The 35 Best Mailbox Design Ideas

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The 35 Best Mailbox Design Ideas

Home By James 
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Your mailbox can be one of the most mundane aspects of your curb appeal or with just a little bit of work, it can be one of the best. Take a look at these mailbox ideas and get some inspiration for your next home upgrades or projects.

1.  Top and Bottom Planters

One way to make your mailbox stand out is to surround it with flowers. These flowers can easily be changed with the seasons so you never have to stick with the same colors for long.

2. Trellis Mailbox

Another great way to add flowers and colors to your mailbox is with a trellis.

3. Mini House

If you really like the look of your house you can recreate it in miniature and use it as a mailbox.

4. Classic Copper

This vintage looking mailbox is a gorgeous copper color and stands out against the black posts.

5. Stone Mailbox

This stone mailbox has a very old feel to it and is even illuminated from above with an elegant light.

6. Wood Slat Mailbox

This modern style mailbox is a great way to showcase both the mailbox and the home address.

7. Painted Mailbox

One way to add some color and character to your mailbox by hand painting something special on it.

8. Castle Mailbox

A little bit of wood and some creativity can lead to something special like this castle mailbox.

9. Duct Tape Mailbox

For a cheap and easy change to your mailbox pick up some colorful duct tape and make some stripes.

10. Brick Mailbox and Planter

This large mailbox takes up quite a bit of space but it also makes a big impression and it has plenty of room for some colorful plants.

11. Swan Mailbox

This swan mailbox is too cute to resist and it is something you can create on your own with a bit of work or have made to order.

12. Snoopy

Why not have a little fun with your mailbox and bring to life a classic cartoon?

13. Paint and Vinyl

A coat of paint and some custom vinyl can go a long way toward making your mailbox stand out and look unique.

14. Ombre Mailbox

If you want to add just a touch of color and some character to your mailbox, a white post and an ombre design on the mailbox do just the trick.

15. Metal Dog

A bit of work found objects and metal can be put to good work to create this dog mailbox.

16. Robot Mailbox

There’s no better way to give an eclectic feel to your home than with a unique mailbox post or in this case a robot.

17. Rustic Horseshoe Mailbox

This mailbox brings the country to front of your home with horseshoes and a metal basin turned planter.

18. All White and Granite

This mailbox is anything but simple and it presents a very classic look with a white granite post.

19. Stacked Wood Mailbox

This mailbox is simply done but the stacked wood and dark stain give it a very modern look.

20. Wine Barrel Mailbox

This mailbox is perfect for any wine lover. It features a wine barrel and twisting grape vines.

21. Pretty Planters

Planters at the bottom of the mailbox are quite common but next to the mailbox is pretty unique and beautiful!

22. Dragon Topiary

If you have access to someone skilled with topiaries you can turn any mailbox post into something extraordinary.

23. Wood and Stone

This mailbox combines a stone base with a wooden post for a stunning look.

24. Wood and Iron

This mailbox has a very basic wooden post with a dark stain but the iron accents turn it into something unique.

25. Triangle Post with Flowers

This white mailbox has a novel triangle design and the bright blue flowers add a pop of fresh color.

26. Large White Post

This large white post brings to mind classic old homes with its elegant detailing and large mailbox.

27. Stone Pillar

This mailbox features a stone pillar of varying tones that is contrasted against the black of the mailbox and the white of the newspaper holder.

28. Bicycle Mailbox

This mailbox makes use of an old bicycle by using it not only for the mailbox but as a unique planter as well.

29. Mission Style Mailbox

This mailbox lets the wood be the main focus with its gorgeous color and stunning craftsmanship.

30. Birdhouse Mailbox

This mailbox is certainly one for the birds and you might not want to leave it open in case a bird does decide to make it their home.

31. Southwest Style

This mailbox brings the south to the forefront with muted tones, a big wagon wheel and some cactus for flair.

32. Tall Post with Lamp

You can light up your mailbox with this post and lamp combination, helpful if you tend to check your mail at night.

33.  Ladder Mailbox

This mailbox really stands tall with a simple ladder design that is made with two tones of wood for a rich warm look.

34. Stone Cottage Mailbox

This mailbox looks like something out of a fairytale and belonging in front of an old cottage. Instead, it can grace the front of your home.

35. Lighthouse Mailbox

Bring the coast right to your front door with this wooden lighthouse mailbox.