The 50 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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The 50 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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Whether you are a cooking connoisseur, or you have very little involvement in the meals that are made in the kitchen, you know for a fact that cabinet space is important. The most ideal scenario is one in which there is an abundance of available room for plates, bowls, glasses, tupperware, and anything else that holds your food.

Not all kitchens are designed with the most adequate cabinet space, which is not necessarily the worst thing to happen during the construction process, but it definitely can become a bit of an annoyance when you move in and start to familiarize yourself with the kitchen area. If you don’t have enough space to store your cutlery, cooking tools, or food items, you might find yourself limiting how much food you can store at one time.

Either that, or you’ll grow frustrated over time as you run out of space for all of your groceries, utensils, and the like. Save yourself from future trouble by thinking ahead about kitchen cabinetry. One style of kitchen cabinets that is particularly appealing and functional is the look of farmhouse cabinets. Let’s look into the fifty best farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas!

1. Bring Black and White Paints Together

Farmhouse kitchens are not known for bright colors. That’s part of the whole appeal of a farmhouse style eating area. But the lack of a colorful palette doesn’t mean you have to give up on your color scheme. You can utilize neutral and woodsy tones in a way that impresses guests and appeals to your dream of a farmhouse kitchen! One of the best ways to decorate your farmhouse kitchen is to strategically use black and white together. The contrast between white and black adds a subtle intensity and eye-catching appeal to your farmhouse kitchen space, especially when some of your cabinets are painted black and others are coated in white paint!

2. White Cabinet Space in Your Kitchen Island

A lot of farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas involve white cabinetry, and that’s because white paint illuminates your kitchen and pairs beautifully with darker, semi-industrial accents of farmhouse kitchen areas. White is also an excellent choice for farmhouse kitchen spaces because there tends to be a lot of wooden features, so instead of creating more of a rustic kitchen, white cabinetry accentuates the other farmhouse attributes of your kitchen!

3. Golden Handles on Your Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets


When you think about a kitchen with a farmhouse style, you probably envision bar stools with straw seats, furniture that is quite obviously a little worn down, woven fruit baskets, artsy decorations with neutral colors, and all wooden features, but the truth of the matter is that not all farmhouse kitchens abide by the most classic of interior design examples. You can add as much of your own personal touch to your kitchen as you want to! If that means adding some classic flair to an otherwise simplistic kitchen space. Replace your stainless steel cabinet knobs with faux gold handles on your cabinetry. Heck, you could even invest in real gold cabinet handles if you truly wanted to! The point is that a little bit of gold accenting here and there won’t upend your farmhouse kitchen aesthetic.

4. Partially Open Kitchen Cabinets with Panels


Cabinet spaces with doors are the most classic type of cabinetry, no matter what style of kitchen you have in your home. The reason for this is that it’s so easy to lift up your arm, open a small door, and reach into the space for a cup, plate, bowl, or whatever it may be that you need. But it’s easy to understand why some people find this type of farmhouse kitchen cabinet space to be a bit of a bore. Closed-door cabinetry can feel very drab and boring because there’s not a lot of beauty to be found by looking at a row of double-door cabinets. But guess what? You can still have elevated cabinets with doors in your farmhouse kitchen while maintaining an artistic and attractive space. Instead of settling for solid doors, replace them with cabinet doors that have windows. In doing so, all of your dinnerware will be visible through the glass, making the cabinets of your farmhouse kitchen so much more fun to look at! This is an especially ideal kitchen cabinet idea for anyone who owns hand-painted bowls, patterned bowls, and anything of the like.

5. Muted Yellow Cabinet Bolted to Your Wall with Individual Spaces for Your Plates


Most cabinets are designed in a way that forces your plates to rest one on top of the other. It’s a method that works perfectly well, but what happens if you have more plates than you can fit in a cabinet space with that style? If you are the parents of a big family, or if you’re someone who grew up with more siblings than your fingers could count, then this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea will make you drop everything and look into where you can buy a cabinet like the one pictured above. Storing your plates in an upright position also makes it easier to reach for the exact plate that you want to use, rather than having to lift up twelve different plates just to get to the one at the bottom of the pile. Just make sure to paint the cabinet a light color, such as pale yellow, so that the cabinetry bodes well with your farmhouse kitchen theme.

6. Copper and Rose Gold Handles Against White Farmhouse Cabinets


Similar to the suggestion of using gold handles for your kitchen cabinets, another way of introducing the farmhouse aesthetic to elegance and contemporary detailing is to remove any worn down cabinet handles and replace them with rose gold knobs. Most farmhouse kitchens will naturally stick to matte handles on cabinets, but who doesn’t love originality, especially when it involves unique accents in your personal cooking space?! Take note. White farmhouse kitchen cabinets look unbelievably spectacular when the handles shimmer the way rose gold cabinet handles do.

7. Wood Cabinets with Distressed Rustic Paint Finish


This farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea is one of the most on-point suggestions for a farmhouse style kitchen. Most cabinets are made out of wood, no matter what type of kitchen space they are found in, simply because wood is so readily available in bulk. It also holds up well over time. But just because your kitchen comes with wooden cabinets does not mean they have to remain a tan, light brown, or deep mahogany color. Head to your local interior design store and or reach out to specialists and purchase a paint color that will create a distressed look on your cabinets. One of the most telling attributes of a farmhouse kitchen is the way everything looks worn and used. When you give your cabinetry that aged look, your kitchen will begin to look more like a country-inspired and farmhouse-esque kitchen than ever before.

8. Brighten Up Your Farmhouse Kitchen Space with Cabinets Painted with Soft Colors


Do you love the look of a farmhouse kitchen but also find yourself incapable of sticking to a kitchen of only three colors? We get that the farmhouse style of decorating can feel a little monotonous if you don’t know how to embed small flairs and unique touches into the room. Don’t let preconceived notions or assumptions about farmhouse kitchens keep you from trying it out for yourself! Know that you don’t have to rid colors from your life in order to have a kitchen with a farmhouse aesthetic.

9. Rustic Handles on Your Kitchen Cabinets


With rods made from stained steel as the handles to your cabinets, how much more farmhouse chic could your kitchen cabinets possibly get? If you attach this type of handle to cabinets made from wood or oak, your kitchen will surely represent some of the most obvious attributes that are associated with the farmhouse kitchen aesthetic! In order to prevent your kitchen from appearing more industrial or old worldly, try to steer away from any impulse to install concrete cabinets or countertops with unpolished cement, even with rustic kitchen cabinet handles. Doing so will make your farmhouse chic cabinets look out of place.

10. Rustic Burgundy and Deep Brown Cabinets


How beautiful are these worn and distressed kitchen cabinets?! Hints of red poke through the deep dark brown of these farmhouse kitchen cabinets in a way that you cannot possibly miss out on. The cabinetry pictured in the above photograph are referred to as unfinished cabinets, but don’t let the category of cabinetry fool you. They are designed to look this way, despite the assumption that they aren’t finished. It’s just a term that refers to the raggedy and intentionally tattered look, which is perfect for farmhouse kitchen cabinets!

11. Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets with a Mahogany Theme


Going off of the previous example and the red hues that those cabinets had, let’s talk about mahogany and light brown cabinets in your farmhouse kitchen. Since a lot of farmhouse interior design pictures depict the space as primarily having unpainted wooden structures, it might surprise you to hear that farmhouse kitchen cabinets can be any type of wood that you fancy! If you aren’t the biggest fan of untouched wooden cabinetry, you don’t have to give up your dreams of a farmhouse kitchen whatsoever. Your cabinets can even be shiny and glistening under your kitchen lights, if you so wish.

12. Modern White Farmhouse Cabinets Against Wooden Countertops and Stainless Steel Appliances


This farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea has got to be the most classic example of all time. If you are looking to decorate your kitchen in the most farmhouse way possible, then you’ll want to adhere to a kitchen with white cabinetry, unfinished wooden countertops, and modern appliances made of stainless steel. This is the most by-the-book way of decorating your farmhouse kitchen. White cabinets have gained a lot of popularity as the farmhouse kitchen space staple.

13. Reverse the Usual Look with Deep Wood Wall Cabinets and Waist Level Off-White Cabinetry


If you take a look at a variety of farmhouse kitchen examples, you might notice that all of the cabinets tend to be the same color, as well as being of the same style choice. If the taller cabinets are white and paneled, then the lower cabinetry tends to be all white with paneling as well. You can switch this style with any type of farmhouse kitchen cabinet design and the same point holds true. But what if you were to break away from the norm and mix things up? Try switching up the style, design, and overall look of your kitchen cabinets by allowing your farmhouse kitchen to have mismatched cabinets. It’ll come together beautifully and you’ll find yourself wondering why you had never tried this idea sooner!

14. Cabinets with a Paneled Look for Added Details


Cabinets that have solid doors and no outward design can be very dull to look at, unless that is totally up your alley. If it’s not, you might want to look into installing cabinet doors with paneling on the exterior of the cabinets. Panels create depth as well as add some detail to the exterior of your farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

15. A Mix of Suspended Shelving and Floating Shelves as Cabinet Space in Your Kitchen That Expose Your Dinnerware


Some people are really big fans of suspended shelving units. Other people swear by floating shelves in their kitchens. But here’s an idea that doesn’t force you to pick a side. For your farmhouse kitchen space, why not combine suspended shelving units with floating shelves?! Doing so will open up space beneath your countertop in a fun and unexpected way. When your kitchen cabinets take the form of both suspended and floating shelving units, you free up the areas that would otherwise be your farmhouse kitchen cabinet areas. Also, a major perk of this farmhouse cabinet idea is that all of your cabinets will be situated at eye-level or higher, so you’ll never find yourself bending down to scour your cabinets for anything ever again.

16. White and Bare Wood Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinetry


Take a moment to glance at the interior design of this farmhouse kitchen. Look at how beautiful the white and plain wooden cabinets are! There is nothing more simplistic yet in tune with the aesthetic of farmhouse kitchens than a bare wood cabinet space. The addition of white paint enhances the country chic aspect of the cabinetry, and the brightness of white paint brings some life and light to an otherwise subtle building material.

17. Open Cabinet Spaces Painted a Neutral Pastel Color


Colors of the rainbow are not often associated with farmhouse kitchen cabinets. The space is typically filled with neutral tones. Any shades of paint tend to fall on the spectrum as gray, black, white, or brown. But this is not a rule, by any means. There are none when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. They are yours, so you can do with them as you wish! If you want to add color but don’t want to risk veering too far away from the textbook farmhouse kitchen look, try choosing a pastel for your cabinets. The softness of pastels fits in nicely with the rest of the features of a farmhouse kitchen!

18. Grayish Green Cabinetry with Rectangle Features and Golden Knobs


Add some uniqueness to your farmhouse kitchen cabinets by coating them in a greenish gray colored paint. Since most farmhouse style cabinets remain very natural and untouched, you can create a sense of originality by stepping away from the norm and adding the slightest hint of color. At the same time, you don’t want to get too far away from the aspects that make a kitchen farmhouse-themed. Stick to nonchalant colors like this grayish green and you’ll be just fine.

19. Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets with a Wear and Tear Appeal


Farmhouse kitchen cabinet designs are on a spectrum. At one end, you have the cabinets that are polished with a matte coat and are paired with modern stainless steel appliances. On the other end, you have cabinets like those pictured in this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea. There is nothing contemporary about this look, and it’s beautiful in the eyes of anyone who’s a fan of the farmhouse kitchen vibe. If you like the look of intentionally worn spaces, then you’ll be head over heels for this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea!

20. White Wooden Cabinetry with Black Handles and Knobs


White and black are polar opposites, but they work so well together, especially in farmhouse kitchens. The contrast that white cabinets and black cabinetry handles create is unparalleled. If you like making a statement, then this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea is the one for you.

21. When Wooden Cabinets Meet Industrial-Looking Black Handles


There are so many variations of building materials that you can play around with when it comes to your farmhouse kitchen cabinets. This kitchen cabinetry idea for homes with a farmhouse theme takes wooden cabinets as a base and pairs the casual look of these unpainted cabinets with the bold accent of industrial-inspired handles. The stark contrast between heavy duty metallic-looking handles and casual wooden cabinets is a bold statement for any farmhouse kitchen cabinet space. The handles in this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea also give you something to work with regarding the rest of the kitchen. You can use the intensity of the industrial bar handles to tie in other darker tones and shades in your kitchen! That way, any features that would otherwise stand out against the white, tan, and gray hues will actually fit in perfectly.

22. Grayscale Farmhouse Cabinetry With Thick Matte Black Handles


Who needs white cabinets?! Move over, off-white, pale white, cream, and pure white kitchen cabinetry. There’s a new color in town, and that color is gray. While there is definitely something to be said for black-on-white cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen, that can sometimes feel like too much of a statement for some kitchens with the farmhouse aesthetic. Whether the white comes across as too blinding or the black handles against white paint is not your style, you’re not out of options. Consider painting your cabinets a shade of gray that you like. Your kitchen will fit a farmhouse aesthetic, and you’ll be surprised what a difference the change in paint color makes!

23. Kitchen Cabinets with a Matte Finish for Perfect Farmhouse Look


Farmhouse kitchen cabinets can definitely have a glossy overcoat on top of them if that is something you fancy. But if you’re looking to stick to a very classic and old fashioned farmhouse look, glossy kitchen cabinets are not something you should have in your kitchen. Instead, try going for a matte finish rather than one that will reflect light with ease. The point of farmhouse kitchens is that they appear worn, used, and somewhat dilapidated in a way that looks  like it was done on purpose. So, use matte paint or a non-shiny top coat when painting your farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

24. Farmhouse Cabinetry Comprised of Shelving Units that Extend the Entire Length of Your Kitchen Wall


When you think of kitchen cabinets, is your first thought one that involves bulky, mounted rectangular structures that have doors with handles? If so, we can’t say that we blame you. The term cabinetry tends to paint a similar mental picture in everyone’s heads. For whatever the reason may be, cabinets are always thought of as being closed, confined, and of a certain shape. But guess what? Just like many things in the world, cabinets are not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. Play around with your cabinets by exchanging your typical cabinetry for shelving units that extend from one side of your kitchen to the other. You’d be surprised how cool open shelves as farmhouse kitchen cabinets can be!

25. Black Kitchen Cabinets with Golden Handles for a Fancy Farmhouse Look


Black and gold make for a timeless look. Gold exudes a royal ambiance and black is as classic as it gets for a paint color that lasts. When you combine the two, your farmhouses kitchen cabinets will be chic and sophisticated without going over the top. This farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea is perfect for you if you’re looking to add a royal touch and a bit of shine in an otherwise subtle and maintained space.

26. Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Made from Cypress Oak


Cypress oak is a beauty. The bright color of oak makes kitchen spaces very welcoming and farmhouse kitchen cabinets created with oak make any dining space appear. more spacious than it really is. This is a great building material for cabinets in a small farmhouse kitchen. Also, natural light plays off of cypress oak very well, so you will get to experience a farmhouse kitchen that feels happier and full of light.

27. Choose a Light Shade of Any Color of the Rainbow and Pair it with White Counters and Walls


Do you like pale yellow or a citrus orange color? How about baby blue? Or a cream-tinted jade green? If you are a fan of colored cabinetry, don’t let yourself be deterred by the farmhouse style of kitchen cabinets. Just because most cabinets don’t have a coat of colorful paint doesn’t mean yours can’t, so pick your favorite color and get to painting your farmhouse kitchen cabinets!

28. A Mix of Floating Wooden Cabinets and Black Cabinetry with Tinted Windows


Floating cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen work really well, and the neatest part is that you can pair floating kitchen cabinetry shelves with other types of cabinets, too! Not all of your cabinets have to be open and exposed like floating cabinets. Add a mix of floating wooden cabinet shelves and all black cabinetry with tinted windows for a diverse assortment of farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

29. Rough Wood Cabinets with Bright Colored Paint


A really, really cool way to accentuate the farmhouse element of your kitchen is to install dilapidated wooden cabinets. These are likely the most suitable type of cabinetry for farmhouse cabinets. Add a top coat of paint and you’ll end up with a farmhouse kitchen cabinet that looks worn but intact all at once.

30. Kitchen Cabinets with Windows and Silver Knobs


No matter how long you live somewhere, there are still many moments where you open the wrong cabinet door. It’s only natural to reach for a cabinet with plates when you actually need a bowl. So what if you could avoid making that mistake altogether? Thankfully, there’s a way to spare yourself the confusion of opening the wrong cabinet door. Install farmhouse kitchen cabinets with windows that allow you to take a peek into the cabinet before committing and opening it up. Add some shimmer to your farmhouse kitchen cabinets with silver knobs and handles!

31. Replace Glass Windows in Open Faced Kitchen Cabinets with Wire


Sure, windows in your kitchen cabinets are a wonderful way of helping you see what’s inside as well as adding some detail to an otherwise basic cabinet door. But glass isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially in farmhouse kitchens. It can be too much for some, and others would agree that glass windows can clash with the rest of the decor. Instead of glass windows in your cabinet doors, use wire! You’ll get the best of both worlds this way.

32. Splotchy and Untouched Wooden Cabinets with Steel Handles for a Very Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen


Here’s a pro tip for your farmhouse kitchen cabinets: keep them as untouched and ragged as possible if you’re going for a rustic and true country feel. If you install kitchen cabinets with too much precision or craftsmanship behind them, then your kitchen will lose some of the most essential characteristics that make it a farmhouse themed cooking space. Add steel handles to your kitchen cabinets to complete the look.

33. Olive Green Cabinets with Metal Handles and Latches for Added Aged Look


Many farmhouse kitchens can be classified as industrial, and many others fall more into the rustic farmhouse category. But those aren’t your only two options. If you want to have a more classic farmhouse kitchen, go in the direction of an aged look with a combination of olive green and metal.

34. Pale Yellow Cabinet Shelves


White is one of the most popular colors of farmhouse kitchen cabinets. But white isn’t for everyone, especially if your household consists of a family with children. Pale yellow is the best alternative to white for farmhouse kitchen cabinetry!

35. A Kitchen Center Island Made with Pine and Plenty of Cabinet Space


Cabinets don’t have to be up against a wall. Take this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea for example! Build a kitchen island and install cabinets in the sides for additional cabinet space in your farmhouse kitchen. You can use your choice of material and paint it in whichever color you choose. If you need an idea, pine makes for great farmhouse kitchen island cabinetry.

36. Kitchen Cabinets Made from Soapstone Material


Soapstone is less common, but it’s equally as perfect for farmhouse kitchen cabinets. If you are looking to create a semi-unique farmhouse kitchen space, opt for cabinets made out of soapstone. Not many people go with this building material, so you will feel like your farmhouse kitchen isn’t like all the others!

37. White Farmhouse Cabinets with Grey Handles for a Contrasting Effect


White and black has been a common theme, and so has gray and black. But another great combination is gray and white! It’s still very subtle and minimal, but the contrast isn’t quite as stark. This farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea is a modern approach with a countryside twist.

38. Wooden Cabinets Suspended with Industrial Rods and Perfectly White Cabinets Beneath Grey Stone Counters


If you’re having a hard time making up your mind about colors and building materials, then this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea is perfect for you! It combines suspended cabinets, industrial rods, white cabinetry, and gray cabinets made from stone. You get an array of ideas all in one!

39. Olive and Jade Green Cabinets in Your Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen


Olive, jade, and any other shade of green is a great color option for farmhouse kitchen cabinets. The main component of a farmhouse style is that there are little to no colors beyond earthy tones and neutral shades. Green is a wonderful complement to all the browns, grays, blacks, and whites!

40. Wire Cabinetry and Intentionally Unfinished Wooden Cabinets with Chipped Paint


Chipped paint is usually a sign that cabinets need to be repaired, but when your kitchen is inspired by a farmhouse aesthetic, it’s part of the plan. Keep your cabinets unfinished and let the paint wear away naturally without fixing it for a farmhouse kitchen cabinet you’ll adore!

41. Light Grey Cabinetry Below Waist Level


Cabinet spaces that do not rise taller than your waist might seem like more of a hassle than anything, but they are actually quite functional! Instead of reaching up and standing on your tippy toes, this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea is in the most ideal location for everyone in the household. You won’t ever have to grab a chair and stand on it to reach all the way to the back of the cabinet, as you sometimes do with cabinets above waist level. How perfect is that?

42. Shiplap Panels on the Exterior of Your Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet


Shiplap panels on your farmhouse kitchen cabinets are a great idea to help add some design to blank exteriors. This style of paneling is relatively original, and it’s rare to find a farmhouse kitchen cabinet with the exact design shown in the photograph. Stand out with this cabinet decor idea!

43. Dual Tower Cabinets with Floating Shelves in Between for Anyone Who Likes a Splash of Color


Here’s another farmhouse kitchen idea that mixes up the styles of your cabinetry. Instead of sticking to just floating shelves or tower cabinets, design an interior that combines the two! You’ll have cabinet shelves that everyone in your family can reach, too. From short children to tall adults, this farmhouse cabinet idea works for everyone.

44. Off-White Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Grey Cabinet Door Knobs


While many farmhouse kitchen spaces make great use of white cabinets, a not-so-hidden yet very unknown secret in the world of interior design is to go for an off-white coat of paint instead of true white. Why would you do this? Well, especially when designing a farmhouse kitchen area, the off-white complements other tones and shades in the room better than a pure white paint. White can accidentally come across as a jarring color, especially when implemented in rooms that already have darker hues all throughout, which you’ll always find in a farmhouse kitchen. When you opt for a pale cream color or an off-white shade of paint, there’s a slightly subdued tone and it takes away just the right amount of brightness. You don’t want your family, friends, or guests of any nature to squint the moment they step foot into your farmhouse kitchen, and that might be the case if you paint your cabinets purely white.

45. Make Use of Recycled Rolling Carts for Cabinets in Your Farmhouse Kitchen


How amazing are these rolling cart kitchen cabinets for farmhouse kitchen spaces?! Not only does this idea bode well for cabinetry, but rolling carts also make for incredible storage space if you have any additional cutlery, dinnerware, or other kitchen-related items that you don’t have space for in your main cabinets! The neatest part about rolling carts as kitchen cabinets is that you can find ones that already have the wear-and-tear appearance that will suit your farmhouse kitchen well! If you are lucky, your rolling cart cabinetry will come rusted already, so you won’t have to worry about trying to make your rolling carts appear more homey and rustic country. Plus, if you ever need to relocate this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea, it will be an absolute breeze, for the carts have built-in wheels attached! What could possibly be better for your kitchen?

46. Open Faced Cabinets at the Top, Closed Door Cabinetry on the Bottom


If it’s not already completely obvious, one of the most common types of cabinetry in farmhouse kitchen spaces is the all-white aesthetic. White paint is hard to pass up because it illuminates the kitchen area, makes your space appear bigger, and creates an uplifting ambiance from the moment people step into your farmhouse kitchen. Not only that, but since farmhouse kitchens spaces incorporate a lot of wooden features and stainless steel appliances, the white that comes from countertops, blinds, tables, chairs, and cabinets keeps the kitchen from looking too gloomy or lifeless. White cabinets in your farmhouse kitchen will make it feel like the sun is shining even on a cloudy day. Take your farmhouse kitchen space up a notch by changing up your cabinet type as well. With open-faced cabinetry above eye level, and closed-drawer cabinets and cabinetry with doors from your waist down. The different styles will add a dimension that you didn’t know your cabinet space needed until now!

47. Baby Blue Cabinets Paired with Dusty Old White Cabinetry


Have you ever considered mixing things up and devoting a section of your cabinet space to something fun and different? Farmhouse kitchens tend to lean towards a more conservative and colorless look. Although many farmhouse kitchens exhibit an aesthetic comprised primarily of white, black, browns, and grays, you don’t have to follow this as a must-have rule in your kitchen area. If you are someone who can’t shake the feeling of a splash of color in your kitchen, you can do that all while keeping a farmhouse theme. The best advice we can offer when pairing a few baby blue cabinets with mostly dusty white cabinetry is to keep the number of blue cabinets to a minimum. It’s important to keep the blue hues subtle. That way, you can both enjoy the dash of color and have a kitchen with a farmhouse vibe.

48. Pastel Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Accents


Once in a blue moon — no pun intended — you will stumble upon the rare suggestion that you paint your farmhouse kitchen cabinets a soft, radiant light blue. Similar to the idea before this one, this farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea might shock you because farmhouse kitchen areas are literally defined by their minimal use of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Even the most modern of farmhouse kitchens stick with a black, white, and brown color palette. But this lack of color is not an absolute must for farmhouse kitchen cabinets. When you have a subtle pop of color in your kitchen, you accentuate the laidback style of farmhouse detailing and allow for a bit of personality to shine through. Your kitchen cabinets can be classified as exuding a farmhouse style without strictly sticking to a kitchen void of colored cabinetry. With a pop of gold, you add some chic detailing to an otherwise countryside kitchen.

49. Muted Navy Blue Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets


As mentioned two or three times previously, it’s fairly rare to find a farmhouse kitchen space that makes use of colors. Beyond white, browns, grays, and black, farmhouse kitchen areas do not usually incorporate colors of the rainbow. This is simply part of the whole farmhouse style of interior decorating. But just because it is not the norm to add color here and there, it does not mean you aren’t allowed to have some pops of color. Take this muted navy blue cabinetry in the photograph above. The kitchen still exudes a farmhouse atmosphere while incorporating a deep shade of dark blue. The key to a farmhouse kitchen with a color or two is to use a shade that has been dulled. You might create a bit of a confusing vibe if you were to paint your farmhouse kitchen cabinets a brilliant royal blue or a neon lime green, particularly because those colors do not pair well with the other characteristics of a farmhouse kitchen. But since the farmhouse way of decorating sticks to a subdued and muted color palette, you’ll want to make sure any colors that you choose to paint your farmhouse kitchen cabinets with do not distract from the rest of the space. Farmhouse kitchens are easy on the eyes, so a navy blue is the perfect cool tone for farmhouse kitchen cabinetry.

50. Floating Light Tan Wooden Cabinet Shelving Units

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Floating cabinets are a stunning storage idea. When you have a farmhouse kitchen, you can merge floating shelving units and the unfinished, casual ambiance of the farmhouse style. To do so, be very intentional about which type of building material you use to construct the shelves. For example, if you were to use steel or stone for your floating cabinet shelves, then your kitchen would start to have a more industrial and modern aura about it, respectively. Unless you have had a change of heart and those styles are what you are going for after all, then feel free to do so! However, if a farmhouse style is your type of kitchen, then opt for wooden cabinets that appear to be floating against your walls. Wood of all shades is associated with farmhouse kitchen. and if you already have a fair share of stainless steel appliances or chic white countertops, then light tan wooden floating shelving units are a must for your farmhouse kitchen!