The 40 Best DIY Desk Ideas

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The 40 Best DIY Desk Ideas

Home By James 
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Day by day, more and more people are starting to work from home. While it can be fun to lounge on the couch or stay tucked in bed as you work on a project, the enjoyment only lasts for a day. Maybe two. But when you work from the comfort of your home everyday, it is far more convenient and comfortable to do your work from a desk, just like you would for an occupation in a public office setting. There are so many options when it comes to designing your at-home office space. The best part of all is that many of these desk ideas are DIY projects, meaning you can build a desk without breaking your bank. Here are 40 of the best DIY desk ideas for your office at home.

1. Hanging L-Shaped Computer Desk Made From Wood


2. Put Your Woodworking Skills to Work with a Basic Wooden Table Desk


3. Computer Desk with Room for Two


4. Desks that Adjust between Sitting and Standing

5. Keep it as Minimal as Possible


6. Desks with Shelving for Books and Planners


7. Work Desk with Straw Basket Storage


8. Standing Desks at Home


9. Ergonomic Computer Desks at Home


10. Desktop Laptop Organizer Made From Cardboard


11. Pink Desks


12. Computer Desk with Criss-Cross Table Legs


13. Computer Desk with Storage Space


14. Office Space with a Desk in Your Walk-In Closet


15. Leaning Ladder Desk


16. Make Use of Sawhorses for Your DIY Desk


17. DIY Particle Board Bookcase Next to Desk


18. Suspend Your Computer Desk with Chains


19. Floating Desk


20. L-Shaped Desk in Middle of the Room


21. Triangle Corner Desk


22. Make Your Own Wooden Drawers for Your Desk


23. Gold and White At-Home Desk


24. Concrete Table Top Desks


25. How to Make an Industrial Looking Desk at Home


26. DIY a Computer Desk Using a Shelf


27. Basic Wooden DIY Desk


28. Use File Cabinets to DIY Your Desk


29. DIY a Desk for Video Gaming and Music Production


30. Squeeze a Desk into a Small Alcove Area


31. Wall Storage Space above Your At-Home Desk


32. Computer Desk Using Pipes


33. Desks with Copper Pipe Legs


34. Plywood and Wired Metal Legs Desk


35. Desk that Stretches Across Entire Wall


36. L-Shaped Computer Desk


37. Bench-Style Desk with Overhead Shelving Room


38. DIY Sawhorse Desks with Bar Stools for Seats


39. L-Shaped Corner Desk


40. Miniature Desks with Clear Table Tops for Children