The 40 Best Towel Storage Ideas

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The 40 Best Towel Storage Ideas

Home By James 
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Designing the look and layout of your bathroom takes some serious attention to detail. Bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in a house, apartment, or condo. No matter what type of home you live in, the bathroom is likely going to have less square footage than other parts of your living quarters. As a result, you have to be wise about how you use the room, as well as think about how to fit everything in a way that makes sense.

For instance, minor details like where to place your plunger has a major impact on the rest of your bathroom. And oftentimes, there is a limited amount of space on either side of the toilet. If your bathroom is like this, then you don’t want to have a wide basket for your plunger and toilet bowl brush next to your toilet rather than putting your toilet paper holder near the toilet. Likewise, another one of the most essential aspects of a bathroom comes down to a detail that has nothing to do with furniture.

Though it is seemingly unimportant and probably one of the very last things that comes to mind, your towel storage area is something to think about when designing your bathroom. If you are embarking on an interior design adventure of your own, you might find yourself struggling to decide on what to do with all of your towels. From bath towels to face towels, and hand towels to cleaning rags, there are towels galore to be found in bathrooms. To help you figure out what to do, here are forty of the best towel storage ideas!

1. Keep Your Towels in a Basket on the Counter Top

2. Wall Baskets for Towel Storage


3. Make Use of the Space Beneath Your Bathroom Sink


4. Build a Towel Storage Cubby Above Your Bathroom Door


5. Drape Your Towels Over Freestanding Wooden Bars


6. An Array of Hanging Baskets


7. Create a U-Shaped Table For Beneath Your Sink


8. A Pantry for Your Bathroom Towel Storage Needs


9. Buckets for Holding Your Towels

10. Suspended Shelving for Towel Storage


11. Towel Rings for Smaller Bathrooms


12. Towel Rack Chairs for a Bathroom You Can Get Ready In


13. Roll Your Towels into Bundles Placed Inside of a Tote


14. Make Use of a Bathtub Side Table for Your Towels


15. Towel Racks that Go Over Your Door


16. Mount Metal Bars to the Wall for Your Towels


17. Towel Storage Behind and Over Bathroom Toilets


18. Vertical Towel Bar Holder


19. Utilize Vertical Shelving as Towel Storage


20. An Array of Painted Wood Crates


21. Use a Small Step Ladder for Your Towels


22. A Heated Towel Rack Safe for Holding Your Towels


23. Floating Shelves for All of Your Storage Needs


24. Individual Shelving Unit with Three Tiers of Towel Storage


25. Rolling Carts for Bathrooms with Lots of Extra Space


26. Horizontal Bookcase That Extends to the Ceiling


27. Tuck Your Rolled Towels on Top of Multi-Tiered Shelving Unit


28. In-Wall Storage for Your Towels


29. Store Your Towels Between Two Industrial Rods


30. Use a Folding Table Top for Storing a Few Towels


31. Singular Bar along the Side of a Wall for Hanging a Towel or Two


32. Leaning Ladder Storage Unit with Baskets


33. A Toilet Paper Holder but For Towels Instead


34. Place Your Towels in a Beautiful Gold Fruit Bowl


35. Stow Away Your Bath Towels in the Closet


36. Baskets of Towels on the Floor


37. Take a Coat Rack into the Bathroom and Use it for Towels Instead of Jackets


38. Take on a DIY Project of Constructing Your Own Cabinet Space


39. A Towel Storage Area that Feels Like a Spa at Home


40. Designate a Laundry Basket as the Clean Hamper for all of Your Towel Storage Needs