The 10 Best Candles For Men

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The 10 Best Candles For Men

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Men are  becoming more and more aware of the benefits of things such as aromatherapy, good grooming, taking care of themselves and the spaces they inhabit. A lot of products that were once primarily designed for women, are now expanding their ranges and creating items specifically for men. Candles are one such thing.

Scent is a very important sense, one that can evoke so many different things for a person. As the French writer Marcel Proust suggested, and research has supported the claim – a smell can rekindle lost memories, and bring forth associations long since forgotten.

Add that sensory magic such as a candle and you add a whole other layer of meaning. It is no coincidence that candles are used so widely across so many different religions – the way that candle light can affect a space, and the atmosphere that it is capable of creating, is at once very contemplative, and very relaxing. There is also the very important association with romance, and you may be thinking not only of a candle’s ability to help you to relax, but also how that same candle might help create an inviting mood for a special occasion.

A number of candles which are specifically created for men use scents that have been created for colognes, so they already have that association with masculinity, and draw from smells that may have strong ties to good memories. Those same smells that are tied to romance and good grooming, are going to invite relaxation.

It is more common now for men who have stressful work days to be open to something that is going to help them unwind, and the aromatherapy aspect of these candles, in concert with the effect of candle light, are perfect for creating a space where the stresses of the day can be cast off. Here are the 10 best candles for men.


JO MALONE Myrrh & Tonka Scented Candle

JO MALONE Myrrh & Tonka Scented Candle

Perfumes and colognes are constructed very carefully, and the experts who create them are very sensitive to both the individual notes of a scent, and the overall effect that it is going to have. There are definitely different scents that have a masculine association and different scents that have a feminine association.

It is interesting to read the stories that feed into the scents, and this candle has a great one. The myrrh is hand-harvested sap from the Namibian myrrh tree. Obviously myrrh has been a valuable commodity for a long time, and it is a very evocative smell.

Here it is  combined with lavender, almond and the vanilla-like smell of the  tonka bean. What would this scent communicate? Jo Malone have crafted it to provide a sense of nobility to your surroundings.


TOM FORD Soleil Blanc Scented Candle

TOM FORD Soleil Blanc Scented Candle

The poetic tale of this candle demonstrates very effectively how having a story to tell before you make the candle, allows you to start building a collection of scents and associations that communicate the ideas that you wish to evoke.

Tom Ford wants you to feel that sunshine, and he wants you to be on that remote private island of endless summers. He has created a luxurious smell that transports you to a place that will transform your space and allow you to travel when you light this candle.

It has a 40 hour burn time, but you shouldn’t let it burn for longer than 1 to 2 hours and you need to let it solidify before you light it again.


Fornasetti Profumi – Scacco Candle – 300g

Fornasetti Profumi - Scacco Candle - 300g

This candle takes as its inspiration the graphic poetry of Barnaba Fornasetti, and seeks to translate the sensibility and feel of his interior design work and furniture into a scent that transports you to the Mediterranean.

Olivier Polge started with herbs found in and around Fornasetti’s home, which had personal significance for Fornasetti. He then enhanced this further with ingredients such as incense to provide you with that sense of the dreamscape in Fornasetti’s poetry.

The wonderful packaging is a reworking of Lina Cavalier’s face, which gives you, before you even light the candle, a sense of the rich tapestry of smells and stories which you are going to experience.


Anya Smells Sun Lotion Candle – Orange Flower and Musk – 700g

Anya Smells Sun Lotion Candle - Orange Flower and Musk - 700g

This candle, like many of the others, is all about transport – but not necessarily to a specific place, but to the sense of a place – a place bathed in sunshine. From the ingredients of someone else’s scent and captured sensory data, you are going to be able to build your own atmosphere, and be transported to your own place – maybe just of relaxation, maybe something almost sacred; something captured by the magic of the candle.

Anya Hindmarch uses this candle to tell you of her family summers, which were wrapped in Italian bergamot, sicilian lemons, orange flowers from Tunisia, sea air, and cedarwood from Texas. Layers of association that communicate with each other and in concert turn your space into somewhere else entirely.

The Yes! Sticker was inspired by Anya Hindmarch’s famous sticker shop, and it comes in a black glass vessel. Burning for 90 to 100 hours, this candle invites you into a memory palace constructed from carefully assembled aromas.


NEST Fragrances NEST01MA003 Classic Candle- Moroccan Amber , 8.1 oz

NEST Fragrances NEST01MA003 Classic Candle- Moroccan Amber , 8.1 oz

If you can distil memory into a scent, why not a whole country? This candle, using a map of the scents and aromas most associated with Morocco, allows you to leap across the ocean and forget the rigours of your day.

The Moroccan Amber Classic Candle combines moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope and bergamot, with accents of eucalyptus

The design of this candle, in its glass vessel, will work with any surroundings, with its classic shape and modern stripe. This candle burns for 50-60 hours and it is made from soft, highly refined cosmetic-grade wax to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion.


Apotheke, Candle Votive Charcoal

Apotheke, Candle Votive Charcoal

Where some candles have a deeply layered story, with scents built from the memories of those who create them, others wish to convey merely simplicity.

You have  had a long day full of complications, and this candle unwinds all that, and transport you to a relaxing space where simplicity is the thing that holds sway. With cedarwood and sandalwood as the min ingredients, it is complimented with notes of smokey amber and oud, that create a full bodied fragrance.

This candle is hand made in the USA of a high quality and proprietary soy wax blend, and will burn between 15 and 20 hours. This candle like other Apotheke candles contains 15 – 18% fragrance oils, which is 3x the amount typically found in scented candles.




The simple design of the box, like the fragrance, is a very direct communication. This candle and its fragrance are no nonsense – they are elegant and simple, and designed to subtly promote relaxation, with a carefully crafted scent.

Combining a mix of masculine spices, leather and tobacco, this rich scent is designed to be both masculine and very evocative of some of the traditional ways in which men might relax. Designed not to be overpowering, this subtle scent, is definitely going to help you to relax. It has a 60 hour burn time, was created in the UK, and looks very elegant and stylish, as well as having a great aroma.


MALIN and GOETZ Dark Rum Candle 9oz

MALIN and GOETZ Dark Rum Candle 9oz

You can tell, as with the other candles, that a lot of thought went into this candle. Not only can it be burned on its own, but it works well to compliment the Mojito Candle, which you can save the glass from to, or course, make mojitos.

Dark rum and its possible companion are obviously going to remind you of those times where you got home and chose to unwind with a good drink, or even of a romantic time that you spent with a loved one.

This candle will conjure up those memories for you, and bring back that sense of easy relaxation. With a 60 hour burn time, you will be able to unwind, and fill your space with a great scent and a wonderful atmosphere.


Acqua Di Parma Candle – Colonia (Yellow Cube) 1000g/34.7oz

Acqua Di Parma Candle - Colonia (Yellow Cube) 1000g34.7oz

This candle takes you on a trip to Sicily, Close your eyes and imagine that you are in some of the most beautiful surroundings in the Meditterranean. You will smell those Sicilian lemons, with a complement of lavender and Damask rose, with a woody base woven together from vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.

Designed to give you a fresh clean smell, this classic scent will fill your room with a wonderful aroma for around 60 hours.

The aesthetic yellow cube design of the candle will fit perfectly with any home’s decor. It is simple and classic, like the scent of the candle.


P.F. Candle Co.. – No. 04: Teakwood & Tobacco Soy Candle (7.2 oz)

P.F. Candle Co.. - No. 04: Teakwood & Tobacco Soy Candle (7.2 oz)

This candle might be the perfect one, not only for you when you are relaxing, but when you have that special someone invited over, as this best selling fragrance is popular with both men and women. The atmosphere of relaxation that you are trying to create with the scent of the candle you choose may already be closely associated with a loved one, and rather than having to burn different candles for each of you, here you have a great solution.

It is designed to be complex and have a musky and sexy smell with hints of leather, pepper and tobacco. The base notes of take, sandalwood, with hints of orange and patchouli have made this a very popular choice.

It also comes in some very attractive apothecary inspired glass jars and is hand poured in the USA. It is made from 100% natural soy wax and has a burn time of 40 to 50 hours.


How To Choose Your Candle

It may not be something that you have given much thought to, but when it comes to choosing a candle based on the effect that certain scents are going to have on you, and their ability to make you relax, you already have a lot of the information that you need. If you are looking for a candle that makes your home smell pleasant, or that creates a certain atmosphere for a special occasion, you likewise have a lot of the data very easily accessible.

Most people have a favourite scent that they like for their cologne, or perhaps something that reminds them of their loved one’s favorite perfume. As seen above, when creating a candle, people take a memory that they have and start to construct a list of pleasant smells that they associate with that memory. A place that you have visited that you fell in love with may have certain flowers and fruits that when you smell them you are immediately transported back there.

There will also be smells that do nothing for you – that have the opposite effect of the one that you are trying to achieve.

How does the candle look? If it is something that you are going to have on display, or something with a bold fragrance that may invite a conversation about it, having something that looks as good as it smells is also going to be important.

There are some very aesthetic looking candles, where the design communicates as much of a story as the fragrance itself. Obviously the primary thing is how it smells, but a cheap-looking ugly candle isn’t going to be something that you necessarily want in your space.

Another thing that may factor in is, what is the candle made of? How high quality are the ingredients? Your reasons for this may have to do with environmental concerns, or you may just want to make sure that your candle burns for a long time and that the scent that it produces doesn’t trail off and not come back half way through it’s lifespan.

It may be a bit of a learning process to get the right candle for yourself, and to get an aroma that has the desired effect – whether that be helping you achieve relaxation, just making your surroundings smell pleasant, or something that has a degree of flexibility, that works for both yourself and those around you.