8 Things That Might Happen If You Drink a Gallon of Water a Day

Wellness By James 

8 Things That Might Happen If You Drink a Gallon of Water a Day

Wellness By James 
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We know you’ve heard this one before:  if you drink more water, you’ll be healthier and live a better life.

It’s something we’ve all heard at least once in our lives, either from a doctor, our mother, or a blog post.  But trust us — it’s actually true.  There are a ton of ways drinking a gallon of water a day makes your life better, and people who have actually adopted this practice know it.

We’ve tried doing this for a solid week now, and it’s been a blessing.  If you’re wondering just what drinking a gallon of water a day might do for you, check it out below.


You may lose weight by drinking water

You may lose weight

Possibly the biggest, and best, result from drinking a gallon of water a day is the possibility that you’ll lose weight.  Of course, to really see a change, you’re going to need to adopt a different lifestyle and stay active while eating as healthy as possible.  But trust us:  drinking a gallon of water a day really helps keep those extra pounds off.


running water from a faucet

You’re probably going to be peeing all the time

Not the most fun (especially if you’re working), but necessary to get all those toxins from your body.  This also ties hand in hand with the whole losing weight outcome.  Your body starts to break down food more efficiently because of water, too.


better workouts when you drink water

You might have better workouts

One of the main things we’ve noticed since drinking a gallon of water a day is how we feel so much better than normal.  Because of our less sluggish lifestyle, we’re putting more energy into our workouts.  In a full circle moment, we’re therefore losing more weight — and all from just drinking a gallon of water a day.  I mean, it’s that simple.  We don’t know why we’ve wasted so much time not drinking water.


drinking more water helps you eat less

You may eat less

The more water you drink, the less you’re eating unnecessary food.  There’s the very real possibility that, through your gallon of water a day, you’ll eat less than you normally do.  This is totally normal.  You just naturally feel fuller when you drink water throughout the day.  Some nutritionists even recommend chugging a glass of water before you eat, as you’ll feel fuller than normal and won’t eat more food than you actually need.


stretching by the ocean

In the beginning, you may feel bloated

This is totally normal.  Don’t let this scare you off!  A lot of people think that they can’t drink a gallon of water a day because they become bloated in the beginning, but that’s not true.  This could be happening because you’re drinking water too fast.  Instead, try to only sip it throughout the day.  Don’t chug water at weird intervals, trying to hit that gallon limit.  This whole experiment works best when you sip a gallon of water throughout the day.  That way, if you do get bloated in the beginning, the constant water you drink throughout the rest of the day will help you get rid of that uneasy feeling.


no dark circles under eyes

Your under-eye circles might go away

A plus for all the girls like us who can never quite get rid of those under-eye circles, no matter how many concealers we try.  Drinking more water will help your body flush the excess salt from your system, which means that those under-eye bags might just go away with barely any extra work.


model with clear skin from drinking water

Your skin may get better

A huge plus for anyone who has horrible skin, young or old.  A lot of issues you feel your skin has actually come from dehydrated skin.  Drinking a gallon of water truly helps more than anything else.  If you’re looking for an easy way to help clear up your skin, try to drink more water.  It’s truly a lifesaver in the skin department.


excited jump

You may crave more water and be healthier all around

The more water you drink, the more water your body will want.  Also, you’ll be healthier just from the simple act of drinking a gallon of water a day.  If you add some more healthy lifestyle aspects into your daily routine, you’ll be healthier than you’ve ever been.  Drinking more water is something that is so easy that yields some amazing results.

Don’t trust us?  Try it out yourself!