The 30 Best Lawn Edging Ideas for Your Yard

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The 30 Best Lawn Edging Ideas for Your Yard

Home By James 
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One of the most exciting things about being a homeowner is having a lawn to call your own. From planting flowers and trimming overgrown trees, to stepping stones and rock accents, the options are endless. Even if you rent a condo or you’re not the owner of your living space, if you still have a yard, you can still invest in lawn edging and trimming. For ideas on how to spice up your garden and add a personal flare to your outdoor space, view the list below!

1. Grow Flowers around the Base of Trees in Your Yard

One of the most aesthetically pleasing ways of sprucing up your yard is by planting flowers at the base of all the trees in your yard. By digging little holes in the dirt surrounding your trees and placing seeds all around, you’ll have budding flowers in no time. You can take this a step further by putting large rocks and boulders in a circle around all the plants you are growing. It’s the perfect opportunity to add hints and pops of color to your garden.

2. Planting Flowers and Plants in Copper Pots

A quick and efficient way of edging your lawn is by purchasing copper flower pots. If you do not have a wealth of time to spare, buying flower pots from a hardware store will allow you to edge your lawn in style, while saving you the hours that physically landscaping would require. Placing a row of copper flower pots along the edge of your yard is a pretty sight, too.

3. Install a Concrete Curb along Your Garden’s Edges

If you have absolutely no qualms or hesitation regarding your lawn edging vision, then laying down a concrete border is worth considering. To state the obvious, concrete is a long-term thing, so before you pull the plug and go for it, double check that the placement is exactly where you want it. As soon as the concrete dries, the material is set in stone, and removing it will be quite a process. Once it’s all said and done, however, concrete is a sleek addition to any lawn edging project.

4. Line the Outer Edges of Your Garden with Intricate Brick Borders

Brick is such a timeless way of edging your lawn. Anyone who wants to try lining the space between soil and grass with brick should consider this impressive edge. First, you’ll want to lay soft-edged rectangular brick blocks on the ground, right along the edge of your lawn. Then, using the same style of brick, create a boundary along the inner side of the horizontally-positioned bricks, but this time, situate the bricks upright on one of their short sides. Together, the bricks will create an L-shaped edge along your lawn.


5. Insert Metal Fences in Your Yard for a Personal Touch

Wire is an attractive addition to all outdoor spaces. When you buy wire fences, they tend to have cute designs and points of detailed designs, which adds a flair to your lawn edging endeavors. Despite being seemingly delicate, small wire fences hold up very well in all types of weather.

6. Utilize Spacious Backyards by Building a Wooden Bench along the Border

Anyone who has woodworking expertise or carving experience will take great pleasure in this example of another lawn edging idea. Once you build an elevated wooden fence, like a box that extends along the edge of your yard and separates grass from the start of another surface, you might want to think about adding an extension off the wooden box-like structure. By adding more wood to the top of the lawn edging structure, you’ll make a bench to go alongside the edge of your lawn, which makes for the perfect place to spend time in the sunshine and appreciate the beauty of your landscaping skills.

7. Affordable All-Black Plastic Border

Not everyone wants a bold, obvious dividing point between their grass and everything else. We get that, and for anyone who isn’t really into the dramatic lawn edging look, then plastic lining is certainly for you. The most common color of plastic lawn edging is black, which is even more appealing to those who want something subtle because it doesn’t clash heavily with all the other earthy tones going on in the yard. It is also the least costly option to lawn edging, so plastic borders have a lot of appealing features.

8. Create an Edge Using Large Rocks

An effortless method of lawn edging involves large rocks that you’d find in mountainous areas and rocky neighborhoods. If you live in a region that is naturally made up of big, bulky rocks, consider using them in your frontyard. The magnitude of large rocks is a bold statement, and they make it very clear where your plants stop and your grass begins.

9. Make a Mini Fence with Various Wood Boards

If you have pieces of wood sitting around and you’re trying to figure out what to do with them, why not build your own little picket fence for your garden? Even if you don’t have a random collection of chipped wooden slabs, you might still be interested in this quirky, innovative way of edging your lawn. Don’t worry about making sure every piece of wood looks the same, because that is part of the charm! Not every piece will be the same width or have the same height, but that is the beauty behind the entire idea.

10. Use Angled Bricks as a Border for Your Garden

Brick is a type of material that is commonly used by gardeners and builders alike. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using brick to edge your lawn, even if everyone else is using it, too. But we definitely understand wanting to find a unique style. After all, designing your yard and implementing lawn edging techniques is supposed to be personal, so why not find a way to make it original?

If you want to use brick without your yard looking too similar to your neighbors’ lawns, you should try edging your lawn with angled bricks. They create a slanted, ninety-degree triangle. The way these angled bricks are placed in the ground makes them look like wedges, which is a very flattering design for all types of gardens, lawns, and outdoor areas.

11. Circular Flower Beds Using Stone Blocks

Stone blocks are a mesmerizing material for constructing circular flower beds. Most often, you’ll see stone used as a way of surrounding a giant tree or a singular bush, primarily because the stone is such a statement on its own and too many vibrant plants would overpower the look. Stone is reliable, sturdy, and resistant to damage, so you can count on a circular stone flower bed as a lawn edge to hold up in every environment.

12. Put Three or More Materials Together for a Lawn Edging Look that’s All Yours

If you want to outdo any other lawns with edges, take a look into the triple threat method of lawn edging. By incorporating three different building materials of your choosing, you can create a design that is nothing short of unparalleled. One idea is starting out with brick, building a semi-tall dividing fence of rocks, and filling the space between the two with miniature rocks. The dedication that such a style requires is impressive in and of itself, but you’ll definitely impress anyone who sees your lawn edging techniques, too.

13. Flat Brick Border between Grass and Plants

Brick and cement are an unstoppable duo when it comes to lawn edging ideas. If you aren’t in a rush, this project is something to try! Figure out the shape that you would like this lawn edging method to take on and then proceed with laying wet cement in the shape of your choosing. Immediately place brick squares in place before the cement dries, and then wait for the sun to work its magic and finalize your newly-edged lawn. To make the look a bit more crisp and complete, finish this lawn edging project with wire or plastic along the sides of the now-dry cement.

14. Use Old Tree Logs for a Casual Look and Earthy Feel

Oftentimes, there are massive logs to be found on beaches, in forests, and along highways after stormy weather caused trees to fall. The neat thing about trees is that they are recyclable, so even after the tree itself has died, its branches, twigs, and trunk can be utilized in many ways. One of these ways is as a lawn edging technique. By placing logs alongside the edges of your grass, you have an easy, functional way of lining dirt patches and edging your yard.

15. Add a Sophisticated Flair with a Copper Edge

If adding a bit of pizzazz or shimmer to your existing landscaping, copper is something to keep in your mind. When the sunshine hits the copper lawn edges, the light will bounce off the material and add a bit of sparkle to your yard. The gold hues of copper are beautiful against brick and stone, too, so if you already have either of these two materials embedded in the walkway or somewhere else in your garden, copper could very well be the one thing you’ve been looking for to complete your lawn edging experience.

16. Create the Illusion of a River Using Small Grey Rocks

When you place a plethora of grey rocks next to each other, they start to embody the look of water. If you want to make it look as though there is a rushing river in your own backyard, why not try this lawn edging idea at home? All it requires are large boulders and smaller, flat rocks. First, line your yard with two parallel lines made up of the larger rocks. The space between will be filled with the smaller pebbles, and that’s all there is to it!

17. Upturn Upcycled Glass Bottles for a Glistening Effect

Something you can think about doing as a lawn edging idea is lining the extremities of your grass with glass bottles. This a fun, artsy project that anyone who enjoys expressing their creativity will surely appreciate. If you use a lot of glass bottles in your daily life, you can start saving them instead of recycling them every week.

Once you have built up an inventory of glass bottles, take them outside and start planning how far apart you’d like to space them. Pushing them nose-down into the dirt is the best way to insert them, and if you’re worried that they’ll fall over, fill them with gravel to prevent that from happening.

18. Short Brick Fence: a Creative Way of Lawn Edging

Similar to the L-shaped stone idea, you can also edge your lawn with upright, standing bricks. You will use the same type of brick pictured above, but instead of laying them flat as they appear in the photograph, tilt them in a straight, vertical position. When going with a miniature fence made from brick, we recommend using thinner bricks, rather than the chunky, typical brick blocks that you might have seen lying down in other examples of lawn edging. You can, of course, use whatever size of brick that you like the most, but when the brick is less thick, it will detract from the flowers, plants, shrubs, and grass in your yard.

19. Line Up Flower Pots to Edge Your Yard

Do you just so happen to have an excess of flower pots in your possession? Before you toss them because you don’t know what else to do with them all, think about using them as a lawn edging technique. By turning flower pots on their sides, you can create a queue of flower pots along the edge of your grass, whether that be in the front of your house or in the backyard. Most people use flower pots for nothing other than potting their plants, but why not spark some creativity in your own life? This is a lawn edging idea for the adventurous.

20. Build Raised Flower Beds out of Stone

If you have a walkway that is lined with plants, or you’ve just moved into a place with a spacious driveway, one of your go-to options for edging your lawn is by implementing raised flower beds built from stone. Not only is this look incredibly appealing, but it looks even better when the exterior of your home complements the light tan color of stone. You are free to use any type of building material that catches your eye, too. Raised flower beds add a visual dimension to your lawn, making everything more interesting!

21. Border Your Flower Beds with Stone Pavers

If you don’t quite know what stone pavers are, they are basically flattened, rectangular slabs of stone. When multiples of them are lined up together, they create an incredible look that’s both a simple and a classic look. Such a lawn edging technique will cause a slight elevation between the ground and the top of the stone, but it’s very subtle and nearly unnoticeable. Every type of flower goes well with the soft, pale tones of stone, so this look is incredibly versatile as well.

22. Use Cobblestone to Edge Your Lawn with a Rustic Style

Cobblestone looks like a mix between brick and stone. In a way, it is! Using cobblestone as a way of edging your lawn is more a personal preference than anything else. It suits any situation, whether you’re planning to place a single row of cobblestone or get into a more complicated style. Cobblestone is durable and will hold up for quite some time, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting material for edging your lawn, cobblestone is a must.

23. Place Stones Alongside the Edges of Your Deck

Many architects end up designing decks that extend right to the edge of the grass. If you have a deck that stretches out pretty far, you should consider building a border of stones between your deck and the edge of your lawn. This idea is functional both in the front of the house and in the backyard. All it requires are stones and a divider of material of your choosing. 

A giant perk of lawn edging with bright white and light grey stones is that it makes the drop-off of your deck more visible, too. Decks are not often built with a slope that slowly leads to the grass, but instead, the deck is elevated. If you forget about the disparity in height, you could easily fall as you step off the edge of the deck. Edging your lawn with rocks is a great way to avoid tripping in your garden.

24. Cover the Dirt Surrounding Your Flowers with Pretty Rocks

Rock placement is everything, and it can be one of the most simplistic yet stylish ways of edging your lawn. The smoother the stones, the prettier the set-up will be, especially if you include stones of varying shades of neutral tones.

Rocks placed on top of soil serve another purpose beyond aesthetics. They also function as a way of keeping dirt in place, which might be something that will seriously benefit you if you live in a windy city or the season you’re experiencing involves quite a lot of windstorms. Either way, placing rocks of various sizes on the dirt around your flowers is another way of edging your lawn.

25. Purchase Hand-Carved Edges

Not all lawn edges need to be a DIY project that you work on from start to finish. In all honesty, professionally-designed lawn edges are just as wonderful as homemade methods. If you happen to see a design that you fall in love with, the investment is worthwhile, especially if you have an inclination to include bigger plants in your garden. The bulkiness of store-bought lawn edges will hold the plants back and make it more obvious that there is a boundary between the grassy areas and the ever-blossoming garden space.

26. Make Multiple Levels in Your Garden with Large Stone Rocks

Layering large pieces of stone on top of each other in a way where each piece fits will create an eye-catching lawn edge. The corners and sides of each cube- or rectangle-shaped stone doesn’t necessarily need to align perfectly with the ones around it, but you just want to be sure that the stones aren’t shaky. The sturdier, the better — that’s for sure. Changing up the color of stone that you use can create an even more original, authentic look for your lawn edges. Doing this repeatedly in a way that imitates a staircase will create multiple levels, known as retaining walls.

27. Build a Wooden Fence

One of the most effective ways of edging your lawn when you have neighbors is with a fence. The most classic type of fence is made out of wood. The best part about wooden fences as lawn edges is that they take well to paint, so you can transform your new divider into whichever colored structure you’d like!

28. Build a Wooden Structure out of Sticks to Edge Your Lawn

A more natural way of lawn edging is by using materials already found in the great outdoors, rather than purchasing pre-made items to use as edges. One of the most earthy options for lawn edges are long sticks that have been woven together. By intertwining twigs, sticks, and rods, you’ll create a look as natural as ever. The more you weave together, the higher your wooden fence will be! This approach to edging your lawn is so convincing, it might even look like it happened naturally, too.

29. Curved Brick-Lined Separator between Grass and Garden

Brick makes for a beautiful accent, especially when used alongside brightly colored flowers, like pink tulips and red roses. You’ve probably seen brick blocks commonly throughout your neighborhood. Many people use brick blocks to accent their yards and edge their lawns, but have you ever seen an interlocking brick as a lawn edge before? The thing that interconnected bricks have over brick blocks is that they fit perfectly together, just like puzzle pieces!

30. Line Edges of Grass with Gorgeous White Boulders

A color that looks brilliant when paired with greenery and shrubs is the color white. If you have flowers and bushes that are planted at the same level as your grass, you might want to think about edging your lawn with medium- to large-sized rocks. Often called river stones, rocks of this nature and color help to bring out other colors that might be in your yard, besides the differing shades of green. By lining them up at the edge of the soil, you’ll create a gorgeous contrast between the dark brown dirt and the deep green grass.