The 8 Best Safety Glasses

Buying Guides By James 

The 8 Best Safety Glasses

Buying Guides By James 
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In the workplace, eye injuries are common. In fact, according to the NIOSH, about 2,000 workers every day are obtaining an eye injury. However, with safety glasses and proper eye protection, this does not have to be you.

Many people are experiencing eye injuries because they are not wearing eye protection or they are not wearing the right kind of protection. The most common eye injuries are chemicals, cuts, scrapes, and foreign objects in the eye.

Potential eye hazards that could be avoided by using safety glasses are going to be projectiles, radiation, chemicals, and bloodborne pathogens. Keep in mind that some safety glasses are going to be better than others and some are better for certain jobs than others.

However, with that being said, eye injuries are avoided by wearing safety glasses. Safety glasses are designed to help protect an individual’s eyes from anything that may be flying around or that could potentially harm the eye.

Here are the 8 best safety glasses and goggles.


Clear Safety Goggle – DEWALT DPG82/11CTR- No Fog

Clear Safety Goggle – DEWALT DPG8211CTR- No Fog

Safety goggles with the anti-fog feature can be a great thing to have. This is a great option for anyone looking for reliable and durable eye protection.

DEWALT is a trusted brand that offers great products. It has many products sent out daily. Plus, these safety goggles protect the front and the side. These goggles provide a feature that allows you to adjust them to your head for a perfect fit. No more worrying if anything is going to get in-between the non-fitting glasses.

This goggle is going to use a cloth band for the head which is a lot more comfortable compared to most bands that are made of rubber. The anti-fog feature makes it ideal because sometimes in the heat or colder settings the glasses can easily fog up with a person’s breath or changing rooms. These goggles have a ventilation channel that helps with the anti-fog feature.

The lenses are hard-coated which makes it better for protecting your eyes. It also helps reduce scratches which means that the glasses are going to last longer. The goggles fit the face with soft rubber and keeps debris and dust out. Plus, the lenses are easy to replace which makes this a great and long-lasting option.


Clear Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses/ No-Fog- NoCry

Clear Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses No-Fog- NoCry

This brand is a highly recommended brand on the market. It is designed to offer the best protection but also lasts a long time. It is designed to also help protect the eyes from direct threats and peripheral threats.

It has a wraparound design which helps keep debris and dust out from every angle. The glasses help block UV light out as well. In fact, up to 100 percent of the UV radiation is blocked out with these glasses.

The glasses are double-coated to help make them anti-fog, as well as scratch resistant. This also ensures that you are seeing the true picture without any distortions. Plus, these glasses are very comfortable. It is very comfortable because it has an adjustable nose piece and adjustable ear pieces. These glasses are also very lightweight and ensure comfort for hours.

These glasses are best used in all types of areas. Woodworking, metalwork, and even dental work all can use these glasses to help protect their eyes.


6980 Safety Glasses- Gateway Safety

6980 Safety Glasses- Gateway Safety

These safety glasses are going to be the best option for those who wear prescription glasses daily. These are built to protect your eyes and protect your glasses as well. This means that there is no need to purchase a special pair of prescription glasses for work. These safety glasses are specifically designed to fit all shapes and sizes of prescription glasses. Plus, they are designed to be comfortable over the prescription glasses.

These safety glasses feature flexible tips which means less of a chance of pinching behind a person’s ears. These are designed to be lightweight as well. The glasses meet all the standards, as well as regulations, by the ANSI. They also do not distort any vision which makes it better to use.

These glasses provide a customized fit. It has adjustable length by the temples and it is a great option for those working inside and outside. These glasses are designed to offer more protection than needed so it can be used for any type of job.

There is a small downfall to these glasses. These glasses are more prone to scratches because they do not have a coated lens. However, besides that, they are a great option.


Clear Safety Glasse – DEWALT DPG55/11C – No Fog

Clear Safety Glasse - DEWALT DPG5511C - No Fog

These glasses are clear, as well as anti-fog. This is why so many people are attracted to them. It exceeds the standards that are set by ANSI and it exceeds ballistic standards as well. This means that your eyes are going to be very well protected.

One of the top priorities of these glasses is comfort. It has adjustable temples and rubber around the frame to help keep you comfortable after wearing for several hours. Not to mention, it offers supreme protection because it has a telescoping temple and even an adjustable ratchet.

It not only is comfortable; it also guarantees a secure fit. This is because of the rubber temples. It helps resist impact and is tough. The lens is constructed and made of a polycarbonate material which helps aid in preventing distortion and fog. Not to mention, this material is clear and easy to see out of.

Additional protection, as well as comfort, is provided by the cushioned brow that is on these glasses. It allows you to see easily even if you are sweating.

There is only one small downfall and that is that the places where the glasses adjust feel flimsy. They are not as strong or as durable as some of the other options.


Over-Glasses Safety Glasses- NoCry

Over-Glasses Safety Glasses- NoCry

These safety glasses are going to be wraparound lenses with an anti-scratch feature. You are able to wear these safety glasses over your prescription glasses with comfort. You do not have to purchase special prescription glasses for work any longer.

These safety glasses not only protect your eyes but protect your normal everyday glasses as well. These glasses are going to fit very comfortably over the prescription glasses. In fact, these glasses are designed to fit most prescription reading glasses and glasses that are available on the market today.

These safety glasses are designed to protect not only from direct harm but also peripheral harm. The lenses are made of scratch-resistant material that is made of polycarbonate. This material is used in the wraparound lenses. Plus, these glasses do not distort your vision or cause issues with seeing because the lenses are clear.

You are still able to see colors, lines, and your work with ease and comfort. The arms of these glasses are padded and adjustable so that they can fit many people. There are soft tips on the end of the glasses to help ensure there is no pressure behind the ears to ensure pinching doesn’t happen.


Classic Safety Glasses- Magid

Classic Safety Glasses- Magid

These are a stylish and effective pair of safety glasses. These are not going to disappoint you. It fits the needs of people who want stylish safety glasses options. It helps protect the eyes and still allow you to see your peripherals clearly.

These glasses are going to provide a sense of classic style and protection. You can add additional side shields to add more protection. These glasses are scratch resistant because they are made from polycarbonate that is hard-coated.

You can purchase the lenses in either grey or clear. They are going to provide long-lasting protection and comfort. The frame is made of black nylon and has grey temple pads. Plus, it is easy to clean and the lenses are harder to smudge.

The only drawback is that it does not fit in just any case because of the side shields. However, it is important to have these side shields to ensure that your peripherals are protected as well as your direct sight line.


Safety Glasses Protective – JORESTECH

Safety Glasses Protective - JORESTECH

This pair of safety glasses is very versatile and has many uses. It can be useful in many industries including; landscaping, industrial safety, sports, boating, laboratory, arts and crafts, dental, construction, painting, carpentry, and more. It is going to cover a lot of work environments which makes it very useful for people who are doing different types of work. Plus, these glasses are going to have high resiliency and they are scratch-resistant.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate material. This makes the glasses lightweight and they are less likely to become foggy. Plus, polycarbonate is less likely to shatter as easily than other materials. This means these are impact-resistant. This is good for people who are exposed to chemicals and flying particles often. Plus, these glasses help protect the eyes from ultra-violet radiation.

These glasses are also able to be purchased in different tints. Clear, yellow, and smoke are the different tints available. It has a rimless design and is lightweight which helps keep the item fashionable yet practical.


Reinforcer Safety Glasses- DEWALT DPG59/120C – Rx-Bifocal

Reinforcer Safety Glasses- DEWALT DPG59120C - Rx-Bifocal

This brand is a very durable and trusted brand that has made the list a few times. This is because it offers a great sense of protection. This specific pair of glasses is going to provide a person with safety glasses and reading glasses all in one.

These glasses are designed to be comfortable for the entirety of you wearing them. They feature a no-slip nosepiece that is made of soft rubber for maximum comfort. The glasses protect your eyes from ultra-violet radiation.

These particular glasses provide a secure grip because it has an ergonomically designed and positioned handgrip pattern that lies on the temple. These lenses do not cause distortion which makes them nicer to wear because you are less fatigued at the end of the day.

These glasses can be worn every day because they are designed for comfort and practicality. These lenses are not easily able to be scratched and are ideal for close-up work because of the bifocal on the lower portion.


What to Look for When Buying Safety Glasses

The most common work injury is eye-related. However, many of the eye related injuries can be prevented by using proper safety glasses. Many people do not know what they should look for in eye protection. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind if you are wanting and needing to purchase eyewear protection.

Know Your Workplace’s Eye Safety Hazards

The first thing that you should be aware of is what your encounter at your workplace and why you need these glasses. There is a general list of hazards that may occur at a workplace.

  • Mechanical- This hazard is going to be because of machines and tools that are generating particles that could fly into the eye and the cornea which could cause serious injury.
  • Radiation- Ultra-violet radiation and visible light that can come from welding or other jobs are going to be a hazard because different light sources can affect the eye and cause injury.
  • Temperature- This could come from metal splashes, intense heat, radiation, hot liquids, and other temperature-related options.
  • Chemical- This is going to include the basic dust, gas, liquid, and any chemicals that you may be working with that could splash into the eye.

Understand the Types of Lens Material and Safety Glasses

Once you know why you need the glasses, you need to know the different type of glasses available to protect your eyes. There are two general categories of glasses which is safety glasses and safety goggles.

Both of these are going to protect your eyes from injuries. It is going to depend on the lens material as to how protected you are. You should try to find a lens made of polycarbonate, polyurethane, or acrylic. These are the most durable lenses you can buy.


Now you are educated and it comes down to what you prefer. There are a few factors that can influence your purchasing decision.

  • Coating of the Lens

This is going to help improve functionality for both prescription and nonprescription glasses. These coatings could include anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings. You may find that some coatings are needed more than others depending on your workplace.

  • Lens Tint

This is going to come in handy if you work in an environment where there is radiation risk. Grey/green can help prevent stress on the eye and protect your eyes from UV radiation. However, there are many different tints available.

  • Prescription Glasses for Safety

If you have impaired vision and need safety glasses, there are many options. You can purchase prescription safety glasses or purchase goggles that go over your glasses.

  • Comfort/Design

The last thing is almost the biggest section for people. You want to have glasses that you can wear all day without them hurting behind your ears or near your temples. Your glasses should be lightweight and ergonomically designed.