The 35 Best Flower Bed Ideas

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The 35 Best Flower Bed Ideas

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If you’ve ever owned a home with a yard of your own, then you know just how much work it takes to maintain a garden. From trimming the hedges regularly and watering all the plants on your property, a personalized garden can start to feel like a part-time job that you perform on the weekends. Even when they require a lot of care, gardens are well worth the attention and time it takes to keep them in tip-top shape. That said, what if we told you that there is a way to lower your workload and still keep your garden looking crisp and clean? Flower beds work wonders as a way of keeping gardens from looking overgrown or disorganized. Let’s talk about thirty-five of the best flower bed ideas!

1. Create a Flower-Shaped Spread of Flowers

Flower beds are naturally a gorgeous addition to anyone’s lawn. The beauty of flower petals and the aromas they give off combine to create such a cheery experience, all from the comfort of your property. One idea that we suggest as the best flower bed idea is to recreate the image above by planting a flower bed in the shape of a giant flower. There’s nothing wrong with planting flower beds in a typical way, like a rectangular flower bed or a raised square flower bed. That said, there’s so much more fun and excitement to be had if you mix it up and plant your flowers in a shape of your choice. 

2. Incorporate Small Rocks and Pebbles of Various Colors in Your Garden

We’re going to let you in on a little tip about planting flower beds. If you want to have a striking flower bed but you don’t want to put in the extra work that you think an impressive flower bed requires, then this might just be the best news you’ll hear all day. An ingenious hack for gardening and landscaping is to make use of small stones, rocks, and pebbles. By laying them on top of the dirt in your flower beds, you’ve not only elevated your flower bed to the next level, but you’ve also made the job easier for yourself. The additional layer of rocks will keep the wind from blowing dirt all around your yard, as well as protect against critters and creatures that come out at night and often destroy flower beds whenever possible.  

3. Circle-Shaped Flower Bed Made Out of Birch Logs

A circular flower bed enclosed by short wooden planks is ideal for anyone in search of a DIY flower bed project. Not only are DIY flower beds less expensive than ones crafted by professionals, but they also make for an opportunity to show off your creative side. If you have space for a wood plank flower bed near your house, rather than farther out in the yard, you could use this flower bed idea as a perfect moment to plant the herb garden of your dreams. How lovely would it be to step foot outside and reach for herbs that you planted yourself? Nothing else compares, and a wood flower bed can make it something you get to experience on the daily.

4. Make a Heart-Shaped Flower Bed of Red, White, and Pink Roses

For the romantic gardeners out there, a flower bed filled to the brim with roses of any and all color will suit your personality incredibly well. By designing a flower bed in the shape of a heart, you will do nothing but amplify the appeal of your already-mesmerizing flower bed. Roses are instantly thought of as the flower of love and romance, so what better way to show off your love for love than with a flower bed of roses? Once your rose bushes have blossomed and bloomed to capacity, you can start trimming a few from their roots and taking them indoors for a gorgeous touch to your home decor, too. After all, love knows no bounds, and that includes flowers that represent love as well. 

5. Carve Out the Inside of a Lengthy Log and Use it as a Creative Flower Bed

If you want to impress your neighbors or anyone who drives by your house, then buckle up because we have the best flower bed idea for you. On top of your gardening tools, fertilizer, soil, flower seeds, and watering can, you’ll need a log, as well as a tool that will enable you to cut through the log. The idea is that you can make the wooden log hollow and use the inside as the place to plant your flower beds. When the flowers bloom, they will poke out of the top of the log and create one of the most innovative flower beds on the block. You can even get fancy with the flower bed idea and fill multiple logs to create a wooden train flower bed, as shown in the image above.

6. Plant an Array of Perennials

Having a garden filled with flower beds and budding plants is such a fulfilling feeling, but there’s a lot of work that goes into achieving such a lovely spread of flowers. Depending on the size of your yard, it might take you an entire weekend to prepare the soil, plant  the flower seeds, cover them up with dirt, and water all the places where you planted seeds. After all the energy, sweat, and hours you put into creating your gorgeous array of flower beds, you’ll just have to go through the steps next year. Winter will arrive and it’ll be time to say goodbye to the flowers you planted a few months prior. But what if you could plant flower seeds that last year after year? The good news is that you can! Filling your flower beds with perennials will, in most cases, provide you with flowers every day of the year. Some perennials bloom less frequently during colder months, but those same seeds will sprout flowers when the sunshine rolls around. Save yourself the hassle of redoing your flower beds every year by planting perennials in your flower beds.

7. Pave a Pathway through the Center of Your Flower Bed

Most of our flower bed ideas up to this point have referred to singular and small flower beds. If you don’t have a constraint on the amount of space in your yard or the number of flower beds you want to have, then a garden that you can walk through might be something you’d adore. If you have such an expansive garden full of multiple flower beds, a pathway might just be in order! There is a plethora of options available to you in terms of the material you use for your pathway, though the simplest way would be to build one out of rocks and pebbles. Depending on your time commitment and budget, concrete makes for a smooth flower bed pathway, but think about what your style is when choosing a pathway. You know what you like better than anyone.

8. Make a Flower Bed Out of a Suitcase

One of the most original flower bed ideas in the world involves an old worn suitcase. Though it might sound out of place, the appearance of a suitcase that has been used often contrasts incredibly well with the vivid hues of flowers that are starting to come to life. If you are someone who likes a vintage aesthetic or you’re really into a less modern approach to landscaping, then you should definitely ponder the idea of a suitcase flower bed. Paired with a rustic, grey-toned bench, a suitcase flower bed will have people complimenting your style the moment they see your quirky flower bed.

9. Pick a Color Scheme and Plant Flowers of Similar Shades in a Flower Bed

There’s nothing wrong with going the simple route, and if you’re someone who lives life with the motto of less is more, then a flower bed that contains flowers of the same color might be the best flower bed idea for you. By sticking to just one color, but altering the hues of the flowers, you can limit the busyness that comes with multi-colored flower beds. Doing so might even bring you some tranquility and calmness, which is good for everyone!

10. Build a Deck from Tile with Open Spaces Filled with Flowers

If you are in the process of remodeling your landscape in general or simply just redoing a deck on your property, then you might want to consider planning ahead and incorporating flower beds into the design of your patio. If you sketch the idea before you start the construction process, you can start to envision where you want the flower beds to be in relation to everything else. The reason you should think this through prior to building the deck is that you can create built-in tile flower beds for your gardening pleasure. This flower bed idea just adds another layer of sleekness and shows that you were thorough in your design process before executing the hard labor. Another perk of built-in flower beds is that, unlike flower pots, pets can’t run into built-in flower beds and knock everything over!

11. Plant a Flower Bed with Only Your Favorite Flower

Do you have an absolute favorite flower? Something special that you can do for yourself is dedicate an entire flower bed to your number one flower of all time. There’s no better way to make your garden more personalized and comforting than to fill it with the flower that brings you the most happiness.

12. Construct a Rock River that Runs Through Your Flower Bed

Could you imagine how beautiful a garden would be if a steady stream of river water flowed throughout the flower beds? Though it is possible, having an actual river twisting and turning about the flowers in your garden is quite a heavy undertaking. If you have the means to make this dream come to life, then go for it, by all means! Since it’s not a reality for everyone’s yard, given the time and the price tag that a stream would require, we thought we’d suggest the next best thing. You can easily create the illusion of a river bank flowing in your garden by replacing what would be water with lightly colored stones. The number of rows of rocks that you’ll need will certainly depend on whether you want to go for a skinnier rock river or a wide one. Either way, a rock river as part of your flower bed adds character, charm, and peacefulness to any garden.

13. Plant an Array of Herbs, Shrubs, and Various Greenery with a Brick-Lined Border

Not everyone wants to have color that pops and stands out in their yards, and that’s fine. Planting flower beds is always a matter of preference, so if you aren’t a huge fan of a lot of color, then you’ll love this flower bed idea. Made up of various shades of green, a flower bed that is home to shrubs, herbs, and various non-flowering plants is going to suit your taste like no other. The earthy look is very nonchalant while also being beautiful, especially with all the vibrant green against the dark tones of rocks and dirt. Green is also a very calming color, so a zen garden or a flower bed with a dainty water fountain for your local hummingbirds will suit this flower bed idea quite nicely as well.

14. Build a Flower Bed Out of Flat, Stone Pavers as a Border

Having a border along the sides of your flower bed is a stellar method of defining where your flower begins and where it ends. A great place for a flower bed is along your front steps and your driveway, seeing as you frequent these places fairly often and you’ll get to catch a view of your beautiful flower bed whenever you leave the house. The same goes for when you arrive back at your house. When placing a flower bed near the front of your house, you should consider using stone pavers as the border of your flower bed. When stone pavers are laid flat and on top of each other in rows, it creates a look like no other! Both parts fancy and functional, stone pavers situated beside a flower bed is a move worth making.

15. Decorate an Old Wooden Bed Frame and Plant Flowers in Place of the Mattress

The most adorable and expressive flower bed idea on our list has to be this flower bed made out of a repurposed bed frame. Have you ever thought to find another purpose for your old bed frame rather than having it hauled away or recycled? If not, the next time you purchase a new bed frame, think about finding room for your old one in your garden. Without the mattress on top, your bed frame has plenty of room for as many flowers and plants as your heart desires.

16. Build a Raised Flower Bed with Wooden Planks

One of the most simplistic flower bed ideas involves wooden planks. Easy to maneuver and even easier to press into soil, a raised flower bed made out of wooden planks is as easy as 1, 2, 3. This flower bed idea is especially essential for gardens that grow plants that produce fruits and vegetables, though you can plant any and all flowering plants within the walls of the wooden planks.

17. Place an Elevated Flower Bed in the Center of Your Yard

If you have a pretty open yard, a really great way of filling the space and making the landscape more interesting is to insert a raised flower bed in or around the middle of your lawn. Doing so will give the impression of a more detailed space rather than having bare land that stretches for yards and yards. Whether you want to build your own raised flower bed or have a professional work their magic instead, we think you’ll absolutely adore the outcome. Once you have the outline of the flower bed set in stone, the fun part begins! You can choose an array of flowers that you fancy and plant them in whatever sequence you like most. Raised flower beds are completely customizable, so channel your imagination and see what kind of beauty you can come up with!

18. Use a Wheelbarrow as a Statue in the Middle of a Flat Flower Bed

Wheelbarrows are one of those handy household must-haves that seem to last for centuries. Although it would be amazing if they really could last that long, wheelbarrows have an expiration date, just like everything else. If you happen to have an old wheelbarrow that you don’t use anymore, or if you find a wheelbarrow that’s a bit rusted and out of commission, you can utilize the old appliance for a fun flower bed idea. By filling the wheelbarrow with soil, you can transform the one-wheeled device into a flower bed for your favorite plants. You can take it one step further and make the wheelbarrow appear monumental by placing it in the center of a variety of bushes, small trees, and various flowers, too.

19. Use Your Imagination to Bring a Unique Flower Bed to Life

This flower bed idea is intended to spark your imagination and encourage you to think of a myriad of flower bed ideas for yourself. If you take a look at the picture above, you’ll notice that an old piano has been transformed into a free-flowing water fall with a flower bed in place of the strings, keys, and hammers. What other ideas can you postulate? The options are endless, so let your creativity run wild and try to come up with something we haven’t mentioned yet!

20. Use a Tree as Your Center Point and Plant Flowers in a Circle around the Trunk

At the base of trees, there’s often just a ring of dirt surrounding the tree trunk. This is the perfect excuse for another flower bed. After all, you can’t have too many of those! It’s impossible. One of the best flower bed ideas involving a tree is to plant seeds in the shape of the circle of dirt around the tree. From there, place a circular border of medium to large stones around all of the flowers to make a more defining separation between the flower bed and the surrounding grassy areas. Make this flower bed idea even more eye-catching with taller flowers that spring up beneath the tree.

21. Condense Your Favorite Flowers in One Place for Smaller Gardens

A small yard doesn’t mean you have to miss out on planting flower beds on your property. More than anything, you just need to find a way to make the best use of the space that you do have. An excellent flower bed idea for small backyards is to line the edges of your lawn with tall flowers, like bushes of hydrangeas or bundles of lilacs. Since flowering shrubs like these grow outward instead of growing upward, they will give the illusion of your yard being wider and bigger than it really is, but no one has to know that! An added bonus is that you will experience the joy of a garden full of flower beds with half the workload and effort that it takes to maintain a massive abundance of flower beds.

22. Influence the Depth Perception of the Flowers by Planting Rows that Gradually Increase in Height

An unbelievably beautiful flower bed idea for gardens with walkways, this flower bed idea incorporates a manipulation of the heights of your plants. Rather than just randomly planting short flowers in one place and tall flowers in the other, this flower bed idea emphasizes the importance of being strategic about the placement of your flowers. By lining the pathway with evenly-spaced taller flowers, and filling the empty spaces with shorter shrubs and flowers, you’ll make the pathway more enjoyable because the depth perception you’ve inflicted makes it look as though your garden is more dense than it really is.

23. Beautify a Flag Pole by Planting a Flower Bed Around It

Like you would with a tree trunk that you want to beautify, if you have a flag pole on your property and you want to add beauty to an otherwise industrial part of your lawn, then a flower bed surrounding the flag pole is your answer. The flowers blooming beneath the flag pole will draw your attention away from the silvery reflection of the flag pole. Instead, you’ll focus on the unmatchable beauty of the flowers, plants, and shrubs that you’ve placed in your circular flower bed below a flag pole.

24. Use a Tree Trunk as a Flower Bed

When trees enter their final stages of health, they begin to age. As they grow older, trees begin to weaken and once their stumps can no longer sustain the magnitude of the entire tree, they slowly begin toppling over. This often happens the most with trees in dense forests or wooded areas, so thankfully, it is rare to be hurt by a falling tree. However, if you happen to be so lucky as to stumble upon a tree trunk, you can appreciate its beauty and repurpose the trunk as a flower bed in your own backyard. They say that life comes from death, and when a tree dies, it doesn’t have to become a sad story. By using a tree stump as the base of your flower bed, you’re beautifying the tree and giving it yet another purpose.

25. Create a Flower Bed Using a Lot of Flower Pots

When people think of flower beds, they often envision flowers that have been planted in holes filled with dirt and soil. Flower beds are commonly created in a way where the roots of the flowers are below ground, and only the petals and stems are level with, or slightly above, the surrounding grass. But the definition of a flower bed doesn’t require that the flowers be situated beneath the ground. You can also create a bed of flowers made up of a bunch of different flower pots all placed next to each other. Though it is not your contemporary version of a flower bed, this flower bed idea is one of a kind and worth trying out if you want something funky and different.

26. Make a Small Circular Flower Bed Made Out of an Upright Floral Tower

Yet another idea for anyone working with a small amount of room in their yard, the vertical flower bed tower is key to ensuring you have a beauteous flower bed without compromising space. Since the tower flower beds grow upward, the only part of them that takes up space in the yard would be the base. Other than that, the flowers that add vibrancy and excitement to your yard won’t branch out in any directions.

27. Place Your Favorite Flowers on a Ledge outside Your Windows

Something that a lot of cozy cottages have in common is that there are flower beds tucked into the ledges outside of window panes. Rather than having a home that is strictly building material and paint, a little ledge outside of your windows will enliven the exterior of your house. Planting some of your most treasured flowers in the flower bed of your window ledge is a fantastic way of brightening your own day. Every time you leave the house, and every time you come back home, you’ll get to see your favorite flowering shrubs.

28. If You Have a Smaller Yard, Build a Brick Flower Bed Along the Side of Your House or Garage

If the space you have available for flower beds is rather small or limited, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun! A great way of incorporating flower beds into smaller yards is by lining a flower bed along the side of your house or your garage. By doing so, the flowers will just barely poke out from the sides of your home, so you’ll have the luxury of a flower bed without your lawn feeling terribly crowded. Place bricks in a line along the dirt border of your flower bed and step back in awe of your new flower bed.

29. Play Around with Rows of Flowers of Alternating Heights

A fabulous way of creating dimension in your flower bed is to plant flowers of varying heights throughout the flower bed. You can get as creative as you want to when planning the contents of your flower beds, too. Some people choose to plant flowers in rows within their flower beds, while other people forgo structure and toss seeds at random. This method is a surefire way of producing a flower bed that can never be replicated, making your backyard or your front lawn so much more special and specific to you.

30. Wrap Vines and Petunias around a Wooden Trellis for a Flower Bed with Height

A wooden trellis is another example of something that’ll help your flower bed be an original work of art. The criss-cross pattern of the wooden boards in the middle of a trellis will add a detail to your flower bed that no other design can provide. If you lean the wooden trellis up against the side of your house or your patio, the added height of your flower bed will be something people glance at in awe. A flower bed made possible by a wooden trellis is quintessential for people who need a space-conscious flower bed as well. Another option of implementing a wooden trellis as part of a flower bed is to use them as a passageway along your garden’s path. 

31. Highlight a Water Fountain By Planting a Flower Bed Around the Structure

Houses that have an elaborate walkway that leads to the front door have so much potential for a flower bed surrounding a water fountain. To be fair, the structure around which the flower bed is placed does not necessarily have to be a water fountain. You can place any and every possible piece of architecture. Incorporating something that holds value or special sentiments for you will make the scene even more heart-warming and impressionable.

32. Strategically Plant Flowers That are All Tall

Playing around with height differences within your flower beds can give you an idea of which flowers you should plant in the soil of your flower beds. If you like the concept of a garden that consumes you, then we strongly suggest that you intentionally plant flowers that are known for growing tall. Gardens full of towering plants and flowering shrubs are really comforting because it feels as though the nature surrounding you is wrapping you in an embrace, in a way. Flower beds with tall flowers can act as a sort of escape for anyone wanting to have a brief break away from everything going on in life, too.

33. Use a Metal Cauldron as the Rustic Centerpiece of a Flower Bed

Like something straight out of a Harry Potter book, the cauldron flower bed idea is quaint and appealing in the best of ways. This flower bed idea is a combination of magical and glamorous, especially if you plant flowers that exude elegance, like orchids, for example. For an added effect, surround the cauldron with kindling and wooden logs, as well as a variety of red, orange, and yellow flowers of your choosing. Together, these elements will emulate fire, as though the cauldron is being heated.

34. Keep it Simple with a Flower Bed of Only Two Colors of Flowers

If you already have a color scheme going on in your front yard, planting flower beds that contain flowers that are those two shades of the rainbow will amplify the theme of your yard. Sticking to two colors of flowers might sound a bit drab or boring, but trust us when we say it’s far from bland. Too many colors going on at once can become too busy and cluttered if not done well, so committing to a couple of colors and call it a day will keep your flower beds looking clean and intentional. You can always combine different flowers, like purple tulips and lavender, to add some variety to the mix!  

35. Design a Flower Bed Surrounded by Clay Flower Pots as a Border

In theory, flower pots are meant to be used in an upright position, with the soil and seeds planted vertically in the pot. Sure, that might be the most conventional way of using flower pots, but why not put a spin on flower pots and turn them sideways? By making a line of sideways flower pots, you can easily create a border for your flower bed. As one of the most creative flower bed ideas, the subtle orange coloring of the clay pots looks amazing next to a flower bed of yellow, orange, and red flowers. Clay flower pots are not terribly expensive either, which just makes this flower bed idea that much more enticing!