The 30 Best Landscape Lighting Ideas

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The 30 Best Landscape Lighting Ideas

Home By James 
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Well, you’ve done it. You’ve created the perfect landscape with gorgeous plants. You love your new landscape and you want to show it off. Except what happens when night falls? That’s when it’s time for your landscape to really shine with beautiful lighting that gives it a whole new look. The right lighting can completely transform your yard into a magical wonderland. Click through the list to get some ideas for your next landscaping upgrade.

1. Edge Lighting

Show off those flower beds or light up a pathway through your garden with some edge lighting. It is a simple touch that can really illuminate darkened corners of your yard.

2. Log Lighting

If you want to really turn your backyard in a magical secret garden this log lights do just the trick. Let the kids pretend there are fairies living inside!

3. Off the Beaten Path

These lights are just off the pathway and give just a hint of light to guide the eye through the landscape and provide just enough light to follow the path.

4. Spotlights

One way to shine a light on larger parts of your landscape is to get some spotlights. These are great for showcasing your home or some trees.

5. Branch Lighting

This is a great way to add some light while also keeping the sense of nature throughout your backyard. Just some old branches can transform any existing light.

6. Lighted Waterfall

Nothing makes a relaxing backyard like a water element and adding a little light to it can add beautiful ambiance at night.

7. Hanging Lights

Brighten up a tree and add some mood lighting to your backyard by hanging large bold lights from a tree.

8. Wall Lighting

If you have walls with clinging vines you can shine some light on them from above to highlight them at night.

9. Wrap Trees in Light

Wrapping trees in strands of lights can not only brighten up your garden at night but it gives a romantic feel.

10. Elegant Path Lighting

Your lights can do more than just light up the yard they can be their own decorative element like these beautiful lights.

11. Moon Lighting

There are companies that specialize in placing lights high up in trees to mimic the look of real moonlight shining down on them.

12. Planter Lights

This big planter lights make a bold statement in your yard and let your favorite flowers take center stage.

13. Rectangular Path Lights

These lights keep the light just where you want it and keeps what you don’t want enlightened in the dark.

14.  Watering Bucket Lights

Sometimes lights can also be a bit of an artistic element with a bit of creativity like these lights mimicking a pouring watering bucket.

15. Under Planter Ambiance

To add just a bit of light to the ground and let guests know where your planters are with just some ambient lighting around the bottom.

16. Lighted Fence

If you have a fence around your yard, you can put lights around the top to illuminate your entire garden as the light shines on the bright wood.

17. String Lights on Hook

A great way to divide sections of a yard and add some light is to hang string lights from hooks poked into the grass.

18. Stone Lighting

If you have stonework in your backyard you can consider adding some lights under the edges of the stone to show off the stonework.

19. Creating Shadows

Sometimes you can add light to create dramatic shadows throughout your home and yard. Sometimes the shadows can have even more of an impact than the light.

20. Lights in the Stairs

If you have stairs in your landscape the best way to help your guests see them is to put the lights into the steps themselves.

21. Globe Lights Over Head

These beautiful globe lights are the perfect touch to this outdoor dining area and can brighten up any pergola or tree overhang.

22. Hidden Rock Lights

Sometimes the best way to add lighting is to make is disappear during the day. These rock lights brighten up the dark and yet blend in with the other rocks during the day.

23. Lanterns

Lanterns are a great way to add some rustic charm to your landscape and they can light a pathway on the ground or be put higher on columns to light up more of the yard.

24. Lights in the Plants

Sometimes just accent lighting can transform a backyard. Hiding little lights in small greenery transforms the plants into something magical at night.

25. Lighted Path Stones

These lighted stones look like they are leading guests to some hidden garden when placed just in the grass.

26. Lights Along the Rocks

Narrow lighting isn’t just good for pathway it can add a touch of the surreal to rocks in your landscape as well.

27. Glass Jar Candles

While not as easy as flipping a switch and not practical for every day, candles in glass jars can be an elegant touch to an outdoor event.

28. Bright Lights Against a Wall

These bright lights not only reflect off the wall but illuminate the tall trees as well, giving the sense of the scale of the trees even in the dark.

29. Icicle Lights from Trees

Give a truly romantic feel to your outdoor oasis by hanging strings of lights from trees like hanging icicles.

30. Firelight

Add warmth and light to your backyard with a firepit or a fireplace.