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Delivered: 50 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

March 12, 2018 By James 

If you’re anything like us, you LOVE subscription boxes.  I mean, what isn’t there to love about these boxes?  It’s like you get a present that you don’t expect every single time they ship a new box out!  

Nowadays, it seems like there’s subscription boxes for everything and everyone — and we’re not complaining!  For those of you who are a bit lost, subscription boxes are boxes that are sent on a schedule (either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly) that have a common theme.  If you’re a bookworm, there are a ton of subscription boxes for your liking!  If you like to cook, there are subscription boxes filled with ingredients, recipes, and inspiration. There’s some for wine lovers, fashion seekers, home updaters and beer drinkers.

Trust us when we say you can definitely find a box you love, regardless of what your hobby is.

However, because there are so many subscription boxes out there in this day and age, we thought it would be handy to put together a little list of the 50 best monthly subscription boxes around.  All of these vary on theme and subject — but all of them are actually so worth it!  

I mean, where else can you get a ton of things you love for one low price a month?  Not many places…

Needless to say, these are the subscription boxes we’ve been drooling over, and we have no qualms that you will too!  To make things easier, we’ve separated this little guide by subject as best we can!  Have fun looking!



Allure Beauty Box (from $15 a month)

From the Allure Magazine creators comes a beauty box like no other.  With high-end brands (skincare and makeup products, mainly), this box well exceeds its value, considering you only pay $15 a month.  The great thing about this beauty box is it includes both travel size and full/deluxe sized products.

This is the best subscription box for:  beauty fans that love a good deal



Bath Bevy (from $37 a month)

If you’re a bath fan, chances are you like your bath to be relaxing and enjoyable.  This subscription box will provide you everything you need monthly, from body brushes and utensils to bath bombs.  And trust us when we say this box comes with it all.  The Bath Bevy team sure know how to make their subscribers happy.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who like a bath after a long day’s work



Beauteque (from $15 a month)

For all K-beauty fans, or for those who have been looking to try K-beauty products but don’t know where to start.  Beauteque sends you a box full of skincare and makeup items, all K-beauty brands.  There’s actually two boxes you can choose from:  either the skincare and makeup box, or a box where you get nine different sheet masks.  Either way, it’s a bargain for only $15 a month.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who want to bring more K-beauty into their lifestyle



Birchbox (from $10 a month)

One of the founding mothers of beauty subscription boxes, Birchbox is still glorious and unstoppable like never before.  For the small price of $10 a month, you’ll get a selection of beauty products shipped to your door.  You’re sure to like most of what you get (if not all) because you fill out a questionnaire upon signing up.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who want to test beauty products before buying the full size



Color Curate (from $20 a month)

For those that like to experiment with a plethora of colors, this makeup and beauty box is just for you!  Each box is full of indie makeup brands that are beloved — and which are also gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan.  

This is the best subscription box for:  makeup lovers that like to be bold while also being environmentally-friendly and health conscious



Dermstore’s BeautyFix (from $25 a month)

We’re not kidding when we say this box is stuffed with products totaling to $100 each and every single time they deliver.  And, with trusted brands like Peter Thomas Roth being a favorite, this box sure does deliver.  They’ll send you everything from cult status favorites to new releases you’ve been dying to try.

This is the best subscription box for:  beauty skincare experts



Glossybox (from $18 a month)

The subscription box that everyone’s been talking about is really as great as they all make it seem.  Plus, the pale pink boxes are just ADORABLE, aren’t they?  The great thing about this subscription box is they really embrace great new brands that are up and coming.  You’ll be able to say you knew about them before they went mainstream!

This is the best subscription box for:  beauty fans that scour for new releases



Ipsy (from $10 a month)

You’ve probably heard of this subscription box, as it’s a fan favorite.  Every month, you get sent a little bag full of beauty products that you’re sure to love.  Chances are, you’ll find at least one favorite in the selective box they’ve sent you.

This is the best subscription box for:  makeup addicts who have a budget



Play! By Sephora (from $10 a month)

Yes, your favorite beauty store has come out with a subscription box.  Yes, it’s fabulous — did you expect any different?  Packed with goodies from top beauty and makeup brands, this box well exceeds $10 a month in overall value.  So the fact that you’re actually getting all of these products for such a low price is really quite astonishing.  

This is the best subscription box for:  beauty fans who want some new top brands to try



Scentbird (from $15 a month)

Looking for a new fragrance to love?  Do you love to change up the perfume you wear on a daily basis?  Scentbird sends you different fragrances every month for you to try.

This is the best subscription box for:  perfume lovers




Bookishly’s Tea and Book Club (from $9 a month)

Love tea?  Love books?  Love vintage books?  The great thing about this subscription box is is comes with tea and a vintage book each month… for only $9.  Talk about a bargain.  It also tends to come with stationary or something cute to add to your tea and reading experience.

This is the best subscription box for:  vintage book readers that like a cup of tea



Coffee and a Classic (from $25 a month)

As the title suggests, this is a subscription box for those who love coffee and classic books.  The novels are always in an adorably vintage-y book cover, making this subscription box a fan favorite on Instagram.  The coffee in this box is always locally sourced, and always amazing.

This is the best subscription box for:  those that like to channel their inner Gilmore Girl



Cozy Reader Club (from $64 a month)

You probably could guess from the title what this subscription box excels in.  Basically, you get a newly released hardcover book (always a plus!), along with some treats, coffee, tea… anything to make you cozy and comfortable.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who like to read and be as cozy as possible   



Hello Book Lover (from $28 a month)

A great subscription box that lets you choose from two new releases a month, which is always great.  You also get some fun little accessories like stickers or pencils to complete the monthly box.  And then, once you’ve read the newly released book, you can go online and add your thoughts and opinions on their online book club!

This is the best subscription box for:  those that like to talk about their latest read



The Nocturnal Reader’s Box (from $35 a month)

For those who like their books a bit spooky, this box always comes with ominous little presents that you’ll sure to love, along with two great yet chilling books.  While this box is definitely not one for those faint of heart, if you love a good read and a spooky time, this one’s for you.

This is the best subscription box for:  those that like to get a bit scared while they read



Owl Crate (from $30 a month)

Love YA books and can’t get enough?  You’ve probably seen Owl Crate on Instagram, as they have quite a big presence there among your favorite bookstagrammers.  This box is worth all the rage though, as it’s actually quite fun.  Each month, there’s a theme that revolves around a book (most of the time, a new release that is making waves).  You’ll get a book each month with some fun accessories that ranges from artwork to jewelry to, sometimes, pop figures!

This is the best subscription box for:  YA book lovers that want a new read



Coffee Crate (from $20 a month)

Calling all coffee lovers!  For those that love coffee — and love high-quality coffee — this is definitely going to be your new favorite subscription box.  All the coffee that they send you monthly is locally grown and as high-quality as they come, which is definitely a deal considering it’s only $20 a month.

This is the best subscription box for:  coffee addicts that like their cup of joe high-quality



Craft Beer Club (from $42 a month)

Love yourself some craft beer?  This subscription box sends you 12 (12!) craft beers a month for only $42.  Plus, you’ll get some handy tools and accessories along with the beers, resulting in quite a fun box if you like to pop open a cold one.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who think beer is much better than wine



Robb Vices (from $90 a month)

If you’re looking to try some new high-end wines but don’t know where to start, this fun subscription box is just up your alleyway.  You’ll get delicious drinks, helpful tools, and different accessories each and every time that you never expect.  A past box had a free voucher for an oyster delivery!

This is the best subscription box for:  top shelf alcohol enthusiasts  



Uncorked (from $30 a month)

The best box for ladies who love their wine.  This box is adorable, and is always full of funny little wine accessories or prints, napkins, or wine-related tools that will make your life more fun and much easier.

This is the best subscription box for:  wine lovers that like people to know their wine lovers




Ivory Clasp (from $45 a month)

Where else can you get a chic high-quality handbag delivered to your door for less than $100?  Less than $50?  Ivory Clasp’s subscription box sends an elegant handbag to your front door every month for $45.  Yep:  $45.  And you don’t even have to leave your house to get it!

This is the best subscription box for:  fashionistas who want to grow their handbag collection



Redbird Vintage Box (from $30 a month)

If you’re a vintage fashion lover, look no further.  The basic box (priced at $30 a month) will give you two vintage items a month, while the higher boxes ($50+) will give you three vintage accessories and clothing items.  It’s a deal, no matter which box you choose.  

This is the best subscription box for:  those who love scouring through thrift shops



Rent the Runway Unlimited (from $139 a month)

Like designer clothes?  Do you avidly watch fashion runway shows, wishing you could have what those gorgeous models are wearing?  Rent the Runway now has a subscription box for those highly fashion forward ladies.  Basically, they send you three items at a time that you can keep until you’re done with them.  You can interchange them at any time, as well.  You rent these three designer pieces for as long as you like, which is kind of cool.

This is the best subscription box for:  high-end fashionistas that long to walk the runway



Stitch Fix (from $20 a month)

Stitch Fix sends you an outfit on sale each month, and you decide which item you want before sending the rest back.  You then pay for what you want to keep.  It’s always fun to see the different items they send you, as it tends to be tailored to your own taste!

This is the best subscription box for:  those fashion forward friends who love sales



Trunk Club (prices vary)

Based off of style, budget, and desires, Trunk Club (which is under the same umbrella as Nordstrom) sends you tailored items that you’re sure to love.  Each box comes with about six to ten items, ranging from accessories to shoes to full blown outfits.  It’s a great deal, and it’s almost like having your very own personal stylist!

This is the best subscription box for:  those who love clothes and love recommendations




Blue Apron (from $60 a month)

You may have heard of these nifty boxes (and this incredible company!) before.  Basically, Blue Apron ships fresh ingredients to your door every month and is AMAZING for beginner cooks and advanced chefs alike.  There are also some demo videos included with your monthly boxes for those beginner chefs that are looking for some tips and tricks to learn.  

This box is ideal for those who love cooking, but just don’t seem to be able to have that natural talent that some chefs do.  Beginners have been flocking to this box because of these demo videos, and it’s well worth the price.

This is the best subscription box for:  people who want to learn to cook



Hello Fresh (from $60 a month)

Another amazing healthy subscription foodie box for you!  Hello Fresh subscription boxes tend to be PACKED, which is always heartening to see as you pay $60 a month for this box.  There are different plans that you can join, depending on your needs and wants.  The great thing about Hello Fresh is it offers a vegetarian meals (minus meat) that is still high in nutrients!  Not a lot of other subscription boxes do this, so they’re top on the list.

This is the best subscription box for:  vegetarians who want the best nutrient meal from one box



Homemade Meals (from $25 a month)

For those who don’t have the time or energy to plan meals, this box may become your new best friend.  Founded and started by Ayesha Curry, this box comes with food and recipes that you’ll love instantly.

This is the best subscription box for:  foodies that don’t have the time to prep or meal plan



Love with Food (from $8 a month)

Love to snack?  This is the box for you.  Every month, you’ll get a box with different type of snacks that you’ve probably never had before.  A lot of them tend to be healthy for you, and there are even different boxes if you’re gluten free!  

This is the best subscription box for:  those who like to snack on new treats



MiamMiam Box (from $11 a month)

For those who long to be French, live in France, or for those who just appreciate French food — this box is for you.  Each month, the box is filled with French snacks and food that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who just love France and French food



Plated (from $48 a month)

This is the best foodie box if you have any dietary restrictions, as they’ll send you a specialized box each and every time.  However, if you don’t have any dietary restrictions, this box is still pretty great.  People who like variations and different recipes will love this one.  You get a full recipe — and dessert!

This is the best subscription box for:  foodies that have dietary restrictions



Try the World (from $29 a month)

If you want to travel the world through food while you stay at home, this is the box that is calling your name.  Try the World sends you a packaged box each month from a different country.  Filled with snacks in a variety of forms (both sweet and salty!), this box will help you try new things, discover food you never knew you liked, and feel like a world traveler all at once.

This is the best subscription box for:  exotic foodies that love/want to travel




Mindfulness Box (from $29 a month)

From crystals, to teas to help calm you, this box is for those that are trying to be as mindful and healthy as possible.  Full of a variety of different products each and every month, this box is sure to be a winner among those trying to bring meditation and mindfulness into their everyday lives.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who like to meditate and be at one with their inner self



Runner Crate (from $19 a month)

Are you a runner?  This subscription box sends you running related items, such as gear, snacks, and a really great running challenge that will keep you motivated even in the most inspirational months.

This is the best subscription box for:  runners and joggers alike



SweatStyle (from $25 a month)

For those that love to hit the gym and get their sweat on, this subscription box sends you adorable workout clothes that will make you feel ready to hit the gym as soon as possible.

This is the best subscription box for:  gym rats



Wellness Tribe (from $40 a month)

For those trying to keep themselves as healthy as possible, Wellness Tribe is there to help you out.  Sending you healthy snacks and products, it’s sure to help you be as healthy as possible for the month.

This is the best subscription box for:  those trying to be as healthy as possible



YogaClub (from $45 a month)

For all those yoga fans out there, this box comes with everything yoga-related.  From activewear to accessories that you’re bound to love, this box is for all those that love a good sweat sesh.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who will always love yoga




Bouqs (from $40 a month)

If you’re one of those homeowners that likes to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in at least one room at all times, you’re probably going to fall in love with this box.  Fresh flowers are sent straight to your doorstep, and all you have to do is decide which room you want them in this month.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who want flowers in their house at all times



The Monthly Burn (from $17 a month)

Calling all candle lovers!  If you’re looking for a way to make your home seem… more homey, try lighting a candle.  In fact, try out this box, which sends you two candles (that tend to be seasonally scented).  It’s a lovely addition to any house, and you’ll be surprised at how much you begin to love and rely on these monthly visits.

This is the best subscription box for:  candle lovers and home interior enthusiasts




Cloth & Paper (from $18 a month)

For those who are stationary obsessed and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  It’s okay to have 10 unopened, unused notebooks laying around… right?  This box, priced at $18 a month, sends you the best stationary materials around.  This box is particularly great for writers, creators, students, or workaholics that always like to have new pens and notebooks to carry around or organize their desk with.  

This is the best subscription box for:  stationary addicts



Fandom of the Month Club (from $13 a month)

Each month, you’ll get a box that has everything you need to love a certain fandom.  From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, each box is different each month.  From jewelry to collectibles, this box is great for those in a fandom — whichever that fandom may be.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who will always be in a fandom, no matter what



Finders Seekers (from $30 a month)

For those that love a bit of mystery, this box is sent in a “mystery” package to your door each month.  Inside are riddles and clues to lead you along with your investigation.  It’s pure fun.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who love mystery movies and Sherlock Holmes



Globe In (from $40 a month)

Love to travel?  Looking for a way to travel and learn more about the world from your house?  The Globe In Box sends you homemade (yes, you heard correctly:  HOMEMADE) items from around the world, along with some lovely goodies and food.

This is the best subscription box for:  travelers abroad and at home



Hygge Box (from $14 a month)

Have you joined the Hygge bandwagon yet?  If you haven’t, check this box out and you’re sure to be a convert.  If you have… well, you’ll probably love this box more than anything else at the moment.  The box varies from month to month, but you could get anything from books, candles, or bath salts to make your life as comfortable and cozy as possible.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who really just want to be comfy



My Geek Box (from $18 a month)

If you love all things considered “geek”, this box will be your dream come true.  Each month, it’s packed full of little items and products revolving around your favorite comics, shows, or movies.  From t-shirts to collectibles, it has it all.

This is the best subscription box for:  Star Wars and Star Trek fans alike — as well as every other “geek” fandom there are



Original Vinyl Records (from $19 a month)

Every month, you’ll get a box of six original vinyl records (not reproduced ones) that are all catered to your tastes and likes.  It’s great, because you’ll get artists you know you like, while also getting records you may have never heard of before, but are similar to your other tastes.  While the records are slightly used (because they’re ORIGINALS), they never skip.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who are hipsters and always listen to vinyls   



Quirky Crate (from $35 a month)

Are you quirky?  Do you love to surround yourself with pastel pink, purple, and blue — and then add some unicorn themed items for the ultimate “quirky” feel?  Well, this box is absolutely that… and then some.  From socks, to phone cases, to pencils, this box has only one theme:  it’s gotta be quirky, and it’s probably gotta be pastel.  

This is the best subscription box for:  those who agree that unicorns are the ultimate animal



Studio Calico Planner Kit (from $20 a month)

Looking for ways to spruce up your journaling or daily planner but don’t know where to start?  Feeling a big envious of all those planner pics you see on Instagram? Studio Calico is here to help!  This subscription box sends you lovely stickers, inserts, and just everything your planner needs to keep you organized and Instagram worthy.

This is the best subscription box for:  those who want their planner to look incredible




Barkbox (from $21 a month)

Why not treat your dog to a subscription box, too?  Barkbox has been making waves in the subscription box industry, mainly become subscribers absolutely love them.  Every month, you’ll get a box of treats and toys that your dog will absolutely love.

This is the best subscription box for:  dog owners that love to spoil their pet



CatLadyBox (from $35 a month)

Kind of like the Barkbox, except for cat owners!  The great thing about this box, and where it differs from Barkbox, is you get items, too!  Filled with items (like prints and collectibles) for you, the subscription box is also full of toys and treats to spoil your cat with.  It’s a win-win, really.

This is the best subscription box for: cat owners or your inner cat lady