The 10 Best Copper Fire Pits

Buying Guides By James 

The 10 Best Copper Fire Pits

Buying Guides By James 
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Copper Fire Pits double as something that is both decorative and aesthetic as a piece of garden furniture. It’s also a functional way for you to enjoy a fire in the surroundings of your own home, or on a trip somewhere where you want a fire to settle down in front of late at night but need to keep the fire contained.

There is something about sitting outside around a fire with your family and friends that reaches back into those ancient times when the fire was more of a central focus in communal life. You could sit and stare into the flames and listen to a tale or two, wait while your food was being prepared, and warm yourself. Perhaps it is not that far from the traditions of telling horror stories and roasting marshmallows that people indulge in today.

It is one of those simple pleasures that never loses its allure, so having a good fire pit, one that is durable and safe, and allows you to enjoy the experience is a great thing. You don’t have to wait until Halloween.

You can see that each of these copper fire pits has been designed with producing the best end user experience in mind. One can imagine that the person hand hammering these fire pits and recalling their own experiences sat around a fire pit, and wanting to make sure that the product they produce provides those who purchase it with a similarly great experience.

To a degree, if you have a fire pit and a fire you can’t go wrong, but each of these 10 copper fire pits elevate both the design of the object, and also aim to improve the experience of sitting around the fire for you, wherever it is that you choose to sit out under the stars, and whoever you are watching those flickering flames with, and whatever thoughts are being conjured up for you. Choosing the right fire pit is no small thing – we understand. Hopefully this will make it that much easier for you.


Sunnydaze Large Copper Finish Fire Pit Bowl

Sunnydaze Large Copper Finish Fire Pit Bowl

This round wood burning patio fire bowl is a very  durable construction made from 0.7 mm thick steel and finished with a high temperature copper finish which makes it resistant to rust.

As well as the bowl itself you also get a mesh spark screen, a 26 inch fire poker, and an in-built wood grate. So, you have everything you need to have a great night camping out, having a bonfire, or just watching the fire.

This copper fireplace is portable, and it has two holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. It also has handles on the side that make it easier to clean and move it around when you are traveling.


Catalina Creations 35” Solid Copper Fire Pit

Catalina Creations 35” Solid Copper Fire Pit

This stylish solid hammered copper fire pit has a four legged powder coated base made of wrought iron, and it comes with a log grate, a spark screen, and a lift tool.

The mesh spark screen has a decorative handle which adds to the aesthetic appeal of this design, and also makes it a very functional piece of equipment.

Whether you are using it on the backyard, the beach, at your cabin, or with your camper, it meets all the criteria you should have for a great copper pit.

It is built for larger fires, is easy to assemble, and can also be used decoratively when not in use for fires.


Safavieh PIT1007A Outdoor Collection Jamaica, Copper and Black Fire Pit

Safavieh PIT1007A Outdoor Collection Jamaica, Copper and Black Fire Pit

This is a very attractive copper pit, with its black and copper finish. It is going to look great anywhere that you choose to put it.

The base metal that it is constructed from is rolled steel, and is made by a company that has, for over 100 years, been crafting products of high quality and style. You can join a long history of people who have sat in front of these fire pits and experienced the magic they contain.

It, like may pits, comes with a poker, and a mesh – everything you need to begin enjoying fires outside.


CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

If you are in love with the idea of enjoying sitting around outside taking in the light and heat from your fire pit, then having a pit with an extra deep tub so that your fire will last longer makes a lot of sense. Who wouldn’t want to prolong the experience? Perhaps even falling asleep in front of the fire and relaxing under the stars.

This contemporary stand design is made to be sturdy, and the whole design is uncoated to give it a rustic texture and charm. The pit start to work its magic on you before you have even lit the fire.

You get a heavy duty screen cover and a protective vinyl cover to prevent rain and leaves getting into it when it is not in use.


CobraCo FTCOPVINT-C Vintage Copper Fire Pit

CobraCo FTCOPVINT-C Vintage Copper Fire Pit

Crafted to give it a vintage feel, his fire pit comes from  company that really takes a lot of care to craft beautiful fire pits.

This fire pit has a solid one piece construction tub that won’t crack. It is a 100 percent copper tub with a hand crafted and hammered texture finish.

The spark guard is heavy duty, and with the spark guard attached the whole thing sits at 23 inches high, with a 26 inch diameter.

It comes with a protective vinyl cover that keeps it from getting rain or leaves into it when not in use, so whenever you want to come out and enjoy a fire you will be able to do that.


Global Outdoors 26-in Genuine Copper Deep Bowl Fire Pit with Screen, Cover and Safety Poker

Global Outdoors 26-in Genuine Copper Deep Bowl Fire Pit with Screen, Cover and Safety Poker

As the name suggests, you can use this fire pit anywhere, and it combines a very aesthetic sensibility with the necessary safety measures.

This copper bowl is 26” deep, which means that you are guaranteed to have a big fire that burns longer. It has decorative legs with an attractive bronze finish.

You get a mesh screen spark guard, and a poker.

You also get a PVC cover to keep it ready to go whenever you need it.


Sunjoy L-FT629PST Squaw Valley Firepit, Cozy Warmth

Sunjoy L-FT629PST Squaw Valley Firepit, Cozy Warmth

On your patio, in your backyard, on your deck, on your lawn, or in your garden – wherever you are, this fire pit is great.

Each leg comes with scuff protectors, so wherever you put your fire pit, and it comes with a spark guard to make it safe for all locations. you also get a poker tool to help you easily remove the spark guard.

Aesthetic-wise the copper colour is enhanced with diamond, so it acts as a great decorative piece for your home.


CobraCo Copper Mission Fire Pit FBCOPMISN-C

CobraCo Copper Mission Fire Pit FBCOPMISN-C

CobraCo has some great copper fire pits, and this model is again one hundred percent solid copper. It is a solid one piece construction for the tub designed not to crack.

It is 24.5” high with the spark guard, and 14” without, and is 28” wide.

It has a vinyl cover that protects it from rain or leaves, to make sure that your fire pit is always ready to go.


Catalina Creations 26″ 100% Solid Copper

Catalina Creations 26" 100% Solid Copper

This great fire pit is actually portable and folds down. The folding stand requires no assembly, and can be set up easily in seconds. What a great thing to be able to move your fire pit around and set it up anywhere without having a bunch of complications, so you can get down to enjoying it right away when you arrive at your campsite.

You get a canvas carrying case to make it easy to transport your fire pit, something that not many other fire pit manufacturer seem to supply.

You get a spark screen for this 26” genuine 100% copper fire bowl, and lifting tool to make it easy to remove the spark screen as necessary.


Plow & Hearth Hammered Copper Fire Pit With Lid – Solid Copper Bowl

Plow & Hearth Hammered Copper Fire Pit With Lid - Solid Copper Bowl

The name of the company that makes this fire pit conjures up images of a home fire burning – an inviting warmth, where you can sit around with your family and enjoy a good conversation, or just relax in each other’s company.

This fire pit is solid hammered copper and comes with a poker and a mesh cover to contain the sparks.

It comes with a metal frame with a black finish that converts to a table with the lid that is included

It is 29 1/2 “ in diameter and 24” high


Choosing Your Copper Fire Pit

As with a lot of things, when you set out to buy them you may be thinking that it is going to be a simple thing where you just walk into your closest place that sells copper fire pits and then buy the first on that you see. Hopefully the 10 fire pits you have just read about made the whole process a little easier for you, but don’t fool yourself that it is going to be the easiest choice.

Just sit there and think about it for a second – when someone says the words fire pit to you, what is the first thing that you see? Of course, you see the perfect fire pit – the fire pit that your memory has transformed into the quintessential fire pit – the ultimate fire pit that no other fire pit could ever possibly hope to compete with. And then you have to go out and you have to find the fire pit that matches that – or at least comes close to it. You are after the Holy Grail of fire pits. One thing to remember about the Hoy Grail – it was not renowned for being easy to track down.

Why do you want a copper fire pit? That is the big question. Do you just want it because it is cool and you like fire? Does it rekindle some memories of family camping trips for you? Maybe you went camping with your cub scout troop, or it was part of your summer holiday camp.  Is there perhaps a time in your life when you snuggled up with your significant other in front of a fire and made yourself a wonderful memory?

It can be something that comes with a lot of pleasant associations, and perhaps you want to use your fire pit to help you conjure up all those different things at once.

Do you want it to look aesthetic when you are not using it, or do you have a more functional attitude to the whole thing? Perhaps the thing that you want is for that fire to be the biggest fire and for it to burn the longest. If it is aesthetics you are thinking with, do you want it to fit in with your current furniture and the design you have chosen, or do you want it to stand out and be a possible conversation piece?

The number of people you intend to have sitting around the fire may also play into the  choice of the pit. If it is too small and doesn’t kick out enough heat to keep your guests warm, is it going to produce the desired effect? Maybe you need more than one if you want an intimate affair, and then something friends and family can gather around.

If you are going out shopping with someone else, and they have all these things associated with their own idea of what a fire pit is, and what constitutes the perfect copper fire pit, it is going to make things really interesting. It can be done though. You can find the fire pit that is both practical and aesthetic – one that looks great but which you can easily set up, and sit in front of for a long time – one which you can pack up and take with you wherever you want to sit out under the stars and warm yourself.

Happy hunting. You can rest assured that whatever fire pit you eventually choose, you are going to get  a lot of enjoyment out of it. If you have children you may be starting up a tradition with them that started for you at around the same age.