The 35 Best Repurposed Old Window Ideas and Designs

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The 35 Best Repurposed Old Window Ideas and Designs

Home By James 
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When you see an old window frame, your first instinct might be to categorize it as recyclable and head to your local recycle center to drop it off forever. But before you get rid of old windows, consider all the ways you can repurpose the wooden item! Not everything that looks worn and torn is worthy of being forgotten about and thrown away. You’d be surprised by all the ways you can repurpose an old window. Here are thirty-five of the best repurposed old window ideas and designs for you to try!

1. Old Windows as Dividing Partitions between Rooms in Your House


Some floor plans don’t involve a lot of walls in between different rooms. If that bothers you and you are looking to install dividers between rooms throughout your house, you might want to consider repurposing old windows for your partitions! Suspending them from the ceiling is an additional idea for you to incorporate a unique way of reusing old windows in your home.

2. Construct a Wooden Box and Light Bars for Added Home Decor


How adorable and creative is this sandbox idea?! This example of how to repurpose an old window happens to be bolted to the wall, but you are free to place your sandbox anywhere. It’s the perfect idea for decor for parties with a beach theme, or for a beach house, or for any occasion, really. Add light bars to the inside of your old window sandbox to illuminate the contents inside and really let your creativity glow!

3. When Windows Meet Brick


Do you have a house made out of brick? If so, this repurposing idea is ideal for you! There are so many different ways to spruce up the entrance to your home, but a lot of those ideas involve welcome mats or flower pots lining the walkway. If you want to take a more original approach to your home’s front door, consider hanging an old window frame near the door and decorating the frame with succulents, wreaths, or any other floral accent.

4. Build an Office Cork Board from an Old Window


Who doesn’t love cork boards? They are so essential for office spaces and busy households alike. Sticky notes are an absolute must for people who need to leave reminders for themselves, but it’s hard to keep track of them all. A cork board made out of an old window frame is the best resolution for people who need somewhere to keep all of their reminders! Sticky notes are just one of many ideas, but no matter what you decide to hang on your old window cork board, be sure that you leave a few tacks on the cork! You never know when they will come in handy.

5. Use an Old Window as a Table Top for a DIY Coffee Table


How innovative is this coffee table idea? The best part about it is that it’s a DIY project, so you can exert all of your do-it-yourself creativity into this idea and repurpose an old window at the same time. Something really fascinating about using an old window as your coffee table’s table top is that you can see right through the glass. This is such a fun way of showcasing things you love without taking up space on top of the coffee table. Instead, you have a crafty and personalized coffee table that still has plenty of room for snacks, drinks, and magazines galore!

6. Old Windows Transformed into Hallway Wall Mirrors


Who doesn’t need a mirror in their hallway? Let’s be honest here. It’s so helpful to have a mirror near the front door so that you can make sure your outfit is put together and your hair looks great before you step outside. Sure, you could make a pit stop in the bathroom and check your appearance there before you leave, but that isn’t as natural as walking past a hallway mirror on your way out of the door. Use an old window frame as part of your hallway mirror for an aesthetic you’ll adore.

7. An Old Window as a Towel Rack for Your Bathroom


Towel racks are a must in bathrooms. Have you ever showered in a bathroom that didn’t have anywhere for you to hang up your towel? In theory, you can use the shower curtain rod, but then again, you run the risk of dampening your clean towel with dirty water. If your bathroom is in dire need of some towel racks, consider transforming an old window into a place to attach a towel rack. Check out the mason jars holding cotton balls and cotton swabs, too! Talk about multi-purpose.

8. Use a Window as the Backing of a Small Garden


Do you have a garden in your front yard? Or maybe you have one behind your house…Either way, old window frames make excellent backings to gardens of any and all sizes. This is especially true if your garden contains vines. Instead of finding yourself frustrated with plants that wrap themselves around your house, place an old window near your plants for an intentional garden design that your neighbors will admire and ogle at from afar. You can also use an old window as the base for the flower bed of small budding flowers.

9. Bathroom Mirrors Made From Old Windows


Old window frames make for some of the most attractive bathroom mirrors. You would think that a window would make it hard to see yourself due to the way the grilles of the casing cross over the reflective glass of your mirror, but this is actually not the case! The old window adds to the style of your bathroom mirror, especially if you have a farmhouse theme or rustic vibe going on in your home.

10. Keep Your In-Home Fires Contained with a Fireplace Screen Made from Old Windows


Fireplaces are one of the best attributes that any home could possibly have. The one thing that they pose is a slight sense of danger. If you don’t have a screen for your fireplace, you run the risk of a flame or two potentially escaping from within the fireplace. That’s a scary possibility to think about, but you can keep that nightmare from happening by designing a fireplace screen made from an old window frame, like the one shown in the picture above!

11. Repurpose a Worn and Torn Window as a Chalkboard


Do you ever find yourself needing to write something down but not having a pen and paper nearby? It’s so aggravating because you don’t want to forget what is on your mind, but there’s also nothing around you that you can use to document the thought. That is…not until now. Check out this chalkboard made from an old and repurposed window frame. Talk about ingenious. You’ll never worry about forgetting something important again. Just make sure you have chalk near the board at all times.

12. Build a Fence out of Old Windows


Who would have thought that an old window would make for the perfect outdoor fence?! Not us. If you lay an already elongated window frame on its side, you’ll find that it is the perfect height for a fence in your yard. Keep the glass in the frame for a fence that’ll keep wild animals out of your vegetable garden, for instance.

13. Monogram Windows on Your Bedroom Wall


Hang the first letter of your name against an old window for a cute and very artsy way of personalizing any space in your house! It makes the most sense to hang a monogrammed window frame in or near your bedroom, but it’s totally up to you. Make one for your significant other for a heartwarming couple moment.

14. An Indoor Window against the Wall for Unique Art



Hang an old window against the wall for no other reason than to spruce up your living room walls! You can take this idea in any direction you choose. If you have a plain, neutral-colored wall in your living room, you could paint a window frame some wild color and make a statement. Or, you could hang an old window that complements your current wallpaper situation. Show off your artistic side with this idea!

15. Frame an Ancient Map with an Old Window


Old maps are some of the neatest pieces of history that we can tangibly hold onto, but the one downside of paper maps is that they age with time. They begin to crumble, and the older a map is, the more likely it is to succumb to damage. Prevent your maps from coming into contact with liquids or from falling apart naturally by framing an ancient map with a refurbished and repurposed window frame.  

16. Use an Old Window as a Frame for Wall Art

Wall art looks fantastic on its own, especially when your wall art spells out a quote or a phrase that is important to you. However, if your wall art is the same color as your actual walls, it can be hard to distinguish between the art and the paint. Use an old window frame to highlight the difference between the two and make your wall art stand out from the background!

17. Standing Cabinets DIY with Large Windows


You would probably never think of a window as being the base of a cabinet in your house, but then again, anything’s possible if you just believe. Take this repurposed old window idea for example. If you pause for a moment and consider this DIY idea, you will realize just how smart it actually is! The glass of windows is already transparent so you can see through the windows and peer into the inside of your old window cabinet with ease.

18. A Greenhouse in Your Own Backyard



Greenhouses are excellent for the environment, and they are also great for beautifying your backyard. They can be extremely costly to build, let alone install a professionally-made greenhouse, so that can be quite a deterrent for many people. But like nearly every DIY project, doing something yourself is far cheaper than seeking the help of people who specialize in a trade. Rather than contracting someone to build a greenhouse for you, construct one on your own by repurposing an old window.

19. Take a Segment of an Old Window and Use it for Coat Hangers in Your Entryway


Coat hangers make your house more practical. When you run out of space to hang your clothes, they either end up on the floor, back in the hamper, or crumpled up in your closet. None of these outcomes are ideal, so making sure you have plenty of room to hang your clothing items is something you’ll thank yourself for down the road. Old windows make for excellent coat racks, but don’t let the idea fool you. It’s well-suited for any type of clothing that you need to hang — not just coats!

20. Take a Window Frame and Transform it into a Picture Frame


Wedding photographs are images that you cherish for the rest of your life. Placing them in picture frames is a promising way of preventing damage of any kind. But sometimes, it can be rather boring to have simple black photo frames, especially when you are framing something as special as a wedding photo. Repurpose an old window as your wedding picture frame. The look is even more enchanting and powerful when your photo is in black and white.

21. Pair Calligraphy Wall Art with Window Frames and Panes


The window frame isn’t the only part of a window that you can repurpose. You can add a more realistic touch to a window frame in your home by pairing it with window panes or shutters. Fill the space where the window glass is with a print of your favorite quote, or a pattern created with calligraphy.

22. Keep Your Jewelry In One Place with an Old Window Jewelry Holder


Jewelry is so much fun to own, but it’s equally as annoying to keep from becoming one giant ball of sterling silver. One of the hardest things to ever attempt is untangling a handful of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and the occasional dangly earring. Save yourself the hassle by repurposing an old window frame as a jewelry holder. Your life will improve overnight with this DIY idea.

23. Make Your Art Stand Out with a Repurposed Window Frame


A really neat idea for artists of all styles is to take a piece of art that you’re most proud of and place it right in the middle of an old window frame. The rustic, worn, and dilapidated state of the window frame will make your art pop. Place it front and center atop a fireplace or prominent piece of furniture. It’ll surely draw everyone’s eyes to your art whenever they enter the room!

24. Windows Make Great Doors for DIY Bathroom Cabinetry


This repurposed old window idea is essential for anyone looking to renovate the look of their bathroom. Something a lot of bathrooms struggle to provide is ample storage space, and it can be really frustrating for people who have a lot of toiletries and supplies that they want to store in the bathroom. If you are in dire need of more space for all of your items, build a DIY cabinet in your bathroom by using wood and an old window frame.

25. Use an Old Window as Bedroom Decor


The wall space right above your dresser is a prime place for art of all kinds. If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect addition to your bedroom wall, let us solve the problem for you! Take an old window frame and hang it from your wall for a gorgeous, rustic centerpiece above your dresser. As you can see in the photograph, a casual spiral of green fake flowers accentuates the natural beauty of a wooden window frame, but you can really put anything on the window! They go well with just about anything you could possibly think of.

26. Repurpose Worn Windows as Part of a Kitchen Island


Take advantage of the cut-outs of your kitchen island by attaching old window frames. You can use the area for shelving, and they make for the perfect place to put your recipe books and cooking supplies. This idea for an old window will also help to keep the counter of your kitchen island clear and free from clutter so you can take full advantage of the space while cooking and baking! Talk about a win-win situation.

27. Put a Wreath on Display with the Help of an Old Window


Wreaths are often associated with winter and the Christmas season, but they are also a year round decor option. These circular bundles of green joy go well with environments that already have a lot of indoor plants and succulents in the space. If you are looking to enhance the natural elements in your house, then this repurposed old window idea is meant for you.

28. Windows as Outdoor Pot Holders for Hanging Plants


Potted plants can be placed on the ground with ease, but if you have pets that like to run around like crazy, your best bet is to hang your potted plants instead of leaving them in harm’s way. You can go the traditional route and hang flower pots from the edges of your roof, but if that’s too much of an ordeal for you, then this is the DIY project for you. Take an old window frame and hang your plants from a repurposed window for a solution to keeping your potted plants safe!

29. Bring the Colors of Your Living Room Together with an Old Window Frame


It can be hard to design the interior of a house in a way that makes sense. This is especially true if you have a lot of colors going on in your home. Wall art is a brilliant way to tie everything together, though, and one of the easiest ways of doing so is with the help of old window frames. If you want, you can even paint the frame of an old window to perfectly match the colors you have in the room already!

30. Create Your Own Festive Decorations with Old Windows


Decorations for special occasions and holidays help to make the atmosphere feel more festive. While decor can be a lot of fun, it’s also up there on the list of expensive items that you will probably only use once or twice. Rather than spending an arm and a leg for festive decor, you should seriously ponder the idea of creating your own! Old window frames can easily be repurposed for the sake of adding festive decor to your home, no matter the holiday, so consider this old window repurposing idea next holiday season!

31. Use Windows to Dedicate a Section of Your Wall to Family Photos


Family photos are probably the most go-to way of decorating the walls in your house. And it’s understandable! What better way of promoting a feeling of love and togetherness than a house full of pictures of your family? If you need some assistance with the creative process of framing family photos, let us introduce you to old windows as frames for your photographs. They compliment photos of all sizes and color schemes, so you’ll find a use for old windows as picture frames, without a doubt.

32. Make a Headboard for Your Mattress Using an Old Window Frame


Is your mattress currently resting on the floor? If so, don’t feel too bad because headboards and bed frames are terribly expensive! If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, why not build a headboard out of an old window frame? Look into DIY projects before judging the idea too harshly. It’s actually one of the best DIY bed headboard ideas out there.

33. Add Hooks and Wiring to a Window for an At-Home Coffee Bar


Coffee bars make waking up in the morning that much more exciting and motivating. When you have a space in your kitchen designated to coffee, the fact that you might need to wake up and start your day as soon as the sun rises is less daunting. In fact, you might just find yourself eager to wake up bright and early with a coffee bar made out of a repurposed window!

34. Stained Glass or Fancy Designs Paired with Old Window Frames


Stained glass windows are absolutely enchanting. They are often associated with fancy and wondrous buildings, like cathedrals or important infrastructures. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stained glass window in your own home! They belong everywhere and anywhere, and if you place a stained glass window made with an old window frame near natural light, you’ll even get to experience a rainbow in your home, too! Nothing compares to this repurposed window frame idea.

35. Channel Your Creativity and Build a Terrarium from Windows


Terrariums are such incredible additions to any outdoor space. If you have a garden or a yard with room for a terrarium, we highly suggest you build one from an old window frame! Bugs will love the space you’ve built for them, and you will fall in love with the beauty that a terrarium made out of a repurposed window brings to your outdoor areas!