30 Best DIY Coffee Mug Holder Ideas

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30 Best DIY Coffee Mug Holder Ideas

Home By James 
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Coffee mugs are one of the few items that you can bet every household has. Despite being called coffee mugs, ceramic cups can be used for anything and everything. From tea before bedtime and drip coffee in the mornings, you can drink smoothies out of coffee mugs and even sip soup out of a ceramic coffee mug if all of your bowls are dirty in the moment. But when you have so many coffee cups and not an endless amount of storage space in your kitchen, where are you supposed to store an excess of coffee mugs? That’s a great question, and we have some even better answers to help you figure out where to keep your coffee mugs, whether you have ten or hundreds. Keep reading for thirty of the best DIY coffee mug holder ideas.

1. Nothing is Better than a DIY Drawer Full of Coffee Mugs

2. Geometric Coffee Mug Holder DIY Idea

3. Coffee Cup Storage Racks at Home

4. Organize Your Coffee Mugs and Dedicate a Corner of Your Kitchen to Everything Coffee-Related

5. Organize Your Coffee Mugs with a Realistic Mug Tree

6. Coffee Mug Tree in the Center of Your Table

7. DIY Coffee Mug Display Shelf

8. Easy DIY Coffee Cup Holder Idea Using Wooden Pallets

9. Coffee Mug Shelves Built into the Shape of the Letter A

10. Drill Holes and Put Hooks in Place inside Your Cabinets for Holding Your Coffee Mugs

11. Keep it Aesthetic with a Cute Quote near Your Coffee Mug Hooks

12. Freestanding Shelves for Coffee Mugs Instead of Potted Plants and Succulents

13. Pegboard Coffee Cup Holder

14. A Cabinet Full of Cubbies for Holding Your Coffee Mug Collection

15. Hang Your Coffee Mugs Using a Wall Mount

16. Make a Theme for Your Coffee Mug Holder with Pastel Coffee Cups

17. Slanted Coffee Mug Holder with Other Additional Benefits Too

18. Turn a Wine Case Sideways for a DIY Coffee Mug Holder Idea

19. Coffee Mug Holder Under Cabinets and Shelves

20. A Tray of Coffee Mugs for Convenience and Ease

21. Show Off Your Coffee Mug Collection Loud and Proud with this Coffee Mug Display Idea

22. DIY Coffee Mug Holder Idea for Families with a Lot of People

23. Store Your Coffee Mugs in a Covered Cupboard to Make Room on Your Countertops


24. Install Hooks for Your Coffee Mugs at Home 

25. Make it Artsy and Store Your Coffee Mugs in a Cute Wooden House

26. Coffee Mug Holders as Part of Your At Home Coffee Station

27. Coffee Mug Tree Stand

28. Vintage DIY Coffee Mug Holder Idea

29. Take a Pot Holder and a Few Shower Curtain Hooks for Storing Your Coffee Mugs

30. Install Hooks for Your Coffee Mugs