The 50 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

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The 50 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Home By James 
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Decorating your living space, whether it’s in a house that you own or an apartment that you rent, is one of the most exciting parts about being an adult. Having a place to call your own is exhilarating, and designing the look of your home is a golden opportunity to express yourself. Whether you just moved in or you’re in the mood to renovate, deciding what to put on your kitchen walls can be tough. You want to consider your own personal style and think about what is important to you. Do you like the idea of bright wall decor or do you prefer a more subtle look? How do you feel about pictures or phrases as kitchen wall decor? There are so many kitchen wall decor ideas, but trying to brainstorm on your own can make it feel like there are none. Let our list of 50 best kitchen wall decor ideas inspire you and spark your imagination!

1. Frame Recipes that You Use Most Often

Thinking back to your younger years, you probably remember either your parents or your grandparents keeping all of their recipes in a box somewhere in the kitchen. That would have been back in the days of printers and dial-up internet connection. Now that the world is a bit more modernized, we can reference cooking recipes with ease, thanks to mobile smartphones and in-home virtual assistant devices. But there’s something special about having a hard copy of your favorite recipes, so why not print a recipe or two and hang them on your kitchen wall? It’s a great way to personalize an otherwise empty wall.

2. Hang Your Pots and Pans from Nails on Your Walls

Everyone has a preference about where they store their pots and pans. Some people keep them stowed away on a shelf in the pantry, while other people take advantage of the drawer beneath their stoves. If you have open space on your kitchen walls and you’re looking for an idea for wall decor, hang your pots and pans from wooden panels that you nail to the wall. It’s the perfect place to store your cookware for easy access. 

3. Be Original with Negative Space Wall Art

Negative space works really well in kitchens, especially along walls that are already bare. Wall art that makes use of negative space is eye-catching on its own so you won’t feel like you need to fill every kitchen wall with decor. The statement that negative space kitchen wall art makes is bold, and you’ll surely impress your dinner guests with your choice of kitchen wall decor.

4. Create a Hanging Coffee Bar with Mugs, Beans, and Various Syrups

Are you the type of person who likes a cup of coffee in the morning? Maybe you prefer tea, but the idea is the same. If you bolt a small cabinet to one of your kitchen walls, you can set up a coffee bar for yourself! Personalize the space by placing your favorite mugs, coffee beans, tea sachets, and any additional sweeteners that you love in the cabinet. A coffee bar as kitchen wall decor is well-suited for early risers who make coffee first thing in the morning.

5. Hang Hand-Painted Plates to Kitchen Walls

Are you someone who’s really into pottery? Do you decorate your own dinner plates? Maybe you spend a lot of time at a painting studio, or you have a friend who’s an artist and you adore their work. Even if you just like purchasing painted plates from retail or thrift stores, you could always consider hanging them from your kitchen walls. Not everyone wants to use plates with intricate works of art on them for eating. If that sounds like you, we’re here to tell you that they make for a marvelous kitchen wall decor idea.

6. Hang Your Spatulas from Hooks on the Wall

One way of filling empty space in your kitchen is by mounting your cooking utensils to your kitchen wall. Spatulas, soup ladles, tongs, and all types of whisks usually come with small holes at the tips of their handles. These holes are intentionally there for the sake of allowing you to hang your cooking utensils with ease. Attaching a rod to your kitchen wall or ceiling will give you the opportunity to decorate your kitchen with wall racks full of cooking utensils.

7. Commission an Artist to Paint Murals on Your Walls

If you have a favorite artist, think about reaching out to them and seeing if they have the bandwidth to paint a mural in your home. You can even put your artistic talents to use by painting a mural on your own in your home. This kitchen wall decor idea is the absolute best for people who like individuality. Plus, when either you or an artist you commission creates your kitchen wall decor from scratch, you have so much more control over the final outcome. Rather than having to pick from what is available, you can bring something that doesn’t exist yet to life.

8. Place Silverware in Cute Basket on Wall-Hanging Shelf

It’s pretty common for people to use a silverware rack and place it in a sliding drawer in their kitchen. It’s instinctual for many people, and that’s totally fine. But if you want to be innovative and creative about where you store your silverware, you can hit two birds with one stone by securing a rod to your kitchen wall and hanging pails of silverware from the pole. Both useful and expressive, silverware that dangle in baskets along your way is yet another kitchen wall decor idea.

9. Use a Wall Shelf for All Your Beverages

Decorative wall shelves are specifically designed to be used as wall decor. Kitchens are one area of a house that absolutely benefit from extra shelving, so why not decorate your kitchen wall with wall shelves? A great idea for wall shelving units is to place any beverages that don’t need refrigeration on the shelves. From flavored syrups and non-dairy milks that aren’t opened, to sports drinks and liquor bottles, decorative wall shelves are the answer to your prayers. Instead of stuffing these beverages into an already-overflowing pantry, make use of shelves as functional kitchen wall decor.

10. Place Hooks on the Wall to Hold a Rolling Pin

To make your kitchen feel even more like a space dedicated to cooking and baking, you can use actual kitchenware as wall decor. If you have a rolling pin, you already own the perfect kitchen wall decor item. All you need are two hooks spaced out by a few inches, and you’ll be ready to adorn a rolling pin to your wall. The rolling pin can be removed from the wall for temporary use by simply lifting it up from the hooks. It’s equally as easy to replace, too!

11. Use Tile to Spruce Up Your Walls

If you want to design a kitchen that looks like no other kitchen area that you’ve seen before, consider installing tiles along your kitchen wall. There are two major ways to go about using tile as a kitchen wall decor idea. You can either purchase tiles that have already been painted, or you can go with white tiles and paint over them yourself! Of course, you can leave the tiles blank as well, but for a pop of color or an intricately beautiful kitchen wall, tiles with color are the way to go.

12. Fill a Kitchen Wall with Decorative Mirrors

Now, this kitchen wall decor idea is especially amazing for smaller rooms. If you need a wall decor idea, and you secretly wish your kitchen was a bit bigger than it really is, the answer to your prayers is to fill an entire wall with mirrors of various shapes and sizes. The reflections and light sources that bounce off the mirrors will give off the illusion that your kitchen is far larger than it is. Also, decorative walls mirrors double as a way of catching a glimpse of yourself as you cook. If you ever bake with family and friends, you’ll realize that there’s nothing more precious than the image of people laughing and cooking together. You’ll be able to see the joy on your face with mirrors as decorative kitchen wall decor.

13. Customize a Kitchen Wall with Layered Stones

You don’t have to attach something to your wall in order for it to be considered wall decor. The purpose of decorating your kitchen wall is to spruce up your cooking space and make your eating area your own. If you want to have a unique look in your kitchen, you could always remodel your kitchen wall so that it incorporates layered stones in some places. This look is extravagant, tying in elegance with the feel of a wood cabin.

14. Decorate Your Kitchen Walls with Hanging Succulents

Succulents are all the rage lately, and it makes sense. They stay alive for years upon years, and they fit beautifully in every living space. If you have a blank wall in your kitchen, you can take advantage of the empty space by adding a hint of nature to your kitchen. There are many different types of planters that you can buy for the purpose of hanging succulents along your walls. You can hang them vertically, horizontally, or not even in a line at all. Different sizes of hanging planters will add variety to your kitchen wall, but sticking to the same sized planters is equally as gorgeous.

15. String Lights Along Kitchen Walls for a Cozy Vibe

Not all kitchens have the best natural light. It’s all about window placement, which is out of your control unless you designed your own home. Either way, if your kitchen is one of the more dimly-lit areas in your house, you can change that. Hanging string lights around your kitchen area will bring brightness and liveliness to your gathering space. The best part is that there are countless string light designs, from star-shaped bulbs and spherical lights, to incandescent lights to the classic lightbulb. 

16. Attach a Whiteboard to Your Kitchen Wall for Reminders

Life is the busiest adventure we’ll ever embark on, and while always having something to do can be very exciting, it becomes incredibly easy to forget a lot of important details. You can’t do everything, no matter how badly you wish you could. But if you add a whiteboard to your kitchen wall, the decor will serve as a place to jot down ideas and significant events as soon as you think of them! Take away the hassle of trying to find pen and paper before a thought slips your mind by adding a whiteboard to your kitchen wall.

17. Wine Bar Made From Wooden Slabs

What could possibly be better than having a wine bar in the comfort of your very own kitchen? If you are someone who likes to sip on a glass or two of wine quite often, then building a wine bar and using it as kitchen wall decor is the quintessential example of customizing your kitchen. If you create a multi-level wine bar to secure to your kitchen wall, you’ll have room for wine glasses, bottles of your favorite blends, and bottle openers.

18. Secure Flower Pots to the Wall for Added Beauty

We’ve heard of succulents taking over homes across the nation. Herb gardens are sprouting up in kitchens everywhere. But you know what else isn’t strictly for the outdoors anymore? Flower beds! If you have access to direct sunlight from inside the kitchen, you can use the kitchen wall space that receives light to affix flower beds to your kitchen wall. Talk about an aromatic kitchen wall decor idea.

19. A Pop of Color

Sometimes, a little goes a very long way. We think this is true for vibrant colors on kitchen walls. If the majority of your kitchen space is a neutral shade of color, you might want to contemplate painting a small section of kitchen wall space a flamboyant color, like the neon yellow pictured above! Paint is a suitable kitchen wall decor idea because it brings uniqueness and personality to an otherwise bland part of the house.

20. Hang a Chore Chart to Keep Your Family Organized

Do you have children who are old enough to do chores? Well, we have the perfect wall decor idea for you! If you have empty wall space in your kitchen, you can put together a chore chart. Create a column for each of your children and put their lists of weekly chores below their names. Placing an envelope beneath each child’s chore list can act as their little money pouch, too. The kitchen is the best spot for a chore chart so using it as wall decor makes sense!

21. Wall Clock Ideas

Not only is a wall clock a great way to fill open space on your kitchen wall, but it also makes it so much easier to keep track of time! How often do you think you wonder what time it is but have to search high and low to find out the answer? Most of us rely on our phones for telling time, but they aren’t always in the same spot we left them. That’s why a wall clock is a stellar choice for filling your kitchen walls with decor.

22. Hang a Weekly Menu Board Near Your Fridge

Families and individuals who tend to make dinner every night would benefit a lot from a menu board as kitchen wall decor. You can create your own or you can buy one that is already put together. Either way, it’s best if your menu board has enough space to write down the meal you’re planning to cook everyday. Some menu boards, like the one in the picture above, will come with a sticker to place next to the current day. This makes it easy to read the board and see what’s for dinner that day!

23. Add Wall Art that Matches Your Kitchen’s Style

Adding sassy quotes to your kitchen wall sparks laughs, followed by conversations, during dinner gatherings. If you like the snarky approach to kitchen wall decor, then humorous quotes as kitchen wall decor is a great approach for you! Even if your personality isn’t super cheeky or bold, you can go with a different quote for your wall art.

24. Hang Shelves for the Purpose of Organizing Your Kitchen

If you don’t have a lot of built-in storage in your kitchen, you can create more space by filling your empty kitchen walls with shelving units that you’ve installed yourself. Truly, additional shelves in a smaller corner of your kitchen is a solid way to make great use of the space. Sometimes, there are parts of kitchen walls that aren’t small enough to leave blank, but aren’t spacious enough to add a lot of decor, so shelves are a prime solution to an awkward open space in your kitchen.

25. Add Style with Curtains

Does your kitchen have a lot of windows? Natural light is not something to take for granted in kitchens, especially because not every kitchen has windows in all the right places. If your kitchen is one in a million and has perfect natural lighting, count your blessings. In the same token, you might not always want to have windows that people passing by can see through, particularly if your kitchen is at ground level or if it’s nighttime. Buying curtains and using them as kitchen wall decor is resourceful and attractive.

26. Extend Wall Shelves for Stacking Your Cooking Bowls and Measuring Cups

Not everything needs to be tucked away and organized into cabinets. If you want to show off your array of cookware, dishes, and utensils, then you should be able to! By extending the shelves in your kitchen, you can create space for stacking cooking bowls, holding measuring cups, and displaying your finest china. Wooden shelves as kitchen wall decor is great for everything, from ceramics to plastic and every material in between/

27. Place a Blackboard on Your Walls and Write with Chalk

A kitchen wall that you transform into a giant chalkboard is one of the most innovative kitchen wall decor ideas. Perfect for families with children, a chalkboard on your kitchen wall gives a fun kick to the place where families come together. You can use the chalkboard to draw doodles, write messages to family members, jot down groceries you need to buy, or creating a monthly calendar with everyone’s upcoming events scribbled in the boxes.

28. Separate Coupons, Recipes, and More into Wall-Hanging Folders

Folders attached to kitchen walls serve many purposes. From holding your weekly grocery list and keeping track of the hundreds of coupons that come in the mail, to being the place where you store all of your child’s school announcements, you will find that wall-hanging folders are one of the most functional kitchen wall decor ideas. If you have a lot of room on your kitchen wall, you can always pin multiple folders to your kitchen wall.

29. Use Your Kitchen Wall Space for Fruit Baskets

Anyone with a serious love for fruits will adore this kitchen wall decor idea. Not everyone wants to eat fruit straight out of the refrigerator, so you’ll have to figure out how to keep your fruits fresh while being in the open air. If you prefer room temperature fruits to snack on, then fruit baskets that are stacked up against your kitchen wall are a stellar way to decorate your kitchen space.

30. Design Sliding Walls that Open Up To Reveal a Pantry

Walk-in pantries are quite the amenity in many houses, but not everyone’s home has the luxury of a room-sized food storage area. If you have an open-facing pantry and you’d like to beautify an otherwise plain storage space, look into installing sliding doors in front of your pantry. Not only will you have the time of your life sliding open doors and revealing all your food options, but you’ll also have the pride of taking what you have and making the best of it!

31. Use Extra Space to Hang Utensils Above the Sink

Our other examples of bolting storage racks to your kitchen wall talks about take up excessive empty space, but this kitchen wall decor idea focuses on making use of the limited wall area that you do have. For smaller kitchens, you can still make your dream of hanging cookware from your kitchen wall by securing a wall rack to the wall behind your kitchen sink. If your metal pallet is long enough, you will also have room for your utensils!

32. Build Cubbies for Your Wine Bottles

Why leave your wine bottles sitting out on the counter when you could make a cute cubby for all your blends? You can get incredibly creative with the project as well. Head to your local hardware store if you want to make it a DIY experience and find the lengths of wood that you want for your wine cubbies. There are plenty of pre-made wine holders to secure to your walls as kitchen wall decor, too!

33. Hang Cutting Boards with Letters

For very open kitchen walls, a great way to take up space with minimal kitchen wall decor is to decorate wood paddles or cutting boards. Then, find a height that you want the decor to sit at on your wall and fasten them to your kitchen wall in that location. To take the idea a step further, put one letter on each cutting board and spell out a word or a phrase!

34. Old-Fashioned Iron Cup Holder

Are you a collector of coffee mugs? Do you have a collection that’s growing so fast it no longer fits in your dedicated cabinet space? Well, you’re in luck because you can buy an old-fashioned iron cup holder and utilize it as kitchen wall decor! Not only will it solve the issue of an abundance of mugs and a lack of cabinet space, but you’ll also add some style to your kitchen walls.

35. Add an Extending Bookshelf for Recipe Books

Anyone with recipes galore will surely benefit from adding bookshelves to their kitchen walls in order to store all their cookbooks! It can be a bit awkward to leave your recipe books in another room because it reduces the ease at which you can reference your recipes. With bookshelves dedicated to cookbooks, you’ll increase your productivity and you’ll be able to reach for your cookbooks while cooking whenever you need them!

36.  Use Walls for Remembering What’s Important

If you have a favorite quote, an awesome way of remembering the line or living by the message is to see it everyday. Why not take an important moral and turn it into wall decor? There are many famous quotes that people have already transformed into stickers for your kitchen walls, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then create it yourself!

37. Open Up Your Cabinet Space

Open cabinet space is a great way to decorate your kitchen walls. When your cabinets have doors on them, it doesn’t make sense to use cabinets as places for decorations or photographs. However, open up all of your cabinets by leaving them uncovered and you will discover a wonderful chance to both store your dishes and adorn your walls with decor. Use cabinets as a sort of exhibit for beautiful decorative bowls, fake garnishes, and plants galore.

38. Fill Your Wall with Photographs of Your Favorite Memories

If your family is big on photographs, frame your favorite pictures of loved ones and fill kitchen wall space with the smiling faces of people you adore! The images don’t have to be of your family, either. Photos of best friends and beloved pets are just as viable candidates for your kitchen wall decor photographs.

39. Paint Individual Kitchen Wall Tiles with Friends or Family

Earlier on in our list of kitchen wall decor ideas, we talked about adding tiles to your kitchen walls. This idea has to do with tiles as well, but instead of having your tiles professionally painted or designing tile decor on your own, how about you invite some of your closest friends or families to come over and paint tiles with you? By making it a collaborative effort, the end result will be a kitchen wall with memories and beauty. This idea is one of the more special of them all because you bonded with loved ones in the process of decorating your kitchen wall.

40. Bolt Shadow Boxes to Your Kitchen Wall

Shadow boxes are a smart idea for kitchen walls in need of some color! On top of that, shadow boxes add dimension to your kitchen wall. Instead of maintaining a flat wall decor display in your kitchen, create some depth! The neatest part about shadow boxes as kitchen wall decor is that you can fill them with whatever you please. Pictured above are a few shadow boxes filled with plastic fruits, but there are so many options to choose from! Use your imagination to personalize shadow boxes for your kitchen.

41. Easily Access Your Towels and Oven Mitt By Securing Them to Your Kitchen Wall

If you are an avid baker who loves making cookies and decorating cupcakes, then finding space on your kitchen wall to hang your aprons is a wise idea. There are so many different ways of achieving this wall decor idea. One way to hang up your aprons in the kitchen is by securing a mini coat rack to your wall, as in the photograph above. Another idea is to drill individual hooks for each apron and oven mitt that you plan to hang along the wall. If you live in an apartment complex, your building might not allow you to create holes in your walls. Don’t worry, though! You can still hang up your oven mitts, towels, and aprons by using removable wall hooks that attach via adhesives.

42. Letters Made Out of Metal

Letter wall art is a simplistic way of adding some pop and color to your kitchen walls. Since the letters are store-bought, they don’t give off a super personal vibe, so if you’re both a private person and a socialite who has friends over for dinner often, metal letters might just be the wall decor idea for you! Whether you spell out a word with multiple metal letters, or you pick one letter and call it a day, metal letters will fill any awkward emptiness in your kitchen area. You can even find letters that light up, too!

43. Fill Empty Wall Space with Wall Art

A really creative kitchen wall decor idea is to go thrift shopping and pick up an array of different pieces of art. You can stick to a theme, like the blue and brown rustic look in the picture above, or you can choose to buy any and all art that stands out to you. When you get home, take a look at your artsy finds and think about how you’ll place them on your kitchen wall. You can make great use of your creativity with this project, and the display on your kitchen wall will take your kitchen wall from empty to full of originality. This is one of the most unique ideas because no one else will be able to find every piece of art that you found!

44. Pots and Pans that Dangle from Hanging Racks

Copper is a beautiful color, and if you have pots and pans made from this striking cookware material, then hanging them from a dangling pot rack could be the right move for your kitchen wall! Not all wall decor needs to be decorative. It can also be functional. Plus, what better way to air dry your pots and pans than to store them in a hanging position? Hanging racks along your kitchen wall is both practical and beautiful.

45. Hang Your Knives to the Wall with a Metal Bar

Another idea for kitchen wall decor is to fasten a metal strip along the wall for the purpose of displaying your knife collection. Instead of your typical cutlery box, using metal to hold your knives is very helpful for chefs at home. As with anything that could pose a danger to children, consider if a metal bar knife holder is an appropriate kitchen wall decor idea for your home. If you have young kids running around, then a knife box is the better option. However, if your household is full of adults, this idea would work wonders for your kitchen.

46. Mason Jar Firefly Lights

Firefly lights are the cutest addition to any room, and when used as kitchen wall decor, they illuminate the space like no other. Maybe you like eating with dim lighting. It’s possible that you just want to give more illumination to an already well-lit eating space. Whatever your reason may be, firefly lights in mason jars are too gorgeous to pass up. Even better, you can easily make mason jar firefly lights yourself if you’re on a budget!

47. Plant an Herb Garden Along Your Wall for Cooking Purposes

So, you’ve probably known someone in your lifetime who has the motivation to grow an herb garden in the backyard. The bonus of an outdoor herb garden is that you save money when you cook meals that require certain herbs. However, the one downside is that not many herbs can survive harsh winters, and that means you’ll have to start anew when the snow melts away and the sun finally comes out to play. If you were thinking about planting a variety of herbs in your garden, we suggest that you think about taking it indoors and planting an herb garden against your kitchen wall. You’ll avoid the treacherous seasons and have herbs at your fingertips all year long!

48. For a Bohemian Vibe, Hang Wall Baskets

Lately, one of the more popular kitchen wall decor ideas is wall baskets. Usually a variety of tans and browns, wall baskets give an indie, bohemian vibe to any room they’re in, meaning that you can create a rustic vibe in your kitchen. Some people like a simple look of one or two wall baskets, while other people fill their kitchen walls with them. You can never have too many wall baskets, so the choice is yours. It really just comes down to how much empty space you have to fill on your kitchen wall.

49. Black and Gold Kitchen Wall Decor

Black and gold make for a timeless color combination. If your kitchen already has a chic and poised theme to it, adding some shimmer with gold-plated accents will give a calm kitchen the touch of flair that it needs. The addition of black wall decor contrasts beautifully with the brilliance of gold-colored decor. The two colors balance each other out and take any kitchen wall from boring to artsy. Metal wall plates are a simple yet stylistic kitchen wall decor idea, especially when placed against a wall that’s been painted an earthy color.

50. Frame Silverware to Add Aesthetic to Your Kitchen

A lot of families have heirlooms that are passed down from one generation to the next. Often, the heirloom will be a gorgeous piece of jewelry, like an emerald ring. Another example of a family heirloom is furniture, such as the appropriately-named example of grandfather clocks. A brilliant kitchen wall decor idea is to frame silverware that holds a special place in your heart and hang it on your kitchen walls. Though you won’t necessarily use these dining utensils, forks and knives as wall decor fit perfectly in the kitchen. Framed silverware will add a personal touch to your kitchen.