The 30 Best Outdoor DIY Firewood Rack Ideas

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The 30 Best Outdoor DIY Firewood Rack Ideas

Home By James 
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If you are looking to store your wood somewhere outdoors there are numerous options available to you. If you have a bit of a creative side or are familiar with woodworking you can easily create your own DIY outdoor fire rack.

1. Shed and Fire Rack

This fire rack not only looks great but it has the added benefit of giving you some extra storage space outside.

2. Tall Storage

If you have a great deal of wood that you want to keep organized. A storage shed like this one is a great option for keeping the wood dry and out of the way.

3. Simple Wood Rack

This rack is one that is easy for just about anyone to put together with a few pieces of wood and a few connectors.

4. Round Storage Rack

If you want to upcycle something that is just going to get put to waste you can use some metal window wells and some wooden boards to create this shelved round storage rack.

5. Triangle Wood Storage

This large storage is created from feather boards and an old pallet. The bonus part of this design is that it can be folded up and put off to the side when it is not in use.

6. Long Storage Rack

This is another simple wood storage rack that keeps your wood off the wet ground and it is really simple to create with instructions that can be found online.

7. Easiest DIY Storage

If you want a DIY solution that requires hardly any work this is the right one for you. Cinderblocks provide the perfect base for both the vertical and horizontal boards with no cutting or nailing required.

8. Wood and Cinderblock

This is another easy storage solution that uses cinderblocks to keep all the wood off the ground. This rack has a shelf to make it easy to sort the wood and grab smaller pieces as needed with the larger logs below.

9. Small and Sweet

If you don’t want to take up a lot of space with your wood storage all you need for this one is two cinderblocks and some cut 2x4s.

10. Corrugated Bed Frame

This is another simple wood rack that requires very little effort to create. All it is is a raised corrugated metal bed frame turned over on its side.

11. Pallet Wood Rack

This pallet is created from the use of old pallets and it is great for keeping the wood dry and off the ground. It is also very affordable if you can find someone throwing out pallets.

12. Rolling Firewood Rack

This firewood rack is easy to build and has the added benefit of being able to be rolled to wherever you need it and then rolled back out of the way when you are done.

13. Curved Firewood Rack

This white and natural wood rack is not only useful but it adds a bit of charm and style to your backyard. It also has the benefit of a roof to keep the wood nice and dry.

14. Pipe and Concrete Footings

This is yet another completely simple design for keeping the wood off the ground. All you need is concrete footings and some pipe.

15. Counter Fire Rack

This firewood rack is useful in more ways than one. It has a built-in countertop that you can put to use with your outdoor barbeques.

16. Small Space Wood Rack

This rack is perfect if you have only a small backyard or limited patio space. It can also fit right in the corner of a living room and it is easy to create with only six steps.

17. Module Woodshed

This shed has two sides to make it easy to store different sizes of wood or to keep a large stockpile of wood dry and off the ground.

18. Firepit Bench Fire Wood Rack

This rack has plenty of storage space for all the wood that you can manage to store and it keeps it within easy reach for those cozy backyard fires.

19. Large Storage Shed

This oversized storage shed is great if you have a large quantity of wood that you want to keep organized and off the ground. It is also pretty easy to make if you have some woodworking skills.

20. Simple Pallet Storage

This pallet storage is easy to nail together and it puts otherwise wasted wood to good use.

21. Aluminum Fire Rack

This aluminum and concrete rack is easy to make and it will hold up to the elements. You can even paint it whatever color you like.

22. Dark Stain Fire Wood Rack

What sets this firewood rack apart is the rich dark stain that graces the wood. It gives a very simple wood rack a very elegant feel.

23. Cinderblock Firewood Rack

This firewood rack is made just by stacking large cinderblocks on their side. It keeps the wood off the ground and is really easy to create.

24. DIY Wood Rack Kit

This wood rack is created from some brackets purchased from Wayfair and then some wood boards purchased from your local hardware store. It looks great and is super simple.

25. Rustic Fire Wood Rack

If the reason that you have a lot of firewood to store is that you cut down a tree or two, then you can put together this rustic wood rack. Just use some logs from the tree and you’ve got all your firewood off the ground and organized.

26. Large Pallet Wood Shed

This is a shed perfect for the person with more wood than they know what to do with. It protects a large stockpile of wood from the elements and is easy to make with some old pallets.

27. Wood and Pipe Firewood Rack

This firewood rack is made from metal pipe and a few pieces of wood. It is great for indoors by the fireplace or outdoors by the firepit.

28. Small Storage Rack

This rack is made from just a few boards nailed together and it is great if you just have a small amount of wood that you need to keep by the fire.

29. Rolling Wood and Metal Racks

These metal racks are great for indoors and outdoors and they can be easily maneuvered to wherever you need wood.

30. Covered Wood Storage

This DIY rack is simple to put together and has the added benefit of keeping the wood protected from the rain.