The 30 Best Rustic Home Décor Ideas

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The 30 Best Rustic Home Décor Ideas

Home By James 
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Whether you live out in the country or in the middle of the big city, you want a home that is warm and inviting. One of the latest trends in home décor is to have rustic decorative elements to give your home a country lived in feel.

1. Trough Flower Décor

This long trough is perfect for displaying flowers across a large dining room table.


2. Rope Towel Holder

A simple way to add a rustic touch to your home is with a rope, some eye hooks, and a wood board. You can make it any size you need for the towels you want to hang.

3. Reclaimed Wood and Vintage Furniture

This beautiful room has a rustic but elegant feel with reclaimed wood floors and doors with 18th and 19th-century furniture.

4. Stone Sink

It doesn’t get much more rustic than this custom-made stone sink.

5. Barn Wood Door

Barnwood is always an easy way to add a rustic charm to your home. This barn wood door looks stunning with the vintage furniture and antique birdhouse.


6. Open Kitchen Cabinet

Made from pallet wood this open kitchen cabinet with glass charms adds country flair to even the most modern kitchen.

7. Floor to Ceiling Bookshelf

This massive bookshelf commands the room and draws the eye up to the gorgeous reclaimed wood ceiling.

8. Wood Shelf

This beautiful wood shelf can be made from any wood and stained to the perfect color or it can be made from reclaimed wood for a more authentic feel.

9. Crates Side Table

Rustic, cheap and full of storage! You can’t go wrong with this adorable side table.


10. Rake Wine Glass Holder

Pair the country with the classy by using an old rake (a clean rake) for a way to store wine glasses in your kitchen.

11. Exposed Wood

If you live in an older home then one way to bring a rustic feel is to expose some of the wood to let the history of the house shine.

12. Wood Headboard

This wood headboard is elegant and charming. The reclaimed wood and old light fixtures are a calming combination.


13. Exposed Beam Shelves

The rich wood beams are perfect for displaying photos or small knick-knacks.


14. Horse Stall Doors

Barnwood doors are quite popular for bringing country charm but this home goes a bit further by repurposing doors from old horse stalls.


15. Spool Hallway Table

Cutting an oversized old spool in half creates this adorable hallway table. The best part is that one spool makes two tables!


16. Rope Wrapped Cabinet Handles

This simple trick is perfect for rustic kitchens or bathrooms. Just some cheap twine or thin rope wrapped around wrought iron handles.


17. Rustic Laundry Room

This laundry room uses old wood to create an old feel and the wicker laundry basket adds to the rustic charm. Even with modern appliances this room still feels like old world country.


18. Stump Table

Nothing brings the charm of the country into the home than bringing the country into the home with this large wood stump table.


19. Wood Crate Shelf

This shelf is unique and has a variety of sizes and shapes to fit all your books and knick-knacks.


20. Wood Post Shelves

These wood shelves are made from just cutting squares from a wood post. A little stain and some nails and you have unique shelves for small items or frames.


21. Rope Hanging Storage

This adorable hanging storage solution is great for any room and it can match with any rustic décor.


22. Hanging Door

For a new way to hang a door and display a mirror consider this option. An old wood door is perfect for adding a sense of country to a room and the addition of a mirror makes the room seem bigger.


23. Driftwood Mirror

For rustic and beachy charm this DIY mirror is a fun and easy decorative addition to any room.


24. Cube Light

This industrial style light is softened by the country style lights within the cube. It is a great way to bring light into your dining room.


25. Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason jars always bring memories of homemade jams and the warmth of living in the country. Now they can bring a new style of warmth and comfort to your home as candle holders.


26. Sliced Branches Mirror

This mirror is breathtaking and brings the woods into the home with dozens of wood slices taken from a variety of different branches.


27. Family Wall Décor

This rustic painted wall décor is filled with love as it tells the family story on chalkboard squares. Burlap sections allow for pictures and notes to be added and a wreath in the center pulls it all together.


28. Note Board

Any stained wood or even reclaimed wood can be used for this simple and charming note board. Just wrap twine tightly around the board and secure for a place to slip all your important notes and photos.


29. Ladder Shelf

An old ladder can make the perfect shelf in a laundry room or bathroom where space is a premium.


30. Crochet Tablecloth

Nothing says country quite like handmade items. A delicately crocheted tablecloth definitely ties this country-style dining room together.