The 10 Best Foods You HAVE to Try in San Francisco

San Francisco By James 

The 10 Best Foods You HAVE to Try in San Francisco

San Francisco By James 
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As anyone who’s stepped foot in San Francisco knows, the food game is real.  Regardless of where you find yourself in town, you’re bound to find a great little place to sit down and snack.  But there are certain food items around town that you just have to try before you leave San Francisco.  Trust us, these 10 items listed below are the absolute BEST.


Cinnamon Toast from Trouble Coffee

A great coffee place, but a really great place to find some lovely high-quality cinnamon toast that is actually quite delicious.  The cinnamon toast sold at Trouble Coffee has become quite a thing for San Francisco residents and tourists alike — it’s just really good, folks.  Honestly, just grab a slice.  You’ll immediately realize why San Francisco is kind of known for paying $4 for a slice of bread.  And trust us, it is worth it.



Lemon Ricotta Pancakes from Plow

Another food item that is widely acclaimed throughout all of San Francisco, the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes from Plow are just a godsend.  They’re highly sought after, and more than one person goes to Plow just to eat these pancakes.  Plow itself is a really popular eatery, so make sure you plan ahead of time so that you can get a table.  The wait to try these pancakes is really worth it, though.



Carnitas Burrito from La Taqueria

Coined to be the best burrito in all of America, the carnitas burrito really is something.  A fan favorite of San Franciscans, this burrito really is great.  It has it all.  It’s delicious.  Just try it already!



Menage a Trois from Ike’s Place

Finally, a new sandwich worth trying!  Ever have that feeling of trying some “new” sandwich creation, only to really hate the whole thing.  Let’s be honest:  there are some things that just really don’t belong in a sandwich.  The Menage a Trois sandwich from Ike’s Place, however, makes everything all better.  Packed with three different cheeses, halal chicken, and three more different sauces, this overstuffed sandwich is delicious.



Pickled French Fries from Al’s Place

If you like your regular french fries, why not try these savory pickled french fries from Al’s Place!  These french fries differ from the average joes, as they are brined before going in the deep fryer.  As a result, they taste strikingly similar to really great salt and vinegar chips.  Plus, Al’s Place provides you with some great sauce to deep these savory treats in, resulting in a great little snack or meal!



Dried Porcini Doughnuts with Raclette Sauce from Rich Table

These doughnuts are so savory, so delicious, so enjoyable to eat.  A fan favorite, once again, in San Francisco, these doughnuts have really made a name for themselves over at Rich Table.  In fact, these doughnuts have become so popular, they’re even being offered at the Giants games!  But really, the thing that makes these doughnuts is the raclette sauce.  They’re quite good without the sauce — but the sauce really brings it to that next level.



Salsiccia Pizza from Delfina

A great food list isn’t complete without some great pizza, is it?  One of the best slices of pizza one can get in San Francisco is, hands down, the Salsiccia pizza from Delfina.  Homemade sausage, onions, bell peppers, and fantastic thin crust makes this pizza so extraordinary.  And quite delicious, too!



The Morning Bun from Tartine Bakery & Cafe

The queen of all morning buns, the simply titled “Morning Bun” from Tartine is possibly the best treat you could give yourself.  It’s sugar-dusted (which is great for all you sweet tooths), and a combination of a croissant and a sticky bun.  A great treat for the morning — or really any time of day.



La Regina Sicilian Pizza from Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Another great pizza to try!  Possibly the biggest pizza served in all of San Francisco, this pizza has it all.  A thick crust pizza to die for, the La Regina pizza is topped with some arugula, prosciutto, soppressata — and three different types of cheese.  Honestly, this pizza has it all.  It’s fantastic and oh so delicious.



Tuna Poke from Liholiho Yacht Club

It’s always worth it to have some great tuna poke to round out a food list!  And this tuna poke is actually fantastic.  You got some sesame oil and radish, buttery tuna that is so savory, and a quite crisp nori cracker to round out the whole thing.  It’s so delicious, you have to try it.