The 40 Best Shower Tile Ideas and Designs

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The 40 Best Shower Tile Ideas and Designs

Home By James 
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Your bathroom shower is a place where you should be able to just relax and feel comfortable. It can also be the most stressful part of your bathroom renovation because there are so many different shower tile ideas and designs. Here are just a few of our favorite designs to help you pick one that is perfect for you.

1. Subtle Flowers

This design features large tiles with subtle flower accents. The flower tiles are almost the same shade as the large tiles giving just a simple design element.

2. Tropical Bamboo

Long, thing vertical tiles give the impression of bamboo and make your bathroom into a tropical getaway.

3. Stone Wall Tiles

These rough stone tiles give a very rustic feel to the shower. With rectangular tiles on the walls and pebble tiles on the floor this shower is almost like taking a shower at a waterfall.

4. Large Black Tiles with Small Accents

These large tiles give an almost seamless appearance to the walls while the smaller tiles provide an accent to the seat and floor. The smaller tiles even trail up the wall for an accent line.

5. Bold Elegance

These bright elegant tiles are the focal point of the bathroom and give the shower a very regal feel. The plain white subway tiles are the perfect contrast.

6. Rectangle Accent

A large tan rectangle accent stands out against the dark tiles in this stone tile design. Paint and bathroom accents also complement the rectangle tile.

7. Grayscale

These diagonal grey tiles offer an askew pattern that stands out despite the muted color. Grey is also seen as very calming which makes this shower relaxing and yet anything but boring.

8. Mixed up Plank Tiles

These tiles look like they are protruding from the wall and they are in different sizes to give this shower a very unique look despite the plain beige tiles.

9. Under the Sea

With blue tiles against the ceiling and an array of blue and green mosaic tiles around the window this shower feels like being underwater.

10. Rectangles and Hexagons

Stone rectangle tiles provide a stunning contrast to the dark hexagon tiles of this shower. The stone bench and grey accents make this one dramatic shower.

11. Mermaid Shower

These bright green tiles bring to mind mermaid tail scales and give this shower a magical feel. Simple subway tiles allow the beautiful mermaid tiles to take center stage.

12. White Chevron

If you like white and want a clean looking shower but you also want something a little unique, this chevron design might be just what you’re looking for.

13. Marble Shower

This shower uses the same style marble for all the tiles but it breaks up the design with different shapes. Rectangles on the wall with a chevron accent and hexagon tiles on the floor allow one color to take on different styles.

14. Stone Accent

This shower has simple white tiles to give it a clean look, but the black stone accent draws the eye and adds just a touch of drama.

15. Rainbow Shine

If you want a shower that is full of color then you can’t get much more colorful than these mosaic tiles. When the light hits them, you see all the colors of the rainbow.

16. Blue Nautilus

If you are looking for a shower that stand out this blue nautilus design is one of a kind. The design is nearly seamless and is perfectly complemented by plain white subway tiles.

17. Dramatic Black

This shower is all about the drama. Uniquely shaped black tiles complemented by light hexagon tiles make this shower stand out in any bathroom.

18. Hexagon Wall

In most showers the small hexagon tiles go across the floor but in this gorgeous shower the hexagon tiles climb the wall for a unique accent.

19. Modern and Classic

Marble is a very classic look for showers but this shower has a modern twist with the shape of the tiles. The small tiles are a beautiful accent in this shower.

20. Wood Tiles

This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves the look of wood but knows it can’t be used the shower. These tiles look just like wood and make for a stunning shower.

21. Stone and Wood

For a shower that is truly a show-stopper there is this shower. Dark wood like tiles and grey pebbles provide a rustic look that somehow manages to be modern as well.

22. Accent Shelf

Even white subway tiles can look bold with the right accent. This shower has an inlaid black and white design for the shelf.

23. Black Circles

One of the most unique shapes for tiles are these circles. The black tiles make for a great contrast to the white tiles along the rest of the shower.

24. Shades of White and Grey

Two shades of grey hexagon tiles give this shower a very modern feel that complements the large white tiles perfectly. This shower is very clean looking but it also has a touch of character.

25. Different Textures

This shower features large rectangular tiles with grey streaks. The accent tiles are both stone and glass to give a variety of textures to this elegant shower.

26. Pebble All The Way

Instead of using pebbles as an accent this shower design covers the entire wall of the shower with smooth white pebbles. The dark tone of the rest of the bathroom really highlights the white shower.

27. Wood and Polka Dots

This shower is definitely one of a kind with a polka dotted floor of black and white contrasted against the wood tiles of the rest of the shower. The walls are a simple white to let the floor of this shower be the focus.

28. Black Subway Tiles

White subway tiles are a common choice for showers, but black subway tiles are less so. But with how stunning this shower looks one can’t help but wonder why the white tiles get all the attention.

29. Spilled Pebbles

Having pebbles on the floor isn’t all the strange but the design of this floor is what makes this shower stand out. The pebbles are in a unique shape and look like they’ve just spilled onto the floor.

30. Black and White

There is a reason why black and white are so common in tile showers, they create a fantastic contrast for creating designs on the floor or for adding thin accents on the walls.

31. Stone Diamonds and Glass

This shower turns square tiles on its side to create a bold look in this shower. The small glass and stone accents outline the diamond tiles.

32. Topsy Turvey

This shower design turns traditional tiling on its head. Instead of the small tiles on the floor they cover the wall in this shower while the larger tiles are the ones on the floor.

33. White Waves

Elegant white wavy tiles make this clean white shower invoke feelings of the ocean. The orange and blue mosaic tiles on the floor add just a pop of modern color.

34. Metallic Shower

For a rich and elegant shower these metallic tiles do just the trick. With gold, silver and copper tiles this shower shines brightly. The accent strip is reminiscent of palace decorations and give this shower a regal feel.

35. Focal Point

This shower lets your creative side show by creating a focal point out of a number of different tile designs. Pick designs that are loosely connected to create a centerpiece in the shower.

36. Groovy Green

This green shower has a variety of different shaped green tiles for a very 70s style look.

37. Pac Man Fever

The mosaic feature of showers means that it can be used to recreate classic video games or simple images. This shower brings to life Pac Man.

38. Another World

This shower feels like stepping into another world. Peacock colors and bold accent tiles put together to resemble a room of stained glass. This shower is unlike any other.

39. Vertical Glass

These vertical glass tiles have a very smooth finish which makes for easy cleaning and a very clean look for this glass shower.

40. Glass Shapes

This shower utilizes a variety of tile shapes and colors to create a unique design on the shower walls. The design is almost dizzying to look at and really commands the eye.