out in order to achieve a solid video game room. The most casual of areas, like a living room with a coffee table, are just as functional as anything else. Also, something to think about is that you’re closer to the kitchen with this video game room idea, so snacks are closer in reach!

24. Your Very Own Virtual Reality Video Game Room

Virtual reality is one of the wildest gaming inventions to date. There are so many virtual reality arcades and studios that you can go to for an experience unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before. As cool as that sounds, something even more enticing is turning your at-home video game room into a personal virtual reality game room!

25. Modern Video Game Room for the Minimalist Gamer

If minimalism is your lifestyle, or if you simply prefer the way minimalist designs look, then check out these ideas for video game rooms that use a very small splash of color against a mostly black and white room. Without any colorful lights or vivid displays in the room, you’ll be able to keep total focus on the missions in your video games!

26. World of Warcraft Video Game Room

Fans of the game, World of Warcraft, can feel like they’re actually part of the WoW environment by using interior design decor that resembles the imagery in the game. Invite your WoW friends over for a costume-themed gaming night for an added layer of WoW fun!

27. Turn Your Video Game Room into Pac-Man Everything

Pac-Man is one of the oldest and most well-known video games to date. There’s few actions to take and only a couple of goals to reach, so it’s no surprise that Pac-Man has so much popularity! Design a video game room centered around the #1 classic arcade-like game.

28. Transform Your Video Game Room into a Spaceship

How neat would it be to play an intergalactic video game in a room that looks just like the world your avatars are in? Well, now you can, thanks to this video game room idea!

29. Separate Your Video Game Room from the Rest of Your Home by Using the Loft

If you like the idea of a video game room in your home but you prefer it to be out of sight, then a video game room in the loft area is the best place for you. Out of sight and out of mind, you’ll be able to focus on your everyday tasks and then retreat upstairs to the loft when it’s time to game.

30. MLB Inspired Video Game Room

Baseball fans don’t mess around and that includes those who love to play MLB video games. If baseball is your favorite sport, both virtually and in real life, then a gaming room inspired by Major League Baseball is calling your name.

31. Transform a Small Room with an Angled Ceiling into a Gaming Room

More often than not, houses will come with a semi-awkward design in terms of the roofing on the top floor. If you live in a place where the ceiling angles down in a seemingly-useless way, don’t let yourself feel defeated. You can use that part of your home for your video game area.

32. Retro Video Game Room

Gaming rooms that look retro really add another element to the gaming experience. This is an especially fun way of decorating your video game room if you play a lot of futuristic video games because it’s as if you’ve been transported into the game as you play.

33. Final Fantasy Themed Gaming Room

Final Fantasy video game rooms are almost as popular as the game itself. Why limit your enjoyment of Final Fantasy to the game alone? Turn your video gaming room into a space full of Final Fantasy everything.

34. Invest in a Large Plasma Screen in Your Room for Gaming

Plasma screen televisions can make all the difference when playing video games. Visuals are much clearer and larger on plasma TVs. Invest in one for your video game room and see what we’re talking about for yourself!

35. Switch Up the Lighting with Light Bars

Light bars are amazing. They provide as close to natural lighting as possible, but the one perk they have over natural lighting is that light bars can be placed wherever you want them, so you can prevent glare from reflecting against your TV and computer screens.

36. Brightly-Lit Video Game Rooms

In total contrast with the previous video game room idea, we present to you the concept of combining a mix of random colored lights and placing them all over your video game room. It’s all about personal preference, so if you like having colored surrounding you as you game, then go for it!

37. Under the Sea: Finding Nemo Inspired Gaming Room

Although this video game room idea seems like it’s only well-suited for younger gamers, the truth of the matter is that the kids who grew up watching Finding Nemo are adults now. If Finding Nemo is your favorite Pixar movie and you like to play animated video games, then this gaming room idea has your name written all over it.

38. Disney Fans Will Love This Themed Arcade Game Room

What better way to express your love for Disney than to dedicate a video gaming room to as many Disney-inspired arcade games as you can fit? You’ll feel like you have a piece of Disneyland in your own home with this video game room idea.

39. The Benefits of Multiple Screens in One

Video games that offer multiple views of the game at once are very advantageous if you have a compatible setup. Otherwise, you can’t reap any benefits of the game’s features. Design your video game room so that you have as many screens as you need to successfully play your video games.

40. Add a Sports Bar to the Comfort of Your Video Game Room

Some gamers really enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail while making moves in their game of choice. The only problem with this pairing is that sports bars for electronic sports are few and far between, if that. If this sounds like you, then you should consider the video game room idea that pairs a gaming area with an at-home sports bar.

41. Stick to Two or Three Colors When Designing a Video Game Room

If you feel that your video game room is too bland as is, but you don’t quite have a desire to pull a one-eighty and go all out, then identify your favorite color. Once you have a color that you really like, use different shades of that color to decorate your room. Pair it with colors that complement it well and you’ll have a video game room worth writing home about.

42. Avoid Distractions with an All White Video Game Room

Video games that incorporate mostly, if not all, white furniture are setting gamers up for success. Without colors that clash with the vibe of the video game, or posters on your walls that distract you mid-game, you’ll level up in the game you’re currently playing with this video game room idea

43. Video Game Room with Two Monitors

Have you ever found yourself playing a computer video game like World of Warcraft or RuneScape, and all of a sudden you have some type of question you need to look up? It is so disruptive to have to exit full-screen mode just to open a browser and search for an answer to your question. Instead of putting yourself through that, use two monitors side-by-side for an easy way to research mid-game!

44. Make Your Video Game Space Suitable for Multiplayer Games with More than One Mounted Screen

Do you and your gamer friends have a communal space that you can go to for nights full of video gaming with your crew? If you do, then a solid video game room idea is to find televisions of random shapes and sizes at a discounted store, like a thrift shop, for example. Line the television screens along coffee tables and battle your friends in epic video game competitions.

45. Keep Your Mind Stimulated with Ambient Red Lighting

Research in fields of psychology have shown that red hues are linked to higher levels of dopamine release, meaning that people feel happier and more aware when they see a lot of red throughout the day. If you want to design a video game room that will subconsciously boost your overall mood, then use red backlights or various pieces of red furniture to elevate your mindset.

46. Carve Out Space in Your Living Room for Gaming

Apartments can be tricky when trying to make space for a video game room. Space is already limited to a small square footage, and as tempting as it sounds to turn your apartment into a giant gaming room, you might regret that somewhere down the line. Instead, just dedicate a certain wall or one side of the apartment to your love of video gaming.

47. Advanced Video Game Console Setup

Some people are averse to having their video game consoles out in the open. Wires that poke out are a bother to some, but if you are more proud of your console collection than you are worried about visible wires, then you should showcase your abundance of gaming consoles! The best way to achieve this video game room idea is to get your hands on a cabinet that has enough cubbies for each of your consoles.

48. Video Game Chairs that Look Like Racecars

What better way to race around the track within your video game than to do it in a car-shaped chair? For the NASCAR lovers out there, gaming chairs that feel just like racecars will amplify your gaming experiences.

49. Host Video Game Competitions in Your Multi-Player Gaming Room

Talk about the perfect setup for at-home video game competitions! There’s no need to wait around for a convention to come to your town when you can install a multi-player gaming room in your house. This way, video game competitions can take place whenever you want them to.

50. Video Game Room for the Whole Family

All of our video game room ideas so far have been tailored to individual people or a group of friends who want to hang out in a gaming space. But if you come from a family of gamers, it makes a lot of sense to have a video game room in your house! Turn your living room into a gaming room for the whole family to enjoy.