The 8 Best Shaving Bowls

Grooming By James 

The 8 Best Shaving Bowls

Grooming By James 
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Shaving bowls are a must-have item for men who want a more personal luxurious grooming experience. You may want to step up your grooming game for a big event, to upgrade your look, or just to give yourself some space and time that is all about you. 

But shaving bowls are so much more than a grooming tool. They take up space, they are on display, they can speak to who you are and what you care about. Having a well-made functional shaving bowl that also speaks to you helps take your shaving experience to the next level. 

A shaving bowl is also a great gift for the men in your life. Giving your partner a shaving bowl not only tells them that you care about them, but it can also tell them that you love and understand who they are. You can even get the perfect bowl for your Dad to say thank you for all the care and attention he gave you. 

Even more than that, a well-chosen shaving bowl also tells the important men in your life that you want them to take time to take care of themselves. 

That said, there are some important things to take into account before choosing a shaving bowl. This is an item that you or your partner will be interacting with a lot so you want to make sure you get one that hits every mark. 

This list will present some of the best options in shaving bowls and sets, while also talking about why each one is a great choice and the things to consider in making your choice. 

Per Pro Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl and Shaving Stand

Per Pro Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl and Shaving Stand

This set from Per Pro is a great utilitarian option for a shaving bowl. Stainless steel is a great material because it’s durable, so you know that the shaving bowl will last a long time and even stand up to the occasional slip or fall. It’s also decently thermal retaining so your lather won’t go cold too quickly. 

The bowl itself is a good width for easy lathering. Having a high gloss finish means that the bowl and stand are visually attractive, while also being easy to clean the flecks of dirt and debris that are inevitable on a bathroom counter. It’s a low maintenance option designed with perfect functionality in mind. 

It also comes with a shaving stand and brush. The stand is directly attached to the bowl itself, with three rings to hold your razor. It holds the brush directly over the bowl, so even though this bowl doesn’t have its own lid you don’t have to worry about unsightly soap peaking out from the bottom. 

The wooden handle on the brush itself adds some warmth to this set, making it look and feel luxurious even as it focuses on function. The handle is well shaped, comfortable in hand, and beautiful on the stand. 

The brush also features synthetic bristles, which means they are durable and long-lasting. They also will resist picking up unpleasant scents the way animal product options can. Additionally, these are quick-drying bristles, making this a great brush for traveling as well as home use. 


Handmade Blue Pottery Shaving Bowl by Jay’s Clay

Handmade Blue Pottery Shaving Bowl by Jay’s Clay

This next option is more of a statement piece. This ceramic bowl is a perfect option for anyone who cares about skilled craftsmanship, luxury, and standing out from the crowd. 

The blue option is amazing because it’s a bright pop of consistent, rich, color is powerful. It stands out, it doesn’t apologize or try to hide. The ceramic bowl also means that this shaving bowl holds heat really well, making for the most comfortable shave experience. 

However, if blue isn’t the right color, or you aren’t looking for quite as much of a statement, Jay’s Clay offers other color options for their shaving bowl. 

Like every bowl on this list, the key feature this bowl offers is that it was designed with its purpose in mind. The swirl on the bottom of each and every bowl helps your soap stick to the bottom. The walls also have hand-pulled indentations that help the soap lather up to that rich texture you want for a perfect shave. 

Plus, for a functional bonus, this is a microwave and dishwasher safe option, which means it’s easy to clean it out between bars of soap. 

This bowl is also an amazing option for patriotic men. Each bowl is handcrafted in Virginia, so when you buy one of these bowls you’re supporting a small business in the United States. 

However, before you buy a ceramic bowl one thing you should consider is durability. Ceramics can hold up to a lot of abuse, but falling off a countertop usually isn’t something they’ll survive. This probably isn’t a great option for over-crowded bathrooms that don’t have a lot of secure counter space for safe storage. 


Charman Shaving Bowl for Men

Charman Shaving Bowl for Men

The Charman shaving bowl is a great understated option for anyone who wants a little bit of a statement, a lot of durability, and a lot of function. 

Being made of granite gives this bowl a little bit of texture which means you’re going to get a great lather every time. Each bowl is hand ground from natural stone, which means that each one is just a tiny bit different. If having something you can truly call unique is important to you, this might just be the perfect option. 

Being made from real stone gives this bowl a hint of luxury without being too much. All three color options will stand out just a little as an attractive addition to your bathroom, but they are masculine and subtle options as opposed to bright colors or attention-grabbing chrome. 

Like ceramic options, granite is also an amazing material for grabbing and holding heat, which means that in addition to amazing lather this bowl delivers the perfect temperature every time as well. Granite also has a bit of a durability edge over ceramic options, while it also won’t appreciate being dropped on the floor, it’s a little more likely to survive the occasional accident or fall. 


Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl

Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl

The Kingsley shave soap bowl is a dark wood bowl with a custom-fitted lid. It’s an attractive looking option that is self-contained and adds a touch of luxury to your shave routine. 

At 4oz weight and a slightly larger than 4in diameter, this is a lightweight option without giving up the width you need to get a good lather from your soap. 

This option is a good medium in pretty much all respects. Adding a lid disguises the soap and gives you a uniformly rich warm look to the bowl. It’s nice and light, so if you prefer to pick up your bowl while you lather this is a great option. Both the weight and the texture of the wood are grip-friendly. 

One downside to wooden bowls is that wood does not pick up or retain heat very well, so soaking the bowl in warm water isn’t really an option for achieving that perfect warm lather. 

Also, as just a fact of the material, wooden shave bowls can warp or crack over time. Often those small imperfections have no impact on the function of the piece, but you should expect to replace wooden bowls occasionally. 

However, wood is a great option for outdoorsmen or wood crafters who can appreciate the beauty of the grain and the color. 


Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

The Shone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl is a wonderful option for function and durability. Steel, while less thermal than ceramic, still holds plenty of heat for a great shave. It’s large enough for most soap bars, which means that you know you can use your favorite brand. Plus, if you still haven’t found quite the right soap stainless is easy to clean between bars so you can switch products and experiment until you find exactly the right soap for you. 

Coming with a lid also means that this shaving bowl protects your soap from bathroom debris while also providing an easy to clean and attractive surface. This may not be a statement bowl that adds to the decoration of the room, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t look good while serving its purpose. 

The Shone bowl’s durability also makes it a great option for crowded spaces. It’s not too large to fit, but not too small to lose functionality. However, the smooth surface does mean that lathering will take a touch longer. 

Beyond that, stainless is also a great option to survive a fall, which means that this is a perfect option for shared bathrooms, especially bathrooms shared with children. The lid protects the soap, while the steel protects everything, so you don’t have to replace your bowl when something happens. 


Supply Marble Shaving Bowl

Supply Marble Shaving Bowl

Marble is another great option when it comes to real stone shaving bowls. The polished surface adds a touch of elegance, while the soft glow of real stone fits in to most bathrooms just as well as stainless. Even though this marble bowl is white it also adds just a touch of warmth to your shaving routine.

Texturally this is an amazing bowl. Smooth on the outside to be comfortable in your hand, the inside has some added micro-ridges to ensure that you can lather your soap quickly and easily. The balance of both adds to your overall experience by providing luxury and function in the same piece. 

Marble is also a good option if you like a warm lather because it naturally retains a lot of heat. Soaking this bowl in warm water is no stress on the material, and it will hold that heat throughout your whole shave. It’s actually a better option in this regard than ceramics because it retains more heat longer. 

Like the granite bowl earlier on this list, marble is a more durable option than ceramics, although more prone to chipping or other damage than steel. It also has the advantage over wood in that it won’t warp or crack from regular use over time. Real stone can be a little heavier though, so this is a good bowl for use at home, but maybe not a great option to travel with you. 


Latherwhip Shaving Bowl

Latherwhip Shaving Bowl

If you’re looking for a sleek, functional, well-designed option, the Latherwhip shaving bowl has you covered. The black glazed ceramic will fit in with most bathroom décor, while the brand name on the side helps identify exactly what this shaving bowl is. It also is the only bowl on this list that has a handle specifically on the bowl for easy maneuverability. 

That apothecary-style handle makes this a great option for men who like to pick up their shave bowl, while the design and shape is somewhere between a modern shave bowl and a traditional shave scuttle. This bowl feels a little old-fashioned, but only in the best possible way. 

This ceramic is also designed to last. Latherwhip specializes in shave equipment for men so they know exactly how to build a masculine shave bowl that’s durable enough to hold up to years of use. 

Plus, being a ceramic bowl this is a shave bowl that can provide that wonderful hot lather with a simple soak in hot water before you begin. The texture on the bottom also helps your soap stick for ease of use.

This bowl is less decorative than some of the others on this list, but it does proudly announce that it’s owner is a man who takes pride in himself, who takes care of himself, and how knows exactly how to look his best. 


Amazing Safety Razor Shave Kit

Amazing Safety Razor Shave Kit

This last option is a full kit rather than just a bowl. The bowl is amazing, but this option is great for someone looking to replace their shave kit, or who have thought about switching over to a safety razor but hasn’t yet taken that first step. This kit is a great gift for yourself or the important men in your life. 

Everything but the soap itself is included in this kit, which means that you can go with an old favorite, or find the one new soap know will be the best option for you. 

The bowl itself is an attractive semi-matte black that is understated without sacrificing beauty. Being monochrome means it will fit in to almost any room. It’s tall Especially since this bowl comes with a razor and brush stand this is a neat way to have a matched masculine set. 

This set also comes with a matching black-handled synthetic bristle brush. The brush will give you a fantastic lather, while the synthetic bristles avoid allergy issues and unpleasant scent. 

The razor means that you can get a complete kit in one go, or as a backup option for an existing favorite razor for men who are upgrading an existing setup. The handle is designed for extra grip which means it offers the perfect control for beginners just getting used to this style of razor, and for men who work with their hands and can appreciate some extra texture and maneuverability. 

Plus, as an added bonus, this set comes with replacement blades for the razor. That means when you buy this kit you’re getting everything you need for many uses.