The 35 Best Mirror Decoration Ideas

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The 35 Best Mirror Decoration Ideas

Home By James 
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A good mirror can not only be a decorative accent to a room but it can make a room seem larger and brighter. Mirrors are full of character and can match any design style of a room and you will be amazed at how many different options there are.

1. Mirror on Mirror

One way to display a mirror in your home is to double up by putting the mirror in a mirrored frame.

2. Geometric Mirror

This eye-catching mirror catches the light and throws it all over the room. It is unique and perfect for a modern style room.

3. Circle Mirrors

Another modern take on adding mirrors to your home are these large circular mirrors. They are sure to stand out in your bathroom, living room or even your bedroom.

4. Plastic Spoon Mirror

If you want a cheap solution that makes a mirror that looks designer consider this mirror with a frame made out of plastic spoons.

5. Mirrored Tiles

You can make a beautiful design out of mirrored tiles that come together to make a big mirror accent in any room.

6. Giant Frame Mirror

For a big, bold statement you can put a large framed mirror on the floor, the benefit is that the bigger the mirror the bigger the room looks and feels.

7. Crystal Frame

For something elegant and decorative you can put an ornate frame around a simple mirror. This crystal frame catches the light and all the accents sparkle beautifully.

8. Pencil Mirror

From a distance, this looks like a modern yellow circle mirror but up close you can see that this might be a perfect mirror for an educator or writer. The frame is made from pencils!

9. Large Mirror in a Distressed Frame

Mirrors can even add the appearance of space to a country or rustic style home like this standing mirror in a distressed frame.

10. Multiple Mirrors

Some people like to have a wall of photos in different sized frames for a visual element, this idea does the same but with different sized mirrors.

11. Irregularly Shaped Mirrors

If you thought having a circle or oval mirror was unique and modern, check out these abstract shapes. They look like puddles of water on the wall!

12. Mirror Wall

For an elegant look to a dining room, these uniquely shaped mirror tiles are a great choice.

13. Distressed Mirror Wall

For a vintage look to any room, these distressed mirror tiles are something to behold and will definitely be a show stopper.

14. Hand Mirrors

For a mirrored décor that looks like it is part of an art installation, you can simply hang a variety of hand mirrors on the wall.

15. Barnwood Mirror Frame

For a farmhouse look and feel consider a barn wood frame for your mirror.

16. Window Frame

Bring an old window back to life by replacing the window panes with mirrored panes.

17. Colorful Mirror

For something fun and funky consider adding a splash of color to the mirror frame.

18. Lighted Mirror

A great option for darkened areas, hallways or even a bathroom is this lighted mirror. The light around the frame can be bright enough to lighten the room or subtle enough to just be accent lighting.

19. Craftsman Style Mirrors

These mirrors have gorgeous iron accents that make them look like they belong in an old church but they will look stunning in your home.

20. Shabby Chic Mirrors

For an elegant look that is reminiscent of old palaces consider putting a variety of mirrors in large decorative frames.

21. Gothic Mirror Frame

Bring the spirit of old Gothic cathedrals into your home with a mirror in a Gothic style frame.

22. Door Mirror

Put an old door to good use by using it as a mirror frame.

23. Match the Furniture

If you want to pull the whole room together why not have a custom mirror that matches the furniture you already have?

24. Baroque Mirror

This elegant mirror is great for a formal dining room or a living room that you want to add a regal flair to.

25. Large Oversized Mirror and Matching End Table

This is a very unique idea. Get a full-length mirror and then shove it behind your bedroom end table.

26. Mirrored Cabinet and Bronze Sunburst

This dual combo is a great way to make your room seem much bigger with an art deco flair.

27. Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

If you really want to make a small room seem bigger a few oversized mirrors against the wall really does the trick.

28. Circles and Lines

This mirror is beautiful and simple with circle and line accents.

29. Black Accents

Tie the entire living room together by having black accents throughout. This big bold mirror is the focal point of the room.

30. Hallway Mirror

Putting a mirror at the end of a hallway is a great way to make the hallway seem much longer than it is.

31. Criss Crossed Mirror

The criss-cross diamond pattern is found in different ways throughout this living room and the large mirrors are a beautiful touch.

32. Large Mirror Big Room

Mirrors are not just for making small rooms look bigger, they can be their own focal point even in a big room.

33. Black and White

This black and white combo gives a very somber and serious feel to this front entryway.

34. Wood and Mirror Chevron

For a very unique take on mirrored décor, there is this mirror and wood design that alternates between wood panels and mirror tiles.

35. Tiled Wall

Large mirror tiles cover this entire wall for a bold statement that commands the room.