The 35 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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The 35 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Home By James 
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An outdoor kitchen can be like an extension of your home. If you live where the climate is welcoming year-round then you may even end up using your outdoor kitchen more than your indoor one. Outdoor kitchens today are so much more than a grill and a sink, you can truly have an outdoor oasis that fits your unique needs. Take a look at some of the extraordinary outdoor kitchens on our list.

1. Anyone Up for Pizza?

If you love pizza then this has to be the outdoor kitchen for you. It not only features a grill and a large island but a wood-burning pizza oven. With plenty of space for all the wood you’ll need for making pizza and plenty of space for entertaining this is an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for any party.

2. Concrete Paradise

While this might not look like much it is actually a very brilliant design. This concrete kitchen is virtually indestructible so you don’t have to worry about putting a roof overhead and its maintenance free. The concrete style makes it completely customizable to your needs, so it can be made to suit your cooking needs and your storage desires.

3. Completely Organized

If you like to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place, then this is the outdoor kitchen for you. Plenty of cool drawer space to keep your ingredients at just the right temperature while leaving plenty of space for prepping and grilling. The overhang and comfy seating allow for comfortable entertaining and a great place to have a meal anytime day or night.

4. Raising the Bar

This wood and metal outdoor kitchen is all about entertaining and is more of a bar than anything else. The great thing about this outdoor kitchen/bar is that the materials are all really affordable and yet sturdy enough to withstand the outdoors. With the mood lighting and roof overheard you can truly feel like you’re the owner of your own bar.

5. Everything You Need

This outdoor kitchen has everything you need to cook an amazing meal. An outdoor sink, refrigerator, grill and plenty of storage for all the ingredients and tools. A wooden pergola adds a bit of shade and ambiance while a comfortable dining set is just waiting to be served a gourmet dinner.

6. Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen

With the decorative accents, this kitchen feels like it’s indoors even when it doesn’t have a complete ceiling. It keeps the kitchen and dining area open to the pool while also keeping it separated. The kitchen has all the amenities you need for cooking an amazing meal and the stone façade gives a rustic but elegant look.

7. All the Comforts of Home

If you want an outdoor kitchen without sacrificing everything you love about your indoor kitchen then this might be the idea for you. Completely covered and complete with comfortable sofas, a fireplace and television you might just forget you’re outside with this kitchen.

8. All it’s Chalked up to be

This outdoor kitchen is perfect for the wannabe chef. With plenty of space for prep and storage, you’ll be able to put out restaurant quality meals. The large chalkboard in the back even lets you write up your menu so that your guests know what to expect or what to order.

9. Rustic Charm

For a kitchen with a more old-fashioned look, there is this rustic kitchen. Built from wood planks that look like reclaimed wood this kitchen has a unique and charming feel. The space for decorative elements and the amount of storage mean that this kitchen is perfect for anyone looking to treat their family to some comfort food.

10. Never Miss a Moment

It can sometimes be rough being the one in charge of the cooking when the game is on. With this kitchen, you never have to worry because with two TVs you can make sure you catch every moment of the big game and keep the burgers from overcooking. Once the game is done celebratory drinks by the firepit is a must.

11. Keep it Fresh

Nothing beats fresh cooking and in this kitchen, it doesn’t get any fresher. With two fresh herb gardens in the corners of this kitchen, you’ll have the freshest meals in town. Not to mention a natural wood feel and plenty of storage space for all your other fresh ingredients, there’s no beating this outdoor kitchen.

12. Stay Together

Sometimes you can feel separated from your guests even when cooking outside. This kitchen features gorgeous deep granite countertops that allow your guests to sit right at the counter while you cook. This way everyone has the space they need and they get the added entertainment of watching you cook. The natural brick of this kitchen also gives it a very classy feel.

13. Conservatory Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen looks more like a conservatory with the glass archway overhead. This allows your guests to enjoy a bright sunny day or the stars overhead without having to worry about rain. The large dining area means you can serve a feast and have room for everyone. There is even a sitting area with a fireplace so guests can wait with cocktails while dinner is prepared.

14. Indoors or Outdoors

This kitchen looks as much indoors as it is outdoors. Large open windows give the feeling of being outdoors while the gorgeous wood roof encloses the space just enough. All of the natural stone and wood used in the space provide a rather rustic lodge sort of feel and space for dining right by the kitchen means that cooking doesn’t keep you from your guests.

15. Modern Lines

This outdoor kitchen features clean lines and lots of ambient light for a truly modern look. The pergola above offers some protection while still offering glimpses of the stars. Rows of planters make this small backyard look big and offer just a touch of the outdoors.

16. Pool Bar

This is a great option for families who want to be able to cook dinner while keeping an eye on the kids in the pool. The dual layer countertop allows for guests to sit at barstools while allowing you to have plenty of counter space for cooking. A great way to keep everyone together for a backyard barbeque.

17. Great Room Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen looks like the great room of a lodge with a large stone fireplace. Two long rows of counters give ample space for storage and cooking, though you might bump into your guests walking back and forth. Large comfy chairs provide perfect viewing of the TV or the roaring fire. The ceiling and fans make sure that this outdoor kitchen can be put to use no matter the weather.

18. Spacious Country Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen might not have a lot of space for cooking but it has plenty of space for anything you might want to have on hand. Large country cottage style cabinets line the wall and lead up to a full-size refrigerator. The black paneling and rustic lights provide a modern touch but with a still old-fashioned feel.

19. Copper Elegance

The copper vent over this grill makes this outdoor kitchen look fancy enough to be inside a real restaurant. The roof overhead protects the grill master while seating at the bar allow for guests to sit and visit with the chef. The brick of the kitchen matches the brick of the home and ties everything together perfectly.

20. The Entertainment Kitchen

This kitchen is all about keeping the guests together with the chef and giving them the best in entertainment. The flat screen TV is built into the kitchen and comes with a superior sound system. There are also multiple cooking appliances to work with and the dining table is right in the middle of the kitchen so no one has to travel far for great food and great entertainment.

21. Reclaimed Kitchen

This kitchen is one to behold with a variety of colors and textures. What really makes it special is that the entire thing, from the cabinets to the counters to the wall, is made from reclaimed wood. This is a great way to make something that has lots of character and puts wood that is still good to use. This kitchen can also double as a bar with plenty of space for entertaining guests.

22. Vintage Chic

This kitchen is all about a rustic old-fashioned appeal. Reclaimed wood provides the framework while corrugated tin provides the roof. The bar style kitchen features seating for guests but there is also plenty of cozy seats by the fire as well. The look is finished off with vintage appliances that make this kitchen pop.

23. Small but Functional

This kitchen proves that even with a smaller space a great kitchen can still come together. For this kitchen, it is all in the details from the gorgeous granite countertops to the intricate tile backsplash to the vent hood over the smoker. There is plenty here for cooking and even a flat screen TV above the grill for entertaining.

24. Mirror Image

This outdoor kitchen looks identical to the kitchen just inside the house. This is one way to have everything you need for your outdoor kitchen close at hand, just attach it to your normal kitchen. With the patio doors fully open this becomes one massive kitchen that lets you access everything you need seamlessly while still being close to your guests.

25. Beer On Hand

This kitchen is great for anyone that wants to make sure they always have easy access to their beverages. With two drink coolers and a large refrigerator for other essentials you never have to worry about getting thirsty while cooking. The bar around the kitchen means that you can play bar tender to the guests and always have room for everyone’s favorite drink.

26. Laid Back Kitchen

This kitchen is all about cooking and then getting that chance to relax, or just letting the guests relax while you cook. The two lounge chairs are located just under the fan and the modern hanging lights. With everything close at hand and just enough counter space, this kitchen has just what you need to get the job done so you can lounge the night away.

27. Just Swinging Around

Add a little fun to your outdoor kitchen with swings instead of barstools. Let your guests hang around while you prepare them an amazing meal in this tidy little kitchen or serve them drinks. You just might want to make sure they don’t drink too much or they’ll have a hard time staying on their seats. Wood and corrugated tin make this an affordable addition to any home.

28. Sleek and Smooth

This kitchen is so smooth and shiny that it just looks clean and modern. The smooth stone countertops and cabinets perfectly match the table in the center of the kitchen. The metal appliances almost blend right in. A full-sized fridge provides plenty of storage and the wood frame offers just a touch of warmth to a kitchen that might otherwise feel cold.

29. Kitchen Lagoon

This gorgeous kitchen pulls out all the stops to have everything you need while still having a unique twist. The curved design of the kitchen mimics the lagoon style pool and means there is plenty of space for everyone. A wide range of stones give a very natural feel to the kitchen that makes it look like it was carved out of the stone underneath a waterfall.

30. Barn Door Kitchen

This kitchen is unique in that you can hide it away whenever you don’t want it to be seen or be subjected to the elements. Two large doors on rollers allow the kitchen to be completely hidden from view and when opened, the barn doors add a unique design element. With a full sized fridge, storage space and a large grill this kitchen proves you don’t need a large space to have everything you need.

31. Going in Circles

What sets this outdoor kitchen apart from any other is the circular cooktop. It becomes a focal point of this stunning kitchen and definitely something of a conversation piece. The modern style vent hood and other modern appliances make this a top of the line kitchen with everything you need to make a meal just as unique.

32. All About Options

This kitchen has appliances to suit just about anything you want to cook. From a wood burning pizza oven to a state-of-the-art grill to a cooktop large enough for a wok. Whatever you have in mind this kitchen can do it. The natural rough-cut stone gives the kitchen a very old and authentic feel despite the modern appliances.

33. Fire Pit Kitchen

This kitchen is made from beautiful stonework and protected by a wooden roof. Although the wooden roof might seem a bit strange the with attached firepit. Hopefully, those flames don’t get too high! But the addition of a firepit definitely adds some fun ambiance and entertainment to this outdoor kitchen. Perhaps a batch of smores for the perfect dessert.

34. Lounging in the Kitchen

This kitchen is great for entertaining or if you just need to take a load off while something is cooking. Unlike most kitchen setups the couches and TV are right inside the kitchen. There is a bar for serving guests as well so there is room for everyone. The only downside is the grill requires your back to be to the TV but that is just a momentary issue.

35. Metal Perfection

This kitchen is shiny from top to bottom and looks more like something you’d find in a home than outside it. The metal cabinets make up just some of the shine in this full-size kitchen. The white granite finishes off the clean look and makes this look even more like an indoor kitchen. The lack of a traditional grill is unique to this outdoor kitchen as well. If you’re worried about the weather damaging the appliances don’t, there is a drop-down metal gate to protect them.