The 40 Best DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas

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The 40 Best DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas

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One of the best parts about the warmer seasons is that the days are longer and the weather is beautiful. As soon as the colder months pass and the sunshine takes over, people tend to spend a lot of time outside. Understandably, too! But outdoor furniture, like any furniture, is expensive. Over time, purchasing new pieces of furniture from a retail store can start to do a number on your bank account. Instead of draining your savings in order to own an outdoor bench, why not build an outdoor bench yourself?

As long as you adhere to the directions, a DIY outdoor bench can be just as functional and well-made as an outdoor bench that you would buy from a manufacturer, if not more so. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of bragging rights for constructing an outdoor bench by yourself. If you’re looking to add outdoor furniture to your landscaped yard and budding garden, but you don’t want to spend hundreds on an outdoor bench, take a look at these DIY outdoor bench ideas.

1. Wooden Plank Bench on Top of Stone Pavers

One of the most classic DIY outdoor bench ideas is made out of stone and wood. The simple combination of grey stone and brown wood is not only suitable for any and every yard imaginable, but this DIY bench idea doesn’t take an arm and a leg to build, either. There are quite a few building tools needed to put the bench together, but don’t let the laundry list of tools and materials deter you from trying this DIY project for your yard.

2. Design a Stone Bench

Going off of the wood and stone DIY bench idea, you can also create an outdoor bench made out of more stone than wood. As you can see in the image above, this DIY project displays stone more predominantly than wood. If you so desired, you can try to recreate this bench without wood altogether, but just know that the wood acts as a great support system for the stone design. Since no one can see the wood unless they bend down and glance underneath the bench, this bench idea is the right choice for anyone going for a slate grey look.

3. Outdoor Bench Built with Concrete

Another option for those of you who have an eye for grey benches is to construct an outdoor bench using concrete. A bench made from hardened cement and other necessary aggregates is by far the sturdiest bench of all time. There’s no possibility of a strong wind knocking your bench over, and if you really wanted to, you could secure your concrete bench to the ground by letting the wet cement dry in the position you want the bench. That way, you’ll never have to worry about thieves stealing your bench either. Concrete benches can be slightly cold and somewhat uncomfortable because they are made from such a thick building material, but you can always place cushions on your concrete bench. Problem solved!

4. Two-Chair Outdoor Bench with Middle Table

If you have a significant other and the two of you like to hang out in the sunshine together, then a bench that was created by molding two patio chairs into one piece of furniture might just be for you. Even if you don’t have a partner, this dual-chair-with-table bench idea is impressive. Sharpen your carpentry skills with this DIY bench idea. Depending on the height and length that you want the chairs to be, you might need to sand the lumber that you purchase, but it’s a breeze.


5. Recreate a Rustic Table Bench in Your Own Backyard

Just by looking at the appearance of this bench idea, you might be thinking, “It’s a basic bench, but made with old wood instead!” Before you start constructing an outdoor bench from old wood that you’ve found in your backyard, be aware that you should never build anything with old wood. As trees age and eventually die, the wood they leave behind begins to soften over time. Were you to try building a bench from old wood, you would likely break the bench immediately after sitting down. Instead of setting yourself up for DIY failure, head to your local hardware store or home improvement retailer in search of a dark colored wood. A slightly grey-tinted wood, like mesquite or wenge wood, will give you the plain, worn look you’re going for while also maintaining functionality.

6. Connect Multiple Chairs and Create an Outdoor Bench with Multiple Seats

Similar to the outdoor bench made from two patio chairs connected by a middle table, this outdoor bench idea is also made by combining chairs together. If you have a surplus of wooden chairs, or any chairs at all, you can build a circular outdoor bench. The neatest part about a bench like this is that it can be used by multiple people at one time. Rather than only having space for two or three people, an outdoor bench of this nature can fit as many people as you want it to, and all it takes is an equal number of chairs to make it happen. Great for personal use and perfect for public parks, this outdoor bench idea is so versatile.

7. Place Cushions on Top for a Comfier Outdoor DIY Bench

Even when they are well-designed, a lot of benches end up being very uncomfortable to the point where it seems you either have to choose between an aesthetic or your comfort. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Although it does make more sense to invest your money in a DIY project for a bench you actually love, you can always cover up a not-so-comfortable bench with as many pillows and cushions as necessary to reach optimum comfort levels.

8. Build a Mahogany Bench with Storage Baskets Underneath

Mahogany is a gorgeous red-brown wood that makes all the difference between a regular outdoor bench and an eye-catching outdoor bench. When you combine the beauty of mahogany with the convenience of storage space, you’ll end up crafting the best outdoor bench idea in the world. The extra space allows you to keep magazines and books tucked under the bench for moments of leisure outside, as well as things like toys for your dogs to play with and sunscreen on the hotter days.

9. DIY Park Bench

There’s something comforting about park benches. They make you think of climbing on jungle gyms and soaring great heights on swing sets when you were younger. But you don’t have to go to the park to reminisce about the good ole days. Instead, take on this DIY project and create a park bench of your very own!

10. Transform a Coffee Table into a Bench for Your Garden

Do you happen to have a coffee table lying around and you don’t know what to do with it? Taking it to your local recycling station might be the number one idea on your mind, but what if we told you that you can transform that coffee table into an outdoor bench? By using the coffee table as the base for your bench, your old furniture is now a brand new item! It’s up to you whether or not you want to add a back to the bench. If so, you’ll need to pick up wood of a similar style and color from a hardware store, simply because you won’t have enough wood to work with from the coffee table alone.

11. Outdoor DIY Bench Made From Pine

Pine is an elegant type of wood that always looks sleek and shiny, as though it had recently been polished. This DIY outdoor bench idea is one of a kind. The slabs of pine are positioned vertically so that there’s space in between each piece of wood. At first glance, this might look like an uncomfortable bench due to the spaces, but you don’t even notice them when you’re sitting down on a bench like this. Pine benches are the way to go.

12. Use the Backs of Old Chairs as the Legs of Your DIY Bench

Pine is an elegant type of wood that always looks sleek and shiny, as though it had recently been polished. This DIY outdoor bench idea is one of a kind. The slabs of pine are positioned vertically so that there’s space in between each piece of wood. At first glance, this might look like an uncomfortable bench due to the spaces, but you don’t even notice them when you’re sitting down on a bench like this. Pine benches are the way to go.

13. DIY 2×4 Outdoor Patio Bench

Anyone who dreams of an outdoor bench on their patio but has a limited amount of space to work with will adore this DIY outdoor bench idea. At only two feet wide and four feet long, this outdoor bench is a good route to take for space-conscious patios. There’s plenty of room to sit on a 2x4 bench and you’ll still have a lot of space left over.

14. Build a Bench Out of Cinder Blocks

Believe it or not, cinder blocks make for incredible outdoor benches. With cinder blocks as your building material, you will inadvertently build a bench with individual seating. If you glance at the photograph of a cinder block bench pictured above, you’ll see that the cinder blocks are placed between each square-shaped seat. This DIY bench idea ends up creating an outdoor bench that is communal while also allowing for personal space.

15. Outdoor Bench or Outdoor Couch?

Sofas aren’t just for indoor lounging. What if we told you that you can have your couch outside without actually bringing your couch outside? Introducing the outdoor bench that looks just like a couch. Similar to the outdoor bench idea that involved numerous cushions, the outdoor bench-turned-couch makes use of pillows and padding for a bench as comfortable as your favorite indoor furniture.

16. Plant Flowers on Either Side of Your DIY Outdoor Bench

For the floral enthusiasts of the world, this outdoor bench idea was brainstormed with you in mind. Many outdoor benches are placed in or near gardens because they let you take in the beauty of flowers and plants without having to stand around or sit on the ground. But why limit yourself to a bench in your garden when you can make your outdoor bench part of the garden? Instead of the typical ends of benches, replace arm rests with planter boxes on either side of your bench for a floral spin on outdoor benches.

17. Find a Purpose for Old Pallets by Making a Bench out of Them

A very casual and laid back bench idea involves wood pallets that have an obvious wear to them. This is an intentional look, as opposed to the wood actually being old and worn. Often referred to as a distressed style, this outdoor bench idea is great for anyone who loves repurposing unused materials and creating something beautiful from them.

18. Semi-Circle Bench around Fire Pit 

To get your bench to be a light tan color, you’ll want to use cedar as your building material. Think of it as though you’re building three individual small benches, except the sides of them are angled so that they will form a curved shape when all is said and done. Half-circle outdoor benches work really well for campfires and roasting marshmallows, as well as telling scary stories or looking up at the stars with friends.

19. Wooden Bench Around a Tree

Now, we already mentioned the idea of a circular bench made out of multiple chairs. This bench idea is similar to that idea, except this time around, we’re talking about a wooden bench that wraps around a tree. This outdoor bench idea would also work around a flagpole or anything stationary. But rather than taking a plethora of chairs that you don’t use anymore, this outdoor bench idea is made from basic wood boards. A wooden tree bench provides even more seating areas because there is no indication of where one seat starts and another begins, like there is with an outdoor bench made from chairs.  

19. Build a Bench out of Logs

You can create an outdoor bench that looks like something out of the depths of a forest, if all-natural is your style! To build one outdoor bench, all you need is one giant log from a fallen tree. We suggest using a tool to sand the tree stumps down if necessary, as well as for slicing the log in half to make the flattened part of the bench. The log will be used for the legs as well as for the part of the bench that people sit on, so the length of the log that you find will directly correlate to how much seating room you want there to be.

21. Use Tree Trunks to Build a Wooden Bench

Going off of the last idea, this outdoor bench DIY project incorporates trees as well. However, instead of using a tree for the entire bench, this outdoor bench idea just uses tree trunks as the legs for your outdoor bench. The part that you, your friends, and your family will sit on is made out of a slab of pinewood. This outdoor bench idea is so easy that you don’t even need to attach the pine to the legs made out of tree stumps. Just make sure that the tops of the tree stumps are even so that nobody topples over after sitting down on your outdoor bench.

22. Repurpose a Baby Crib for Your Bench-Building Dreams

Cribs for babies and younger children to sleep in are actually really great pieces of furniture to repurpose as outdoor benches. If you have an old crib from when your child was younger and you want to create something memorable out of it, then an outdoor bench is a prime example of how to do just that. Even better, your outdoor bench will also have sentimental value. If you like the idea of a bench made from an old crib, you can always check out thrift stores near you. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a new crib when you’re only going to take it apart, so used furniture stores are the best place to shop.

23. Hand Paint Flowers on the Exposed Wood of Your DIY Outdoor Bench

You don’t have to start from scratch in order to DIY an outdoor bench that you love! If you already have a farmhouse-style bench, then you can skip ahead to the steps that talk about how to paint your own designs on your bench. If you don’t have a bench to work with already, this DIY outdoor bench tutorial will walk you through the process and teach you everything you need to know about hand painting a farmhouse bench.

24. Construct Your Own Storage Bench for Your Deck

You can never have too much storage space, and when it comes to outdoor benches, you’ll find that you wish you had somewhere to store a book, toys, or journals to write in while you relax on your patio. Imagine yourself finally getting settled outside with a light blanket and a glass of lemonade, only to realize you completely forgot to bring your novel outside with you. It can be frustrating to have to get up and go back inside, but you can eliminate the hassle by designing an outdoor bench that doubles as a storage bin! All you have to do is lift up the top of the bench to store and retrieve your items.

25. Repurpose a Front Door by Using it as the Backing of an Outdoor Bench

Have you replaced your front door recently? Maybe you changed the doorframes of the doors in your house and now you have some doors that you don’t know what to do with. Or maybe you don’t have any doors lying around but the idea of an outdoor bench made out of an old door intrigues you. Either way, repurposing an old door and using it to build an outdoor bench is amazing because you’ll be recycling wood and turning it into something useful, rather than just tossing it out.

26. Turn Crates Sideways and DIY a Bench

Crates aren’t just for storing items or transporting them from one place to another. Just by turning a handful of milk crates onto their sides, you are only a few steps shy of having an outdoor bench of your own creation. The number of crates you need will depend on how long of a bench you want, but if you aren’t sure, three crates is a safe number. In a few simple steps, you will turn wood and a few crates into a functional outdoor bench that people will admire. If you really want to get creative, paint the crates with your favorite colors.

27. Attach an Outdoor Bench DIY Project to Your Patio

Open patios are really neat because they give you so much room to be creative about your outdoor furniture. If your patio has a solid railing surrounding it, a great idea would be to DIY an outdoor bench that uses the railing as the backing of the bench. By building a bench up against the pre-existing railing, you don’t have to worry about configuring anything other than the base of the bench. It minimizes the amount of time you have to put into your outdoor bench project, making it suitable for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands but want an outdoor bench on their patio.

28. Use an Old Clawfoot Bathtub to Create a DIY Bench Outside

This outdoor bench idea sounds like an example of something you’d find in a faraway town while on vacation because it’s so rare. Clawfoot tubs are one of the most supportive outdoor bench ideas. If you think about it, bath tubs are intended to be cozy and enclosed, so by using something that’s already correlated with relaxation, your outdoor bench will be even comfier.

29. Take an Old Bed Frame and Turn it into a Bench

One of the hardest parts about building your own outdoor bench is that the back can be really trick to DIY. The most common type of bench backing that you’ll see in stores is made from plastic bars or aluminum rods. The intricacy of bench backs is not very achievable by amateur bench builders, so many DIY benches don’t have backs at all. But you know what makes for a perfect backing to your bench without requiring you to be a professional? Bed frames! After all, beds are really just elongated benches, so taking an old bed frame and using the headboard as the back of your bench will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

30. Get Creative with Cinder Blocks

One of our earlier outdoor bench examples was a bench made out of cinder blocks. This DIY bench idea is a spin-off of the other one, but this time around, the seating area is much longer. The secret to creating stable outdoor benches with cinder blocks is to build the base of the bench out of pieces of wood. The wood should be dense enough so that it doesn’t break in half when someone sits down, so be cautious of that detail. The wood makes it really easy to connect the base of the bench to the cinder block legs because the partitions of wood can slide through the open spaces of the cinder blocks and rest in place without collapsing.

31. Turn a Rocking Chair into a Relaxing Outdoor Seating Option

Why limit yourself to an immobile outdoor bench when you can build one that rocks back and forth? If you are someone who finds comfort in the motion of rocking chairs, then taking two rocking chairs and transforming them into a single bench is the right DIY outdoor bench project for you. It takes very few tools and only a short burst of time to achieve this relaxing outdoor furniture.

32. Colorful Cinder Block and Brick Outdoor Benches

For anyone who has a small square area of concrete in their yards, adding cinder block benches and a brick fireplace is a great use of the space. This is such a darling idea for children, too! If you have kids who like to host sleepovers, you can modify this outdoor bench idea so that it’s suitable in height and style for children. Keep the benches low to the ground by using fewer cinder blocks, and paint everything an array of colors for the kids to enjoy.

33. Build an Arbor Bench

34. Add Some Style with Different Colored Wood

Add some artistic flair to your outdoor wooden bench by implementing various colors of wood. When you think about a wooden bench, the light colors of sapwood and heartwood probably come to mind almost naturally. You don’t usually see outdoor benches that have a backing made from different sizes of wood, but the uneven edge of your outdoor bench will attract attention from anyone who sees it. This look is very quirky and unique, so if you’re looking to make a statement with your outdoor furniture, this bench idea is the one for you.

35. Keep it Simple with a Box-Style Outdoor Storage Bench

This DIY outdoor bench idea is more of a storage container than a bench, but the most fascinating part about it is that it functions as a bench with so much ease. This goes to show that you can always utilize ottomans with storage as your outdoor bench. Since the top of the container is flat, there’s no reason you can’t use box-style outdoor storage containers as outdoor benches. They are perfect for people who have a lot of tools, gardening supplies, or anything else they want to tuck away rather than leaving out in the open.

36. Two Wooden Benches with Three Planter Boxes

If you love flowers like no other, consider taking two already-built wooden benches and combine them into an L-shaped bench with planter boxes on every corner, for a total of three planter boxes. What could be better than having flowers on either side of you as you spend some time outside?

37. Rainbow DIY Wooden Outdoor Bench

Wood pallet benches don’t have to be an earthy tone or remain a neutral color. Wooden benches are a low-cost way of building your own outdoor benches. Not only are they inexpensive, they are also the most customizable outdoor bench option. Wood holds paint very well, so you can take your deep brown outdoor bench and turn it into a replica of the rainbow by painting each wood pallet a different color.

38. Wood and Cinder Block Benches with Cushions

Another way of incorporating cinder blocks and wood as part of your outdoor bench is to get pieces of wood that are longer than you intend for your bench to be. Let the wood stick out of the cinder blocks by about ten inches on either side. This adds dimension and style to the bench. From there, fill the entire seating space with the comfiest cushions you can find. It’s the perfect combination of modern and personable.

39. Cherry Oak Outdoor Bench 

An outdoor bench constructed from cherry oak is one of the most natural-looking benches you could possibly build on your own. Cherry oak is absolutely stunning on its own, and by using it as the building material of your outdoor bench, your landscaping will shine against the beauty of your bench. The craziest part about this outdoor bench idea is that the bench barely even looks like it’s manmade.

40. Connect Patio Chairs with a Table in the Middle

A miniature L-shaped bench is such a good idea for a corner space that you want to fill with something. This outdoor bench idea is so compact that you can even place it in the corner near the entrance of your house. Whether you want to sit back and relax with a newspaper in your hands, or briefly sit down as you put your shoes on or take them off before going inside, you’ll get a lot of use out of this outdoor bench. Two patio chairs connected by a table is a more useful bench than it initially appears to be.