Top 80 Best Halloween Costumes for Men

Entertainment By James 

Top 80 Best Halloween Costumes for Men

Entertainment By James 
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Halloween is the one time of year where anyone and everyone can dress up as they wish. It is a holiday dedicated to creativity, personal expression, and fantasy. You can be anybody or anything you’ve ever dreamed of being for one night of the year. But when you start to think about what your costume should be, you might discover that you have no idea who to dress up as, or what to embody, on the night of Halloween.

Costume ideas for men are hard to come up with, truth be told. This doesn’t mean there’s a limited number of costume ideas for men, but rather, it’s hard to let your imagination run wild and think outside of the box. Zombies on Halloween are everywhere and cowboy costumes are very popular. If you want to step beyond your comfort zone and experiment with an original Halloween costume idea, then this list of 100 best Halloween costumes for men is what you’ve been looking for!

We’ll start out with some of the best DIY Halloween costumes for men, and then, after touching on a few do-it-yourself costume ideas, we’ll dive into costumes for men that you can purchase from any costume or party store.

1. Richie Tenenbaum from Wes Anderson’s Film, The Royal Tenenbaums  


2. The Blue Left Shark Gone Viral after Katy Perry’s Performance 


3. The Most Interesting Man in the World Meme, Inspired by Don Equis 


4. Rick and Morty Character, Rick Sanchez 


5. Ace Ventura  


6. Wolverine 


7. Partner Up with a Friend and Dress as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros 


8. Iron Man  


9. David Bowie


10. A Man in Black from Men in Black


11. Dress Up as a Skeleton 


12. Shrek 


13. Star Trek Characters, Like James Tiberius Kirk 


14. A Good Ole Old-Fashioned Medieval Knight 


15. Any of the Emotions from the Disney Movie, Inside Out


16. Teenager-Turned-Superhero, Spiderman 


17. Superman and Clark Kent Two-In-One Costume 


18. Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.


19. Bill Nye the Science Guy 


20. Stranger Things‘ Police Chief, Jim Hopper 


21. Futurama‘s Bender 


22. Baseball Player 


23. Ryan Gosling’s Get-Up from the Movie, Drive 


24. Puss in Boots 


25. The Dating App, Tinder 


26. Steve Carell’s Character, Gru, from Despicable Me 


27. The Joker from Batman


28. The Incredible Hulk 


29. Duck Dynasty Main Characters 


30. Get Your Classy on By Dressing as Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby 


31. The Dude from The Big Lebowski


32. A Real Life Green Toy Soldier 


33. A Greek God, Like Poseidon or Zeus 


34. Bob Ross, the Painter Everyone Knows and Loves 


35. The Devil with Red Horns


36. Tom Cruise’s Character, Pete Maverick Mitchell, from Top Gun 


37. Edward Scissorhands 


38. The Black Panther


39. Danny Zuko from Grease


40. Scarface’s Tony Montana 


41. Throw People Off Kilter with a Santa Clause Costume


42. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones 


43. Iron Man  


44. Bond. James Bond. 


45. The Man with the Yellow Hat from Curious George


46. Walter White, the Criminal Character that Stars in Breaking Bad


47. An Emoji of Your Choice 


48. Peter Fonda from Easy Rider 


49. The Plague Doctor 


50. Captain Morgan, Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow… Any Captain 


51. Archie from the Archie McPhee Comics


52. The Not-So-Original Pumpkin


53. Your Favorite Cereal Mascot, like Captain Crunch or Tony the Tiger 


54. Ghostbusters‘ Character, the Key Master 


55. Football Player 


56. Ash Williams from Evil Dead 


57. The Adventurous Indiana Jones 


58. Carlton or Will from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air


59. Brad Pitt’s Character in Fight Club 


60. Aladdin With a Stuffed Animal Version of Abu on Your Shoulder


61. Back to the Future‘s Marty McFly 


62. Be a Teddy Bear for Halloween 


63. Captain America 


64. Jurassic World‘s Employee, Owen Grady  


65. A GameBoy or a Nintendo PlayStation Console


66. Grab a Group of Friends and Disguise Yourself as Tetris Blocks 


67. The Unbeatable Bruce Lee 


68. The Heroic Philip J. Fry from Futurama


69. Rich Uncle Pennybags from the Board Game, Monopoly


70. The Paper Towel Guy from Brawny 


71. Musicians Like John Lennon from The Beatles


72. The Old Spice Guy from Old Spice Commercials  


73. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho 


74. A Bottle of Hot Sauce, From Tapatio to Sriracha 


75. Inspector Gadget and All His Gadgets 


76. Zombies Inspired by The Walking Dead


77. Disney’s Famous Tarzan 


78. A Man Made out of LEGO Pieces


79. Pennywise the Clown from It 


80. The Dark Knight