The 35 Best Outdoor Bar Ideas

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The 35 Best Outdoor Bar Ideas

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There’s nothing better than getting together with friends and enjoying your outdoor patio. The only thing that could be better is having a way to serve up their favorite drinks and easily turn any get-together into an impromptu party. These outdoor bar ideas range from the affordable to the extravagant but all of them are guaranteed to lead to a good time outside.

1. Rustic Chic

This outdoor bar features rustic wood and banister supports. With space for an ice bucket, shelves for cups and a built-in bottle opener, this small bar has everything you need.

2. Bar Shed

If you want to go all out with your outdoor bar and have something that feels more like a pub, this bar is perfect for you. Built into a shed it has plenty of space for storage, is protected from the elements and has a great bar top for socializing with guests.

3. Space for Everyone

This bar has plenty of space for all your friends. Keg bar stools add a unique touch and the corrugated tin roof offers a country feel. The bar even features a television set so you can have your own private bar to watch the big game or whatever else might be on.

4. Gazebo Bar

This small bar is built into a garden gazebo and it is perfect for entertaining. The wrap around bar has space for everyone and the gazebo roof keeps everyone in the shade. Plenty of decorative elements are really what gives this outdoor bar the feeling of being in an actual bar.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Bar

This bar has all the benefits of being out in the fresh air while still having all the benefits of an indoor bar. It is right off the kitchen so you can easily keep all your drink supplies safely stored away from the elements and have a full size fridge, but your guests get to sit outside.

6. Stone Bar

This lovely stone bar looks quite simple and elegant against the red brick house. With plenty of space for barstools and underneath the protective awning, you can throw a great party no matter what the weather.

7. Life of the Party

This bar is perfect for anyone that wants to make a big impression. The large television built into the wall is perfect for the big game or enjoying music with the built-in sound system. The full-size fridge means plenty of space for drinks. All the decorative touches from the tile backsplash to the wrought iron bar stools give this outdoor bar a very elegant feel.

8. Reclaimed Pallet Bar

This simple bar is just the basics that you need to serve your guests some drinks. The best part is that it is affordable made from just reclaimed pallet boards and sheets of corrugated tin.

9. Driftwood Icebox

This is one cooler that stands above the rest. The driftwood bar is actually an icebox allowing you to be able to serve cold beer and drinks just by flipping open the lid. The bar top is spacious enough for all your drink supplies or leave it bare so the larger part of the icebox can also be used and opened.

10. Away From it All Bar

If you want a bar that is a little bit away from the house then this is a great option. Built with a sidewall and roof it has just what you need to be protected from the elements. A TV is perfect for entertainment and the bar is stocked with supplies and a fridge to keep things cold.

11. Tiled Bar

This bar is beautiful with its decorative tile inlay. The tiles and the purple of the bar add for pops of color that make the bar really stand out and have a fun feel. The narrow countertop means you don’t need a lot of space for this bar and it has everything you need.

12. Beachy Bar

This bar looks like something you’d find on a beach but without the crowds. You’ll be able to serve your guests their favorite tropical cocktails and feel like you’re relaxing on the beach without ever leaving home. The wraparound bar gives lots of space for guests and the beachy décor sells the idea of a beachside bar.

13. Pool Bar

This bar is great for an afternoon by the pool. There is the option to enjoy your drinks while sitting in the water or space to sit at the bar outside the pool. Shelves lining the walls show everything that is on offer and a built-in fridge keeps everything cold and fresh.

14. Simple Stone

You don’t always need a big bar to have something special to serve your guests. This simple stone bar has just enough space to set up beer and water and also room for wine and glasses. What more could you really need?

15. Wine Barrel Bar

This bar is great for any wine lover. The bar is made from reclaimed wood attached to two large wine barrels. Simple bar stools make space for everyone and an ice bucket keeps beer cold for those prefer beer over wine.

16. White Stone Bar

This bar is made for entertaining. The white stone looks elegant and regal while blending in with the rest of the yard décor. A sink and refrigerator provide everything needed for serving drinks. The red bar stools provide just a pop of color.

17. Blue Wood Cooler

This DIY project is a raised cooler covered in blue wood. It is great for entertaining poolside or anywhere in your backyard. An attached bottle opener makes things easy and a decorative accent of bottle caps is a personalized touch.

18. Bar Built for Two

This adorable little bar is perfect for any couple. It has just enough space for two wine glasses and a bottle or two of wine. When not in use the bar top just folds right up and keeps everything protected and out of sight.

19. Brick and Tile Bar

This bar is great for being able to serve your guests and enjoy the party yourself. The bar top has space for wine and glasses while the cooler keeps all the beer cold. With everything just sitting out on the bar people can serve themselves and all you have to do is restock!

20. Eat, Relax and Enjoy

This bar is about giving people whatever they want. If they want to sit at the bar there is plenty of space to enjoy a beer and a burger. If they want more comfortable seating there are couches in front of the TV. With a large bar space and a grill, you could have your own pub right in your backyard!

21. Cool and Modern

If you really want to pull out all the stops on your outdoor bar, it doesn’t get much more modern or extravagant than this. The white marble provides a very clean look and the pop of blue adds that modern flair.

22. Wood and White

This bar just looks comfortable to sit at with a drink. The white and wood design is very warm and welcoming. The modern style bar stools are a unique touch and really elevate the bar design.

23. Simple Beige

This bar has just what you need. Plenty of storage and fridge space under the counters for whatever drinks you want to have on hand. The pergola helps keep off the sun which is great during the summer. The beige stone gives the bar a very warm feel to it.

24. Tiki Bar

Who doesn’t love a tiki bar? This simple bar is made from wood and corrugated tin but it is the little touches that really bring home the tiki bar feel. What is better than a tiki totem and some tiki torches? Not to mention the fun sign.

25. Sliding Lid Bar

The great thing about this little icebox bar is that opening it just created more counter space! The top slides open to give access to the cooler while still leaving the top free to serve other drinks or snacks.

26. Full Bar with Swirls

This bar has space for everything including the top shelf liquor! The multiple shelves and space for hanging wine glasses is perfect for an outdoor bar. There is even storage space for wine bottles. This is definitely not a bar for your average beer drinker but rather someone with more expensive tastes.

27. Tiled Bar

What’s great about this simple bar is that you can customize it to suit your style. While this example has midwestern themed tiles you could easily pick something more tropical or Moroccan or modern to suit your own tastes.

28. All About the View

This is a bar that takes advantage of the location. Not only is there a bar top around the serving area but one facing the view as well. The use of marble everywhere is a stunning addition that almost competes with the amazing view.

29. Planter Bar

This bar is unique in that it has space in the center for some plants or other decorative accents. It adds a touch of character that you don’t see in most bars. The stools also store nicely under the countertop so that they are out of the way and protected from the elements when not in use.

30. Elegant Tiki

If you want to raise the bar when it comes to the tiki bar, then this might be the bar for you. Rich wood paneling makes up the bar and wall which is all protected under a full roof. The bar is backlit to show off the amazing artwork that sells the whole tiki idea.

31. Grassy Oasis

This beachy bar seems like something plucked from the islands from the use of beach grass in the decorating. The bamboo lining the bar adds another unique touch and the grill means that some mean burgers are just waiting to be served.

32. Dark Stone and Granite

This bar has a very elegant and formal feel with the dark stone bricks and the dark granite countertops. The wood ceiling adds some much-needed warmth and the red chairs add that pop of color making this bar really come together into something special.

33. Pallet Bar

This bar is made entirely from old wood pallets. It is a great, cheap way to make an outdoor bar out of wood that might otherwise be thrown away. The only thing you need to add is the granite countertop!

34. Truck Bar

This bar stands out from the rest by putting to use the back of an old truck. The shape of the truck bed is perfect for a bar and with a bit of retrofitting it becomes one of the coolest outdoor bars around. It even has a roof to make it a nice shady spot in the woods.

35. Shed Bar

This is yet another bar that comes from a shed. This one has a bar top on two sides and drop grates to protect the open bar from the elements. Being able to completely close in the bar means that you can always have it set up and ready to go.