The 65 Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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The 65 Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Bathrooms can get very cluttered very quickly. If you have a small bathroom it always seems like there is never enough room for everything you need to keep in there. The end result is a cluttered mess where nothing can be found. To de-clutter your small bathroom we have compiled 65 of the best small bathroom storage ideas that will have you organized in no time.

1. Wood Crate Shelving

For a cheap and easy shelving solution put a wood crate on its side and hang it on the wall. You can not only store things inside the crate but on top of it as well.

2. Hanging Wicker Baskets

Small wicker baskets are great for small towels or toiletries. Get a few towel rods and use them for hanging baskets. If you get a few the same size and color it will make your bathroom not only look organized but put together as well.

3. Storage Ladder

This ladder shelf is great for storing things in a small space. The several shelves allow for a range of towels and toiletries to be stored. The best part is that you can paint the shelf any color to match your bathroom.

4. Draped Sink

If you have a pedestal sink then you don’t have the luxury of storing things under the sink. However, that can be solved by hanging decorative fabric around the bottom of the sink. Now you can store bins or extra toiletries under the sink without making the bathroom look messy or cluttered.

5. Magnetic Organizers

Are your cosmetics and toiletries always a mess in the medicine cabinet? These magnetic organizers allow to easily organize everything and make sure it stays in place even after you close the door.

6. Recessed Cabinet

Did you know the space between studs in your wall is just empty? Why not put it to good use by created a recessed cabinet. The best part is you can close the door and no one is the wiser so your bathroom never looks cluttered!


7. Over the Door

Put that wasted space above the bathroom door to good use. Sure you might need a stepstool to reach it but it is a great place to store extra items that you don’t need to access on a daily basis.

8. Tension Rod

Under sink cabinets tend to have a lot of unused vertical space. By putting a small tension rod in the cabinet, you can store cleaning supplies.

9. Door Towels

When you have a small bathroom, you should let no space go to waste so instead of having an empty door fill it with towel racks. You’ll be able to store several towels and save wall space for shelving.

10. Two in One Mirror

You’re probably used a medicine cabinet having a mirror on its front but this full-length version offers even more space. It’s great if you need an outfit check and plenty of space to store all your toiletries and cosmetics.

11. Add an Armoire

If you have limited space to work with you can consider having a custom armoire made. It will fill just the space you have and provide the storage you need. The best part is that everything stays out of sight when not in use.

12. Rotating Organizer

If you want to keep your cosmetics within easy reach but don’t have a lot of counter space a rotating organizer like this one does just the trick.

13. Row of Buckets

For a cute look that is very simple to do on your own, string together some buckets and hang them on the wall. They take up very little space but provide a way to keep brushes and other bathroom items organized.

14. Plant Your Brushes

One great way to store things is to get little plant containers and a small wire shelf. This lets you separate and organize everything in a cute and unexpected way.

15. Hook Up Your Cabinets

Often that space on the inside of your cabinet doors is just wasted. With a few Command hooks you can turn it into storage for your hair appliances or brushes.

16. Stacked Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets with lids are great because they look nice on their own and when closed they keep everything out of sight. This is a great way to store items for easy access but still keep the bathroom from looking cluttered.

17. What a Difference a Tray Makes

It may not seem like it but simply putting a tray under your toiletries can make them appear organized. A small tray means you won’t be filling it with a bunch of excess items and it will keep the items you do need nice and neat.

18. Wrap Around Shelf

If you have a pedestal sink you might think that means you can’t have cabinets under your sink. That simply isn’t true, a wrap around cabinet gives you space for your things and fits neatly around your existing sink.

19. Spice Things Up

Putting a spice rack on the wall or inside your cabinet is a great way to organize small toiletries and cosmetics. It takes up very little room but will keep things nice and orderly.

20. Shoe Organizer in the Shower

If you don’t have a shelf in the shower it can be hard to keep your products off the floor. A simple shoe organizer is the perfect solution. It lets you hang everything from the curtain rod and it keeps all the clutter off the floor of the shower and out of sight.

21.  Make Your Own Shelves

If you have a narrow or awkward space it can be hard to find shelves that work. So, the best option is just to make your own or have them custom made.

22. Lazy Susan

If you want to keep your cabinet full of stuff but you also want to get to it easily, a lazy susan is the solution. You can store plenty of stuff and all it takes is a spin of the wheel to access whatever you have stored in the back.

23. Bottlecap Toothbrush Holder

If you want to keep your toothbrush off the counter all you need is to grab a plastic bottle cap. Cut a notch in the bottom, add an adhesive backing and now your toothbrush has a place on the wall. You can even paint the bottlecaps to match your décor.

24. Built in Shower Shelves

If you are remodeling your bathroom or building a small bathroom, shelving in the shower is definitely something to consider. It not only looks great but it keeps all your shower products in easy reach.

25. Wall Plant Holders

Plant holders are not only great for your counters but for your walls as well. These outdoor plant holders are not only great for holding and organizing your bath items but they are very decorative as well.

26. Peg Shelving

This peg shelf not only provides shelving space but also hooks for hanging towels, brushes, clothes, robes or anything else you might need.

27. Outlet Shelf

Even your electrical outlet can become storage space with this cute little shelf. It’s great for any small electronics you might have in the bathroom that need to be charged.

28. Picture This

IKEA sells what they call picture ledges which allow you to display photos. But they also have the better purpose in the bathroom. Placing one right by the sink allows you to keep cosmetics and other toiletries close at hand.

29. Suction Cup Hangers

If you have a large mirror put some of it to use. This simple hanger attaches to the mirror and lets you keep your favorite necklaces, hair accessories or brushes right where you need them.

30. Rolling Bar Cart

A repurposed rolling bar cart is a great way to add extra storage space to your bathroom when you need it and then you can just roll it someplace out of the way when you don’t.

31. Toilet Paper Basket

If you are short on space but want to make sure the bathroom is always fully stocked with toilet paper, a wicker basket on top of the toilet does just the trick. It looks much cuter than just having toilet paper stacked around the floor.

32. Magnetic Storage Board

If you are short on drawer space but have wall space consider making this magnetic storage board. You can make it as decorative as you like and then just stick some magnets to the back of your cosmetics. It’s a great way to always be able see what you have.

33. Glass Containers

There’s something about putting ordinary objects in glass containers that makes them into works of art. Use this trick to stay organized and make your bathroom look very chic.

34. Magazine Racks

Wall mounted folder holders or magazine racks are available at office supply stores and they are great for adding extra space to the back of a closet or cabinet door.

35. A Second Shower Rod

If you are looking to declutter the shower, adding a second shower rod might be just the ticket. Add a few S-hooks and suddenly you’ve got space for hanging brushes and shower caddies.

36. Suction Cup Shower

This storage solution just takes a trip to the dollar store. Loop hair ties through large suction cups. Then stick this to the shower wall and use the hair tie to store anything you might need.

37. Picture Frame Shelves

If you are looking for a more decorative way to add shelves to your bathroom, consider add shelves to a picture frame. This turns your simple toiletries into shadowbox art!

38. Paper Towel Bracelet Holder

The key to small spaces is to make use of vertical space. A paper towel holder is a great way to keep all your bracelets organized and displayed without taking up a lot of valuable counter space.

39. Inverted Brackets

Installing shelves with inverted brackets adds a nice decorative touch and a way to keep towels and other items from sliding off the shelf.

40. Storage Step Stool

If you have kids that need a stool to reach the sink, then don’t let that space go to waste! Turn it into storage for bath toys or other bathroom items.

41. Shrink the Sink

If you really want to save space in your bathroom this narrow sink does the trick and it even has a bit of storage space for toilet paper and a toilet brush.

42. Shower Caddies in the Cabinet

Shower caddies are not only great for the shower but they can add extra storage space to your cabinets as well. Even better if you group things you use together in the same caddy you can pull everything out at the same time by just grabbing the caddy.

43. Bathroom Storage Stand

If you want to add some tiered space to your bathroom all you need is two plates and a candlestick. Glue the items together and you double some of your storage space.

44. Hanging Shelves

Some shelves hanging from C hooks not only give your bathroom more space but it also adds an industrial or rustic touch to your bathroom.

45. Recycle an Old Drawer

If you have an old drawer lying around or can buy one cheapy you can put it to use as a shelf in your bathroom. You can even use some drawer dividers or a piece of wood to divide it up into more shelving.

46. IKEA’s Rod Storage

IKEA has a rod storage system that has baskets and buckets that you can use to get organized and take advantage of wall space.

47. Rope Towel Rack

You can make a towel rack that doesn’t stick out as far as a traditional towel rack just by hanging some rope.

48. Build Cubby Holes

Small cubby holes are great for rolled up towels or small baskets of toiletries or other bathroom items. Add decorative details or hooks for even more storage options.

49. Wine Rack Towel Storage

A hanging wine rack is a great and decorative way to store rolled up towels on the wall.

50. Doorknobs

Vintage doorknobs make a great decorative element to the bathroom and it is a great way to hang up towels.

51. Bamboo Shelf

This four-tiered bamboo shelf is very small and compact but it adds a ton of space to your bathroom.

52. Duo Shower Rod

This duo shower rod pulls double duty holding up the shower curtain and giving space to hang towels.

53. Tin Can Storage

Put old tin cans to use as storage. Cover them in pretty paper or paint them and attach them to the wall for extra towel storage.

54. Bag Storage

For a unique touch on bathroom storage hang mesh or canvas bags. The simple solution is cute and artsy.

55. Use Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers attached to the wall make great unique ways to hang up towels. All you need to do is screw some wooden dowels into the wall and then screw the hangers into the dowels.

56. Turn the Toilet into Storage

This toilet organizer is great for keeping magazines, toilet paper and other items close at hand and off the floor.

57. Sliding Shelves

Sliding shelves are a great way to make use of the space under the sink. The sliding shelves make it easy to access what is in the back and the adjustable system means that you can work around the sink plumbing.

58. Dollar Store Baskets

Small dollar store baskets are great for organizing messy cluttered drawers into something more manageable.

59. Pipe Shelving

Pipe shelving not only adds a decorative accent to your bathroom but they are also great for hanging towels.

60. Slender Cabinet

Even if you don’t have a lot of space for a cabinet you can still make the most of the space that you do have.

61. Shelving Around the Toilet

Having a small bathroom means never letting the smallest of spaces go to waste. This shelving using fits in the small spaces around the toilet but it adds a ton of storage space while still looking great.

62. Peg Board

Using a peg board in the bathroom lets you customize your storage for whatever you want to hang and keep organized.

63. Pull Out Shelves

If you are putting in new cabinets you can make the most of a small space with a pull-out cabinet. This dramatically increases your storage and makes things very easy to access.

64. Wall Mounted Mason Jars

Mason jars are always great for storing items and that is true even for your bathroom. Mount some mason jars to the wall and use them for storing a variety of bathroom items.

65. Mirror Cabinet

Even your large bathroom mirror can be extra storage. This flip open mirror keeps everything organized and hidden away when not in use.