Declutter: 65 Best Shoe Storage Ideas

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Declutter: 65 Best Shoe Storage Ideas

Home By James 
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Shoes are a great complement to any outfit and they can make a statement. However, shoes can also take up a lot of space, especially once you start to build a substantial collection. (You need the right pair for every outfit, right?) These tips will help you store all your shoes and keep your space organized and neat.

1. Shoe Ladder

This shoe ladder is not only decorative but it really holds a large number of shoes in a relatively small space. It also keeps them where you can easily see them and be able to pick whatever pair you need quickly.

2. Shoe Cubbies

This shoe cubby shelf has plenty of little spaces that are just the right size for all your shoes. You’ll be able to quickly grab the pair you want and be out the door.

3.  Shoe Mirror Cabinet

This shoe storage idea doubles as a full-length mirror which is perfect for making sure that those shoes really do go with that outfit.

4. PVC Pipe Shoe Holder

Stop by the hardware store and pick up some pieces of PVC pipe. Have them cut to size and then mount them on your wall. Voila! A simple DIY storage solution that looks like a piece of art.

5. Wooden Crate Storage

For a rustic yet decorative solution, consider getting some wooden crates and mounting them to the wall. They make great shoe shelves and for added fun you can even paint them different colors.

6. Shoe Hangers

This is another great DIY solution to shoe storage. Simply turn wire hangers for clothes into hangers for shoes. If you add a rod to the bottom of your closet you can put the space near the floor to good use.

7. Shoe Cabinet Folio

This remarkable shoe cabinet doesn’t look like much when closed, but open it up and it is shoe nirvana. All the shoes are in easy reach and nicely displayed.

8. File Your Shoes

File folders are a very unique way to store flip flops or other flat shoes. Just slide them in and file them away on the shelf until you are ready to wear them. You can even use old cereal boxes if you don’t have file folders.

9. Pipe Rack

This simple pipe shoe rack has a very industrial look and it works great for keeping shoes in their place in your room or in the front hallway.

10. Serve Up Your Shoes

If you want to easily slide your shoes under the bed or other furniture consider putting them on trays. This makes sure the shoes are low enough to fit under furniture but still easy to slide out.

11. Put Your Shoes on the Stairs

Let’s face it you love your shoes and you think everyone should want to see them. So why not put them on display? Let shoes you wear often be easily accessible and right on the stairs!

12. Under the Stairs

If you don’t like the idea of your shoes on the stairs, how about under them? These custom-built shelves are just perfect for keeping shoes right where you need them but still out of the way.

13. Shoe Shelf

This shoe shelf might be a little on the pricey side but it is perfect for storing all your shoes and displaying them.

14. Hanging Shoe Rack

These cute fabric shoe racks allow you to hang up your shoes in your closet and get a lot of shoes in a relatively small space.

15. Table Shoe Storage

If you keep a table by the door to store your purse or keys or to put down your mail, you can make it dual purpose by turning it into shoe storage as well!

16. Over the Door Storage

While it might not be the most elegant solution it is affordable and practical. Make use of the door with this clear organizer.

17. Shoe Cabinet

This chic shoe cabinet has space for 16 shoes. Display your nicest pairs on the open shelving and put the rest behind the doors.

18. Wall of Shoes

These adhesive shoe holders are a unique twist on shoe organization. With these you are only limited by the amount of wall space you have.

19. Stackable Bamboo Rack

When in doubt grab storage that is customizable to the number of shoes you have. These stackable bamboo racks are great for in the bedroom or right by the front door.

20. Storage Ottoman

This storage ottoman is great for anywhere in your home. It keeps your shoes out of sight and provides a comfy place to sit to put them on.

21. Molding Shoe Storage

If you have a lot of heeled shoes hang some molding on the wall. You can buy in a range of styles and paint it any color you like.

22. Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

Give your shoes a spin with this shoe rack. It keeps your shoes organized and on display while having every pair easily accessible.

23. Sliding Closet Shelf

Make use of the narrow space in your closet with a sliding shelf that can triple your shoe storage.

24. Sliding Shelves

Having trouble reaching the shoes in the back of your shelf? Make the shelves slide out so they are much easier to get to.

25. Shoe Spinner

This wire shoe spinner not only fits a lot of shoes but it is affordable enough that you can buy as many as you need to store your entire collection.

26. Footprint Shoe Rack

This unique rack only holds three pairs but you can pick up several of them and line them up around the room or go up a wall.

27. Shoe Closet

Who doesn’t want a closet full of shoes? Even if you don’t have the space for these many shelves the design can still be useful if you are redoing your closet and want just a single shoe shelf.

28. Upgraded Door Shoe Organizer

This is another over the door shoe organizer that looks a little nicer than the transparent version and still holds quite a few shoes.

29. Cardboard Shoe Rack

Short on space and money? Make your own shoe rack with spare boxes or any cardboard you have laying around.

30. Tension Rods

If you have a small niche or a tiny closet you can put it to use with some tension rods. The rods will easily display all your heeled shoes, but don’t work for some sandals or sneakers.

31. Bar Shoe Rack

This narrow bar is great for keeping shoes out of the way but still within easy reach especially in a crowded entryway.

32. Mesh Baskets

Mesh baskets and metal shelving are great for keeping shoes organized. You can label the baskets with the type of shoes or the person they belong to.

33. Kid’s Shoe Organizer

If you are looking for a simple solution to organize your kid’s shoes, an organizer like this one works great. It is very easy for kids to simply stick the shoes in and then grab them when they need them.


  1. Bench Storage

Get some cute baskets and hide them under a nice bench. Each basket can be labeled with the person they belong to so the right shoes can be easily found. Then the basket slides back under the bench and out of the way.

35. Magazine Shoe Rack

Turn some of IKEA’s magazine racks into a wall shoe rack. This storage works well for just about any sort of shoes.

36. Picture Boxes

Use normal shelves and keep your shoes in matching boxes to look neat and organized. A picture of the shoes on the outside of the box to always know where your favorite pair is.

37. Boot Organizer

Keep rainboots and snow boots organized with some wooden dowels on the wall. Boots are easily slid into the gaps between dowels.

38. Metal Grid Storage

Save time and money with this metal grid shoe storage solution. Simply prop it up against the wall and fill it up with all your heeled shoes.

39. Rotating Shoe Shelves

If you have a small corner space you can put it to good use with a rotating shoe shelf.

40. Shoe Cabinet

This perfectly made shelf is just right for any size and shape of shoe. It even has space just for tall boots.

41. Metal Hanging Shoe Rack

Over the door shoe racks are popular because they make use of space that is rarely used by anything else. This metal shoe rack is a bit more durable than other plastic or fabric versions.

42. Metal Cubbies

These metal cubbies are great for any rustic or industrial décor styles. They can be attached anywhere on the wall making them perfect for the whole family.

43. Metal Shelves

These metal shelves are great for hallways or for anywhere in your home. They are sleek and neutral enough to fit nearly any style of décor.

44. In the Stairs

Put the space under your stairs to even better use with these amazing pull out shelves. With each step holding a drawer full of shoes you’ll have plenty of space to buy more.

45. Vintage Boxes

Vintage boxes are a great décor element to your home and they can also be very useful for storing shoes.

46. Rustic Crates

Stack crates together to make a gorgeous shelf for storing all of your shoes.

47. DIY Boot Tray

This rolling boot tray is great for any farmhouse mudroom and can be moved to wherever you need it. It’s a simple DIY project that you can do yourself.

48. Family Shoe Drawers

These adorable drawers are great for any hall closet as it keeps the entire family’s shoes in one place and it is easy to find everybody’s shoes.

49. Shelves in the Wall

Make the most of your space by putting shelves into the walls. This lets you store a large number of shoes without having to give up any floor or closet space.

50. Skateboard Shelves

Make shelves out of skateboards for a unique and cool shoe storage solution for a teenager.

51. DIY Wood Shoe Rack

This simple wooden shoe rack is perfect for any mudroom or to match any rustic or farmhouse décor.

53. Vertical Metal Rack

This unique rack is made from metal brackets and easily attaches to any wall. It is a great way to let your shoes be the main attraction.

53. Shoe Rods

These shoe rods are great for storing any type of shoe except perhaps flip flops and they fit in any spot.

54. Shoe Hanger

This shoe hanger is great because not only does it make room for your shoes but some clothes as well, or just more shoes.

55. Wooden Shoe Closet

This wooden shoe closet has plenty of space for all your shoes as long as you have a large enough space to put it.

56. Colorful Shoe Rack

This DIY shoe rack is great for on the floor or on a shelf in your closet. Paint it any color you want to make it stand out or blend in.

57. Spin Wheel Storage

Spin the wheel and win a prize or a pair of shoes for the day. This unique organizer fits right on the floor of your closet and fits several pairs of shoes but doesn’t work for tall boots.

58. Under the Bed

Make use of the wasted space under the bed with this shoe storage solution. You’ll easily be able to see your shoes in the plastic holder and keep them out of sight the rest of the time.

59. Wine Crate Shoe Storage

Repurpose some old wine crates for this cool shoe organizer. You’ll be able to store several pairs of shoes in each section and stack up as many crates as you need.

60. Shoe Buckets

Give everyone in the family their own bucket to keep all their shoes organized and off the floor.

61. Shoe Bands

These wall mounted elastic band come in a range of colors and are great for attaching all your shoes to the wall.

62. Shoe Closet

If you have extra space near a closet or are planning a remodel this slide out shoe closet is something to consider.

63. Curtain Rod Shoes

Hang up your shoes with this elegant shoe solution. Just use hooks and clips to attached your shoes and keep them organized.

64. Paint Can Shoe Holders

If you are having trouble keeping your flip flops organized and out of the way, consider nailing some paint cans to the wall.

65. Wood Pallet Shoe Rack

Repurpose a pallet into a perfect shoe rack. You can leave it natural or paint it any color you like to match your décor.